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[Do you want to live? 】

The withered and rotten leaves covered the mutilated and exposed body, dirty insects and ants were crawling in the crevices from time to time, the maggots were desperately crawling through the rotten wounds, she had however become numb to the pain, waiting for the final death in the darkness. Then in Si Huang’s mind, this voice suddenly sounded.

What good does her wanting to continue living do? Since she was born, she couldn’t even have her own name. She was also Si Zhihan’s child, but she could only live as a dead person. The reason was to protect Si Zhihan’s reputation. Before the age of 18, she was the shadow of her half-brother. After the age of 18, she was a top film and television superstar on the face. But behind the scenes, her body was so dirty that she even hated herself.

Why should she continue to live like this?

Si Huang still kept her eyes open, looking at the scattered spots of light emerging from the branches and leaves of the forest, her throat moving with difficulty.

“I do!”

That’s the word that came out.


After these words came out, two lines of turbid tears poured out of Si Huang’s eyes.

Yes, the instincts of her body could not be deceived by thoughts. Even if all her misfortune and pain turned her into this pathetic appearance, she still wanted to live.

She wanted to live, she had to live no matter what, she had to watch it with her own eyes, and push all those who hurt her to hell with her own hands, so that they could also taste the pain she had suffered! There’s more…more…I want to really live, I want to do things that I couldn’t do and I want to go crazy!

When Si Huang’s wide eyes lost their luster, she woke up again, she had returned to her sixteen-year-old whipped and feverish self.

In the past three days, her high fever had subsided, and the injury on her back had slightly improved, and the voice that had been accompanying her, urged her to quickly build his faith.

[My energy can only continue to maintain your lifespan for ten days. If you can’t build faith for me within ten days, not only will you die, but I will also disappear. 】

The voice calling himself the Five Treasure God was still urging in Si Huang’s ear, 【If you didn’t happen to die on my body and your blood hadn’t soaked into me…】

Si Huang interrupted it, “If not, you wouldn’t know what to do. How many years would you have had to wait for an heir who could be integrated with you.”

[Do you know how difficult building faith is, you only have ten days! Ten days! 】

The Five Treasure God had almost given up hope, but as Si Huang said, it had waited for hundreds or thousands of years, and finally met a person who could integrate the inheritance of the five masters, and it was reluctant to give up. It didn’t want to disappear by itself, [Your current situation is very bad, any person with a little strength can kill you. Don’t you want to be strong? As long as you get faith, you can not only maintain your life, but also get more good things! As long as you can get faith! 】

“Pfft.” Si Huang narrowed her eyes happily.

Five Treasure God’s immature voice was frantic and said these words like an advertisement. Si Huang not only didn’t feel annoyed, but also enjoyed it. That’s what it was like to be a freshman, she was at an age when everything could change, she’s clean now…yes! very clean!

There was a frantic obsession in Si Huang’s eyes.

On the bustling streets, the people who went back and forth unconsciously turned their attention to the boy walking leisurely, and even many young people secretly picked up their mobile phones to take pictures, whispering to guess whether the other party was an idol star.

Si Huang, who was in the spotlight, was not unaware of the situation caused by her. Not only did she not feel uncomfortable, but the corners of her slightly raised mouth drew a more obvious arc, and she looked sideways at the three girls who had stopped by the road to take pictures.

The three women who were taking the candid photos were stunned when they saw the person shown in the camera lens.

The sunshine was not as good as that perfect smiling face, with soothing eyebrows and shining and squinting black eyes, like a clear spring infiltrated with sunlight, staring at you deeply and tenderly, lastly the smile at the corner of the mouth was inclusive but a little carelessly proud.

He was wearing a black, gray and blue autumn outfit, and the simple three-piece suit outlined his proportions, which made him look slender and taller than his actual height. The background was a prosperous street, high-rise buildings and people who turned their heads and followed him with their eyes.

This didn’t look like a photo taken casually, it was not an exaggeration to say that it seemed like the street shot of a supermodel.

The three still looked like students, and the girls were about the same age as Si Huang, they just stayed where they were. When they came back to their senses and put down their phones, and excitedly wanted to see the real person, they found that the other party had already gone away and disappeared in the crowd.

“Ah ah ah! Which new model is this? Or a movie star? Why haven’t I seen him before! I’ve decided, he is my male god!” After watching it repeatedly, her face had turned red with excitement.

“Hurry up, give me this photo, I want to post it on Weibo! Human flesh, absolutely want human flesh! No one will know about this appearance before he debuts!”

“I want it too! I want to use him as a computer screensaver, every day licking the screen! I’m dead, really I’m dead!”

The scream of Five Treasure God resounded in Si Huang’s mind, who had already left that area: [What did you just do? I actually missed such an important thing, why did the belief value rise! Although it is very weak, it may disappear at any time, but it has risen! It’s fucked up! 】

The Five Treasure God felt that this world was mysterious and tried to recall every minute and second of Si Huang’s actions just now but did not find that she had done anything great.

Si Huang asked calmly, “By how much did it rise?”

[Three. 】Five Treasure God answered honestly.

Si Huang nodded.

Five Treasure God: [Why? Why? Why? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! ]

Si Huang laughed: “You said that belief is people’s fanatical love and admiration for me. The more people sincerely want me to live, the longer I can live.”

[Yes! This is faith, the purest and most magical spiritual power in the world. 】

“Those three points of faith came from those three girls.”

[What did you do to them? 】

“Hmm.” Si Huang pursed his lips and smiled, “Smile.”

[…That’s it? 】

“That’s it.”

Five Treasure God collapsed.

The master who created it in those years, the master Wu Jue, went to the mountain of knives and the oil field for the people, cut his own meat to feed the eagle, sacrificed himself to save the world, etc., only to obtain a pitiful belief value, and was even more careful when using it…

He didn’t wait for the Five Treasure God to think more. He was dazed by the following belief value.

[What have you done? Why did the belief value rise again, ah! Ten, eleven… Twenty…]

Si Huang thought for a while and guessed: “There is a thing in this world called the Internet.”

Five Treasure God: […] The Internet is a magic horse? A terrible artifact?


Si Huang’s destination was the school she was studying at, the most famous Huaxing Art School in H City.

Not only her, but even Si Hua was also a student at this school. However, Si Hua majored in film and television performance and management, while Si Huang majored in dance and calligraphy.

Dance and calligraphy was indeed a good major for a girl, that could improve her social status and temperament, especially for girls born in wealthy families who didn’t have to worry about their quality of life. But everyone seemed to have forgotten that Si Huang’s identity on the ID card was male, and she had always been a male in the eyes of outsiders. How useful was it to a man’s future to let him learn dance and calligraphy?

Bai Qinglan signed her up for this class, obviously she didn’t have any good intentions. And Si Zhihan, who knew this but didn’t stop her, should have thought about using Si Huang as a tool long ago.

Poor her. When she was young in her previous life, she still had a longing for family affection, and worked hard to learn everything her parents arranged for her, hoping to get Si Zhihan’s fancy and love-she thought that Si Zhihan didn’t like her because she was not good enough!

As for why Si Hua was also in this school? The reason was that the main industry of the Si Company was film and television entertainment. Currently, Fenghua Entertainment, one of the film and television giants, belonged to the Si family.

Si Huang appeared on the campus of Huaxing Art School, but none of the alumni recognized him. Even people who passed by couldn’t help but look at her. In the Huaxing Art School where there were clouds of handsome men and beauties, Si Huang’s appearance was also among the top ranks.

“Is he a transfer student?”

“Is he also auditioning for Director Liu’s movie?”

“Hey! Isn’t the role already confirmed before the audition? I remember it has been given to Si Hua from Class A.”

“Yes. That’s right, but it’s not really sure until the last day of the audition, and Director Liu hasn’t announced the results.”

Si Huang listened to some conversations around her, and finally found the audition based on vague memories and directions.

Performance classroom.

Even though today was the last day of the audition, there were still many people in the classroom. Except for the audition staff, they could only sit quietly in the audience room and watch without any noise.

Si Huang came to the classroom where she wanted to sign up for the audition. The staff was surprised by her appearance and temperament, but then shook his head flatly: “All the students who wanted to audition signed up in advance and got their number plates. Today’s number plates have already been issued, even if I let you in, the audition will be over by the time you arrive.”

Si Huang did not argue or plead with the staff member after hearing this, and calmly turned around and walked to the performance classroom.

The male staff looked at her back and whispered, “Just with this temperament, even if you can’t act, you can become popular.”

Some people were always so lucky to have things others could never get!

At this time, the unbalanced male staff member did not know that in the near future, he would truly understand what being favored by God meant.

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