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Si Huang lightly walked into the performance classroom.

Except for the lights on the stage, the rest of the place was very dim, and Si Huang’s arrival did not attract attention.

Everyone’s eyes fell on the stage. The students who had just performed had already walked inside, leaving behind a lonely wooden wheelchair on the stage, but it was not long before the next boy who came out sat on it.

The role required for this audition was a son of a noble family with disabled legs.

After all, this time had long passed, so Si Huang didn’t remember the lines in this play, but she did remember that she missed this audition opportunity because she was beaten by Si Zhihan and had a high fever in her previous life. This character did not have many appearances in the entire thirty-episode TV series, but it ran through the whole drama. The full name had always been a mystery. In the end, it was obtained by Si Hua.

At the celebration banquet for the great success of the TV series “The Emperor’s Way”, Director Liu faced the camera and said bluntly: “Si Hua is an excellent actor, but he is only an actor, and what he performed… was not the Young Master Qianji in my heart. Maybe I was asking too much. After all, he is a child who has not yet reached the age of 20. After all, he can’t understand Young Master Qianji, nor is he like Young Master Qianji.”

Not only that, Director Liu also mentioned, that although the hero and heroine of the entire TV series were the main leads, in terms of personal charm alone, no one could compare with Master Qianji. In fact, this was also the case. Even if Director Liu said that Si Hua did not do what he wanted with Young Master Qianji, he still achieved great success because of this role and took the first step towards his future stardom.

Si Huang bent over to the girl sitting next to him and said softly, “Excuse me.”

Although she was interrupted while watching the audition, Lu Ningning was not angry, but was stunned by the low-pitched voice, “What?” Then she turned her head.

Si Huang smiled sincerely, “Can you lend me the script in your hand?”

The script was delivered to her as soon as she said it.

Si Huang: “Thank you.”

After a while, Lu Ningning snapped back to her senses, and was shocked to realize that she was staring at the other person in a daze, she was really crazy! Her cheeks were hot, and she didn’t hear anything after waiting for a few seconds. She couldn’t help but secretly raise her eyes to see that the other party was reading the script seriously.

He stood quietly in the dark, with one hand in his trouser pocket leisurely, and the other hand holding the script. The slender, fair-skinned fingers that should have landed on the black and white keys of the piano were stretched out at an angle that made Lu Ningning feel that they were extremely beautiful. Looking up, her gaze couldn’t help but fall on the corner of the other’s slightly raised mouth. Lu Ningning didn’t notice her rolling throat, but she forced her gaze away from the other’s lips, and instead indulged in those drooping eyes.

His eyes were serious, his face and eyelashes trembled with the words on the page, as if he was looking at his deep love.

Time flowed silently until the part of Young Master Qianji was finished, then Si Huang returned the script to the cute girl who was still staring at him in a daze, “Thank you.” Thank you again.

“No… Gulp, use it! Cough, cough, hmm!” Lu Ningning choked on her own saliva as soon as she opened her mouth. Because of her coughing, the judges looked back with dissatisfaction, and Lu Ningning, who was flushed, hurriedly covered her mouth with her hands.

It was probably because of her timely remedy, so she was not ‘invited’ out.

A hand patted her back, and Lu Ningning looked up sharply to see the boy smiling at her, his eyes seemed to be able to speak, which made her feel the helpless apology and comfort of the other party.

Happiness came so suddenly that Lu Ningning’s cough subsided unconsciously.

Si Huang also retracted her hand like a gentleman, as she had not forgotten her identity as a man. More importantly, she noticed that the figure of Director Liu had come in front of her, which showed that the other party had no interest or patience to continue watching. In fact, as a famous director, it was very rare for him to insist on coming to the audition site till the last day, especially when Si Hua had already been appointed behind the scenes.

At this time, on the stage, the auditioning student in simple white costume was sitting in wheelchair, reading the lines: “What does the rise and fall of the world have to do with me? You have found the wrong person. As you can see, I am only a first-order disabled person.”

The boy looked handsome and had the taste of a classic handsome man. He had also worked hard for this audition, not only wearing a simple costume but had also applied light makeup. Sitting in a wheelchair, he half-drooped his head as written in the script, making it impossible to see the emotions in his eyes. However, his slightly frowning eyebrows and pursed lips all revealed the restless emotions in his heart.

The young man had not yet reached puberty, and both his appearance and body shape were still slightly thin, and his self-deprecating tone and forbearance and strong expression were matched with distressing melancholy.

Yes! Can you not teach people to be compassionate? The son of Qianji in the plot was the last bloodline of the hidden Qianji family, but he was born with dead relatives, disabled legs, and deafness in both ears!

In the dim light, no one noticed the tightly wrinkled eyebrows of Director Liu in the judge’s seat, and his expression seemed to be no longer able to bear what was in front of him, and he finally stood up and prepared to leave.

His actions attracted everyone’s attention, but the next “Ha!” took everyone’s attention, including Director Liu’s.

“Where did you come with so much nonsense, just leave if I tell you to go!” He shouted after the impatient laughter, his voice was clear, and even though people could not see the owner, the rising end tone made a domineering and arrogant image appear in their minds.

“Dah, dah, dah—” The low and rhythmic footsteps came from the corridor of the auditorium.

The scene was silent.

The boys waiting for their audition on the stage turned their heads in astonishment to look at the source of the sound as early as the shouting had started.

The blurry figure was getting closer and closer. First, there were a pair of long straight legs. Seeing these legs walking in the light, everyone had an indescribable sense of weirdness. Only Director Liu, who had just stood up, his eyes had lit up, and then his face became serious.

This kind of step pattern was the ancient king’s step. Only the royal family could walk like this, not only because of the rules of the royal family, but also because of the heavy and noble clothes of the royal family.

This kid…

Director Liu stared at Si Huang, who was finally exposed to the stage lights. Even the well-informed he was amazed at the appearance of the other party. Immediately afterwards, his attention was attracted by the other party’s behavior and expression, his eyes widened, and his gaze did not leave Si Huang for a moment.

At this time, Si Huang shook his hand lightly, and glanced impatiently at the boys on the stage. Then he stretched out his hand to carry the air under his waist, and then lifted his foot up the stairs of the stage… Everyone stared in shock, they actually understood at that moment – what Si Huang lifted up was the hem of the ancient robe that did not exist.

“What do you mean by that look! You don’t know how to kneel and salute when you see His Highness!” Si Huang suddenly stopped two meters away from the boy, then as if he saw a bad look from the boy, his eyebrows turned into a mountain, and immediately, he laughed evilly: “Ha, this Highness forgot, even if you want to kneel, you can’t kneel.”

“Shut up…shut up!” The boy heard the script lines he had read a few times and responded instinctively.

This annoyed tone was in line with the image he showed.

“Hmm!” Si Huang seemed to have been hit hard, his face suddenly turned red, his throat rolled, and he swallowed the blood that was about to come out. He shook his body, then raised his head, staring at the boy expressionlessly, his eyes were dark and deep, with a lingering murderous intent.

He was the Crown Prince of the Feng Dynasty, no matter how arrogant and willful he was, he also had the dignity and arrogance in his bones as a member of the royal family, so he could not allow himself to vomit blood in front of a disabled person, and he would not allow a disabled person to offend him! If this dignity was violated, he would be damned!

The boy in the wheelchair was stared at by Si Huang’s inscrutable eyes, and his face turned pale with fright. At this moment, he should be thankful that he was in a wheelchair, otherwise he would fall to the ground limply, which would only be uglier than the current appearance.

The boy even had hallucinations in front of his eyes. The actual scene described in the script was appearing in front of him. This young man who could order his head to be cut off at any time was Feng Cang, the prince of the Feng Dynasty. He was wearing a purple-black dragon pattern robe and a feather crown. His temperament was unyielding.

“Clap!” A sudden applause interrupted the silence.

Everyone just woke up like a dream, and then look at the Prince Feng Cang on the stage… Oh no! It was a young boy.

“Wow! He’s so handsome!”

“I didn’t even notice his face just now!”

“…I thought he was really going to kill, was it my illusion?”

“I had the same illusion.”

None of them could be blamed for having such an illusion.

Because when the applause of Director Liu sounded, Si Huang’s brows and eyes widened. No one could connect the quiet boy at this time with the person who had just showed his murderous and domineering aura, but the current position and reality told them – this was the same person!

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