RCFS Ch. 113

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Ye Yunxi snorted, lowered her head and straightened the corners of her clothes, and said slowly, “I need a marketing studio to hype this drama for me.”


Where would Zhuang brother have this thing in his hand?

All his subordinates were his younger brothers! It was right to find him in a fight, but a studio…

But the big words had been promised, Brother Zhuang could only bite the bullet and say: “I, I will try my best…”

Ye Yunxi raised three fingers: “I will give you three days, 10,000 yuan.”

Brother Zhuang’s cold sweat broke down in an instant, three days!

Too little time?

But the money was also a lot, 10,000, just to find a studio!

They wanted to struggle, but looking at Ye Yunxi’s smiling face, he somehow thought of the little man who was blood-stained but only holding soy milk that day, Brother Zhuang finally nodded: “Okay! Miss, don’t worry, in three days, I promise to find you a good studio!”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

He was afraid of Ye Yunxi, but he still wanted to make money!

And this point, Ye Yunxi could see clearly, and it was just right. The so-called whip and jelly beans[1] strategy had been mastered.

“Crack, snap!”

There was a voice of applause from behind, Di Junxie was in excellent shape, as a typical clothes rack, he could instantly kill a male model in a magazine with just one stop.

“The whip was kept in place, and the jelly beans were fed on time, not bad, not bad.”

“Why, Young Master Emperor wants to try it too?”

Ye Yunxi was not afraid of him, and even had a bit of teasing on her face, thinking about this there were very few people in the world who dared to make fun of the emperor, but Ye Yunxi was one of them.

The corner of Di Junxie’s mouth curled into a smile, but his eyes were a little cold. He deliberately lowered his head, leaned into Ye Yunxi’s ear, and said in a low voice, “If you want a studio, you can come to me.”

With the status of the imperial family, what can’t satisfy this little thing?

“I think Young Master Emperor doesn’t seem to understand one thing.”

Ye Yunxi pushed the person away. Although she smiled brightly, but her emotion of rejecting people from thousands of miles away was undoubtedly evident.

“Apart from the contract, there is no second relationship between you and me.”

So, yours is yours, her Ye Yunxi’s was Ye Yunxi’s!

The distinction between them also saved future trouble.

After speaking, Ye Yunxi walked into the studio and continued to guide everyone, but she did not notice that the smile on Di Junxie’s face was fading little by little.

The man’s eyes were as cold and silent as during the exercise, and those eyes stared at Ye Yunxi like a snake. After a long while, he chuckled lightly.

“Playing this again?”

He didn’t catch it during the military exercise, but now she caught it differently?

Don’t use his stuff uncommonly?

It didn’t matter, sooner or later one day, she would cry and beg him to use it.

“Where’s the male lead? Come on, touch up your makeup and prepare for the next scene!”

The assistant director shouted, Di Junxie frowned slightly, obviously in a bad mood.

However, there were people who were worse than him.

Helian Moxie and Wang Tingting were both caught temporarily. They were nervous even without acting skills. Ye Yunxi was also unambiguous. They were caught one by one and explained in turn.

Filming was really not as simple as they imagined. A sentence was like drinking cold water several times, but no matter how patient people were, they could be worn out by these dozens of times.

Wang Tingting’s family conditions were all right. She had never suffered such hardships. After a few times, the eldest lady’s temper was coming up.

“It’s annoying, is the director ill! I think it’s okay for me to say this, but the director keeps NGing! It’s so annoying that I don’t even want to act anymore!”

Helian Moxie couldn’t help but glance at Ye Yunxi, the director was Yunxi’s father, Wang Tingting said such a thing, Yunxi would be angry?

But Ye Yunxi just looked down at the script without raising her head, and said coldly, “You can leave if you don’t want to act.”

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[1] A word play on stick and carrot strategy.

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