PPM Ch. 72: Gina’s Counterattack

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“I really don’t know where your confidence comes from. You have been imitating me for more than 20 years, what have you got? You can only exist as someone else’s shadow, do you think you are really happy? Even if you have plastic surgery as many times as you want? I am still more beautiful.”

After Gina heard what Li Shengxia say this, she gritted her teeth in anger, and it took a long time to say a few words: “You are so shameless.”

“This sentence should be said by me for you, because you grasped the chance to become famous. And you, you have no chance to win. The audience is not stupid, they know what is really good.”

Although Li Shengxia said this, but in her heart, she didn’t expect to receive such an amazing effect. When she planned to wear this dress to the exhibition herself, it was because she had no choice but to do so.

She remembered that someone had said that Gina looked a bit similar to her, so she thought that the clothes that Gina could perfectly control, she would definitely be able to control perfectly.

Moreover, she was the designer, so she understood this dress better, and was more able to show its beauty!

As a result, she won the bet!

Gina said contemptuously: “Don’t boast too quickly! Since you are so sure, how about we make a bet, if you lose, you will never appear in the design world again!”

Gina had decided to accept Jian Dan’s proposal, such that when she came on stage, she would be able to win by surprise and bring the situation back around!

Gina was so confident?

Li Shengxia frowned and looked at her, she should be the righteous person, how could she be willing to show weakness? Gina was going to go against her, so she must also see her tricks.

Since Gina said it was a ‘bet’, it was natural that there would be winners and losers as well as stakes.

Li Shengxia looked at Gina calmly and said, “So, if you lose, will you quit the entertainment industry forever?”

Gina looked at Li Shengxia in surprise. She was just here to frustrate her spirit, but she didn’t expect her to be so confident! And when she was confident, she looked even more radiant and beautiful.

If it wasn’t for Gina’s confidence in her ‘professionalism’ and the belief that she would definitely win if she made a surprise atatck, she was afraid she would be scared off by Li Shengxia’s firmness now.

Thinking of this, Gina sneered, she was a star anyway, and had been recognized by so many people, how could she not be better than a newcomer if she wanted to show her charm?

“It seems that you are ready to leave the design world.” Gina’s lips curled into a sneer.

Li Shengxia replied calmly: “You are the one, enjoy the happiness brought to you by appearing on stage for the last time.”

Gina’s gaze swept over Li Shengxia coldly, and there was a slight crack in her face that was not easily discernible.

Meanwhile the stage lights were shining.

The host said on the stage: “The two most popular works have appeared today. They are No. 5 work ‘Red thread around your fingers, don’t lose it, don’t forget it’, and No. 11 work ‘Ten Mile Red Makeup’.”

“I believe everyone is deeply impressed by these two works, and everyone must be guessing, who is the designer behind them?”

“Now let’s welcome the two models with warm applause, and the guests and the audience will vote, the most popular work will become the champion work of this fashion design exhibition and will be published in international fashion magazines.”

“When the results come out, we will also announce the designer behind it…”


There was thunderous applause off the field, waiting for the last two models to appear.

In the warm applause, Li Shengxia and Gina walked towards the brightly lit stage alone.

One was the domineering queen.

One was a pure and beautiful princess.

Each had its own beauty, and each had its own temperament.

The two people standing together were so dazzling, such that it was difficult to choose. The applause stopped, and the host continued: “Everyone has a ticket in hand, and everybody can decide who they want to vote for, then they can put the vote in the ballot box in front of you- now it is officially started.”

Audiences were wondering who they should vote for.

Although they didn’t know who the designers behind these two clothes were, their similarities were obvious to all.

When it came to creativity, it was natural to prefer ‘Ten Mile Red Make-up’. It was ever-changing and unparalleled.

In terms of sophistication, it was still better than ‘The red thread wrapped around the finger, don’t miss it, don’t forget it’, and its model was the big star Gina, which added a lot to the work.

The voting began, and Li Shengxia and Gina were almost evenly divided.

More and more people voted for Li Shengxia, Gina was at a disadvantage, and her heart became uneasy. Gradually, Gina’s disadvantage became more and more obvious.

She also knew in her heart that Li Shengxia’s creativity was better, it could better reflect the theme of ‘love’, and it had a unique taste that was pleasing to the eye. However, how could Gina be willing to end everything like this?

Behind the stage, Jian Dan saw that Li Shengxia had more and more votes, and was gradually leaving Gina behind, so she was even more restless.

Hadn’t they already negotiated a countermeasure? Why hadn’t Gina acted yet? What was she waiting for? Seeing that Li Shengxia’s chances of winning were getting bigger and bigger, how could Gina be sure to win like this? If she hadn’t acted yet, was she really going to lose like this?

Jian Dan kept circling these questions in her mind, pacing back and forth in the background. Still, she couldn’t contain her unease.

Her self-esteem would not allow her to lose this pointless battle with the newcomer, yes, never!

If she could, she really wanted to rush on the stage and make decisions for Gina.

Just when Jian Dan was trying to contact Gina on the stage, Gina asked the host to borrow a microphone.

Jian Dan suddenly quieted down… here! Gina had decided!

She breathed a sigh of relief involuntarily.

At the same time, on the stage, the lights were focused on Gina.

Holding the microphone, she glanced at Li Shengxia with a half-smile, then pointed at the microphone and sang softly…

Her voice was not high, but it was very moving. Everyone had to be quiet to be able to hear the singing clearly.

So, at the moment when the music started, many people involuntarily quieted down and listened to her singing.

The audience was silent for a while, only Gina’s singing lingered in the air: “Thank you for the honor you gave me, I want to bow deeply to you, because someone can understand the hard work.”

Li Shengxia also looked at her in surprise. When she came to Gina, she didn’t expect that Gina’s so-called comeback was actually using her musical talent and star power to canvass votes!

This kind of approach could be said to be a bit despicable, because if the popular star Gina, had to canvass for tickets, and there must be many people who would vote on her account, and she also chose a song that was very suitable for canvassing votes and touched the emotions of the audience…

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