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He didn’t specifically remember the day of his birthday. Ya Yi’s impression of coming out of his shell was limited to the remembrance that it was winter at that time.

It was the same cold season as it was now, but Ya Yi didn’t actually feel too much about the low temperature at the time, because he quickly found the person he was looking for, who had a very warm body temperature.

The youth’s slightly changed attitude in recent days made Ya Yi a little concerned, and he vaguely remembered something.

Today, Ya Yi got to know the reason.

“Happy birthday.” Xie Luan put down the hand covering the nox’s eyes and said these words in a rather brisk tone, the moment the beautiful blue vertical pupils were exposed.

As soon as Xie Luan’s voice fell, the other people in the room quickly repeated this sentence again in one voice.

Suddenly, the expression on Ya Yi’s face that had always been cold, changed slightly, his eyelids moved, and then his eyebrows drooped slightly.

The house had been decorated along with a birthday cake having been prepared. Compared with the birthday of Muka cub last time, everyone in the Yunbao Branch had put in no less time and had made equally careful preparations.

The silver tail behind Ya Yi was much lower than before, almost touching the ground. Among the Nox race, this happened only when a nox completely lowered his defenses and thought that he was in a peaceful and safe place.

It was like a dangerous and beautiful beast showing his permission to allow others to approach him. Seeing Ya Yi’s straight face and drooping eyebrows, Xie Luan’s hands were itchy, and he wanted to poke the Nox’s white cheek.

But Xie Luan still resisted doing this at this time, and only put the birthday hat on the other person’s head when he got close.

“We don’t know what you like. If the gift we choose is not what you want…” Xia Qi said here, then glanced at Xie Luan, and added very simply with a smile, “Then treat Luan’s gift as ours to make up for it.”

It was not that Xia Qi and the others were indifferent to him, but Ya Yi rarely expressed his emotions, and the same was true in terms of preferences.

This Nox had only one clearest and most obvious expression of the emotion of “like”, and that was towards Xie Luan.

After getting along for so long, Xia Qi could be sure that the other party would surely like the things given by the youth.

It had nothing to do with the thing itself, and everything to do with the person giving it.

Hearing these words, Xie Luan coughed immediately, put his hand in the pocket of his clothes and touched the ring box inside, but did not take it out.

His gift would be given after returning to the room.

The cubs staying in Yunbao Club had been particularly interested in the concept of “birthday” since Nick’s birthday celebration. Whether it was their birthday or not, these cubs would behave even more actively when they saw the house being decorated specially.

The same was true today.

Seeing the tricone hat on Ya Yi’s head, the Muka cub close to Xie Luan bowed his head and arched lightly in Xie Luan’s arms while making a low hiss from his throat.

“Nick wants a hat?” Xie Luan almost immediately understood the meaning of this Muka cub, and when he was lightly arched, he hugged the large cub back, feeling the firmness of the shell of the cub.

This Muka cub really liked birthday hats. The light pink tricorne hat that he wore on his birthday last time was still placed by the bed of this Muka cub. The baby had kept it carefully intact.

Soon after receiving another response from the cub, Xie Luan met the scarlet-colored vertical pupils of the Muka cub, and softly coaxed him and said, “This birthday hat, Nick will have another one this year, but not now. When Nick celebrates his birthday again this year, he will have a second birthday hat.”

Although he wanted that little cocked hat, but when Nick heard the youth say that he still hissed again very obediently. And after being touched by Xie Luan, he became obedient and quiet.

But at this moment, Xie Luan saw the nox in front of him take off the birthday hat on his head and put the tricone hat in front of the Muka cub.

Staring at the birthday hat with his scarlet eyes, the Muka cub made a low hiss again, he first stared at the tricone hat, and then moved his gaze to Xie Luan.

Because Xie Luan had said that just now, Nick didn’t immediately raise his sharp forearm to hook the little cocked hat but waited for Xie Luan to respond as if waiting for his parent’s permission.

This Muka cub was very good, because he was so good, whatever he heard Xie Luan say even once, he would remember it.

Xie Luan nodded his head and said slowly, “Well, you can take it.”

Xie Luan gave a clear response. The Muka cub looked at him with red eyes. Then he raised his left forearm and carefully hooked the birthday hat from Ya Yi’s hand.

After hooking the small tricone hat, the huge Muka cub showed a happy mood, this time hissing to Ya Yi who gave it to him.

It was the Nox who gave it on his own initiative, so Xie Luan did not object.

The birthday process was almost the same. Xie Luan saw that the silver tail behind Ya Yi was low all the way and knew that the Nox was not indifferent to the birthday atmosphere.

Everyone in the Yunbao Branch was willing to express their blessings to the cubs on their birthday, and Xie Luan believed that the kindness that the Nox would feel would only increase in the future.

The celebration was in the lounge like before, and when it was time for the cubs to go to bed, the birthday event also got over.

Xie Luan took the cubs back to the living room with the other caretakers, he checked that each cub was securely covered with their quilts in their beds, then after finally confirming that the temperature adjustment device in the bedroom was working properly, he carefully turned off the lights and walked back to the staff dormitory by himself.

“You didn’t ask me what my gift for you is?” Xie Luan put his left hand in his clothes pocket, and after walking back to the room with Ya Yi, he held the ring box in his pocket and raised his eyes to ask the other party this question.

Among the many people who celebrated his birthday just now, Xie Luan was the only one who hadn’t given him a gift yet. Xie Luan was a little worried that the Nox might misunderstand that he didn’t prepare a gift, but it seemed that he was thinking too much.

“What is your gift?” Turning his head slightly, Ya Yi asked this obediently, his light cyan pupils staring at the young man next to him.

Did he have to be so obedient…?

Hearing this sentence, which was asked to him just now, Xie Luan couldn’t help but stretch out a finger to poke the cold face of the nox, causing a recessed dimple to appear on his face.

The Nox who was poked by Xie Luan was still motionless. His cyan eyes continued to look at Xie Luan. The light cyan eyes were very close to the color of the sky, and they looked very beautiful.

Xie Luan had a feeling that if he was continued to be watched by these eyes, he wouldn’t be able to resist him, so at this moment, he reflexively raised his hand, and blocked the other party’s eyes.

Ya Yi didn’t pull down the hand that was blocking his eyes, he just lowered his head slightly based on memory, his pale lips touched Xie Luan’s face, and then moved to the corner of his lips as he pecked him.

Xie Luan didn’t expect the other party to be able to do this, and the hand covering the other party’s eyes almost dropped when he was kissed.

While still covering the other party’s eyes, Xie Luan took the ring box out of his pocket. After opening it, he finally put down the hand that covered the Nox’s eyes.

However, even though the youth had let go of him, Ya Yi continued to follow the peck and kissed the youth’s lips. After squinting his eyes and feeling satisfied, the Nox lowered his gaze to see what was in Xie Luan’s hand.

It was a ring.

“I can’t find the same material as this ring, apart from that there is basically no difference between the two rings.” Xie Luan put the ring to be given to the other party in the palm of his hand, waiting for the Nox to look over, then Xie Luan lifted the opponent’s left hand.

Putting the ring of the same style on the ring finger of the other’s left hand, Xie Luan bent his eyes slightly and said, “This is my gift.”

“Do you want any other gifts?” Thinking of the somewhat overboard things he had done before, Xie Luan asked with a good attitude now.

As compensation, Xie Luan felt that he should give him a few more gifts.

“A Luan.” Ya Yi whispered the name of the young man in front of him.

“Huh?” Xie Luan only had time to gently utter a single tone expressing inquiry. As he was making this sound, his vision suddenly turned upside down.

Seeing the brilliance in those cyan vertical pupils more clearly than ever before, Xie Luan lost himself in those beautiful eyes for a while and only felt the licks and bites on the side of his neck when he recovered.

At this time Xie Luan suddenly understood his situation, he was now like a prey being watched by a beautiful beast.

This Nox was not calling his name just now, but also responding to his question.

He wanted him.

This was what the other party meant.

Xie Luan stared at those blue eyes at close range, and couldn’t help but lift his body slightly, and kiss the corners of those beautiful eyes.

When the hunter was too beautiful, the prey also sometimes voluntarily gave up resistance.

In the living room the next day, Xie Luan still showed up as usual. He felt a little unwell, but it did not affect his work.

“Wang Wu…”

Ain lowered his head and sniffed the palm of the young man’s palm, then the little Wek cub raised his head and looked at Xie Luan with curious eyes, and then lowered his head to gently sniff the young man’s breath again.

After sniffing this time, the cub made another cry.

“Wang Wu.”

The cub called a bit too frequently, so Xie Luan couldn’t help comforting the Wek cub by holding him in his arms, and asking softly: “What’s wrong with Ain, is there any discomfort?”

But at this time, the Wek cub gave no response, but he continued to get closer and sniff the breath as he was in Xie Luan’s arms. This time it seemed to be confirmed, and the cub quietly nestled into Xie Luan’s arms.

Another breath that could often be smelled on the youth had now become very clear and obvious, and it almost covered the youth’s own breath, which made the blind Wek cub just a little bit unable to distinguish it.

After sniffing it a few times, he could smell the familiar warm breath again. In the embrace of the warm familiar breath, the Wek cub settled down in peace.

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