RCFS Ch. 114

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Wang Tingting was stunned and bit her mouth: “I…I mean…”

Ye Yunxi raised her eyes: “Just go, give Junyao a notice of withdrawal, don’t forget about the transaction between us.”

Wang Tingting’s face instantly lost its blood, and she suddenly remembered why she came here!

Helian Moxie got busy: “Tingting, the director is Yunxi’s father!”

Wang Tingting realized that she had made a slip of the tongue, and hurriedly said: “Yunxi, sorry, I, I didn’t mean it.”

“I know.” Ye Yun Xi put down the script: “I’m just talking about things, if you want to complain, anyone here has more reason to complain than you. Now, I just want you to repeat one sentence. If this is unbearable, you can leave here and Junyao as soon as possible!”

Wang Tingting’s face became more and more ugly.

“Tingting, if you can only complain, seriously, I won’t be with you in the Junyao exam group.”

Wang Tingting’s eyes were red: “I, I’m also anxious…”

“I know, I’m better than you. I’m even more anxious.”

Ye Yunxi sighed and put her arms around Wang Tingting’s shoulder: “The director is a professional after all, and if it’s not right, it’s not right. Let’s have a good discussion and make corrections. Tingting, let’s work hard together, okay?”


Wang Tingting raised her head abruptly, everyone didn’t believe in Yunxi when she took the Junyao test, but she did!

So, it really passed the test, didn’t it?!

“Okay, Yunxi, come on let’s work together!!”

Wang Tingting was full of passion.

“Isn’t it just NGing, what are you afraid of, come again! Yunxi took me to be admitted to Junyao, this movie, I will try my best to make it for you!!”

“Well, I believe in you.”

Wang Tingting broke into a smile, and Sun Chao was stunned when he saw it.

He thought it would be noisy!

God turned it around!

Yunxi, it is a pity that you are a woman, if you were a man, all the females in this world would be fighting for you!

Sun Chao sighed to himself that it was not as good as anyone else. When it came to flirting with girls, he was an upright man, but he couldn’t compare to a girl!

Looking at Helian Moxie again, he also had a look of admiration. Sun Chao couldn’t help but raise his head and sigh, feeling a kind of feeling of being born wrongly in his heart.

“How’s your acting? Ah? Do you need me to help with the role? I can play anything, look, I’m a bad guy. Hey, the robbery work, the flower girl stays behind! Hey, does it look like I’m acting? Does it look alike? I think my smirk is very good, if you don’t believe me, take a look at you… baba…”

As soon as Fang You appeared, the gloomy clouds in his heart were dissipated. Sun Chao wanted to be happy, so he hugged Fang You and almost wanted to kiss him.

He was not the only man who couldn’t flirt with girls!

Three days later, Brother Zhuang really lived up to expectations and got a studio, but there were only people and no place. He dug it out from other provinces overnight.

Looking at the resume, it seemed that it was not bad. They had hyped several big projects before, Ye Yunxi hooked the corner of her mouth, and after the negotiation, he was sent to the hotel.

When people came, the office had to be put on the agenda. It seemed that the small money in her pocket would be reduced again.

But all the effort was worth it. When the movie would be released, it would definitely make a lot of money.

After dealing with all this, Ye Yunxi walked slowly to the front of the emperor, propped up the chair with one hand, and looked down.

The black eyes seemed to be filled with mountain spring water, and were crystal clear.

“Let me ask, is there any place to deal with it cheaply?”

Di Junxie quietly raised his legs, like a stingy and open-mouthed emperor, after a while, he spit out two words: “Please.”

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