PPM Ch. 71: I’m a Big Star and You’re Nothing

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Rest Room

When everyone saw the scene on the stage, they couldn’t help being stunned. Everyone wanted to go to the front to watch this amazing scene.

Soon, only Gina and Jian Dan were left in the rest room.

In the face of the amazing response to Li Shengxia’s work, the person who was most surprised was Gina.

“My God! What the hell happened?”

The vanity mirror in Gina’s hand fell to the ground with a bang, this… how was this possible! Li Shengxia only spent ten minutes, how could she possibly make such a change in her clothes?

Unless, she knew all the details of this dress very well!

Thinking of this, Gina felt flustered, but she forced herself to calm down, and immediately asked Jian Dan: “Jian Dan, what is going on? This dress has such changing details, why didn’t you tell me just now?”

Jian Dan was also surprised. This new ‘Ten Mile Red Makeup’ was more perfect than the previous one. Although the design was not very professional, it was very impressive. When worn on Li Shengxia’s body, it had a taste of returning to nature. It was an untouched beauty.

Li Shengxia not only showed the temperament of the queen, but also showed the magical taste of first love. The arrogance of the queen changed into the innocence of a girl under the traction of a red thread.

Wasn’t this the embodiment of true love?

Love could make the most arrogant queen become like a pure and sweet girl…

Was this the soul and interior of Li Shengxia’s work?

Jian Dan still found it unbelievable, did this mean that she had lost and had to leave the design world completely!

“Designer Jian, please tell me what’s going on!” Gina was so anxious as she could not have imagined that things would turn out like this.

If she knew that Li Shengxia’s design was so perfect, and if she knew that Jian Dan’s design inspiration might have been stolen from Li Shengxia, how could she wear a replica of Li Shengxia’s design and do such a stupid thing like digging her own grave!

When Jian Dan heard Gina’s voice, she came back to her senses and said calmly, “Miss Gina, you have the support of the Crown Prince, we will not lose.”

This was her last bargaining chip.

Gina was shocked that Jian Dan was indirectly admitting that Li Shengxia was the real creator of this work?

“What the Prince? What support! Did you dare to do this on the basis of this?” Gina felt crazy, “Do you think the pair of shoes was found for me by the Prince? Stop joking! That’s what I asked her to look for in order to make things difficult for Li Shengxia, the Prince’s true lover behind the scenes is Li Shengxia!”

“What did you say?” Jian Dan was struck by lightning, she couldn’t believe that Li Shengxia’s ace actually would be the Prince!

She thought her ace was Williams, so she dared to do it!

She thought that Li Shengxia had no ability at all, so she dared to do this!

She thought that Gina was the wife of the crown Prince, so she dared to do this!

God knew what stupid thing she did!

The real behind-the-scenes lover of the Prince was Li Shengxia!

The real behind-the-scenes lover of the Prince was Li Shengxia!

The real behind-the-scenes lover of the Prince was Li Shengxia!

This sentence was like an echo of the valley, constantly circling in Jian Dan’s mind… She stepped into the trap of heaven and earth that she laid by herself!

Jian Dan’s body was shaky, she looked at Gina and fell in a trance, she couldn’t even hear her own voice: “You knew she was the lover of the Prince, why didn’t you tell me? You knew she was the lover of the Prince. Why did you still leave her and became my model?”

When Gina saw that she was actually questioning her, she couldn’t help but laugh angrily: “Why did I? Of course it’s because I don’t like her being supported everywhere, and of course I just want to destroy her prestige on the stage!”

“How could I think that Jian Dan, the world’s first-class designer has to rely on such despicable means to ascend to the top!”

“If you design your own works well, will we lose so badly today? You must understand that you are losing more than just a game! It’s your whole life!”

Jian Dan staggered when she heard Gina’s words.

“No, I can’t lose! Wait for the two most popular works to be exhibited individually. Whoever has more supporters will win. You are a star, and you can beat her with your own charm.” Jian Dan quickly calmed down.

Gina understood as soon as she heard it, looked at Jian Dan in disbelief, and said a few words coldly: “You’re asking me to cheat?”

Jian Dan also said coldly: “If you lost this game, it will be a stain on your life.”

Gina calmed down when she heard it. Jian Dan was right, she couldn’t just admit defeat! She followed Li Shengxia to this day as if she was her shadow. It was the first time she would stand on the same stage with her. This time, she must win!

Li Shengxia breathed a sigh of relief when she stepped off the stage wearing ‘Ten Miles of Red Makeup’. She knew that she had proved her strength through her own wisdom.

The people who saw her as a joke just now were also quiet.

It could be said that this ‘Ten Mile Red Makeup’ and ‘Red Thread Wrap Your Fingers, Don’t Lose and Don’t Forget’ looked very similar, but they were completely different.

There were only Gina and Jian Dan backstage, and everyone else seemed to have gone to the front of the stage to watch the exhibition. Li Shengxia entered the rest room, sitting on the seat, she was still unable to calm down her nervousness. She hoped her performance could be recognized by the audience and it could justify her work.

At the same time, Gina walked to Li Shengxia.

Li Shengxia saw her walking in front of her and didn’t want to lose to her in momentum, so she stood up.

It was undeniable that when Li Shengxia and Gina wore the same clothes, they each had their own advantages.

But Li Shengxia’s temperament was even more outstanding than Gina. She had a purer and more beautiful aura than Gina, which was an aura that could not be imitated in a day or two.

When this ‘Ten Mile Red Makeup’ became a short skirt, her natural purity became even more and more radiant.

Gina was also a star anyway, how could she be willing to be compared with Li Shengxia?

She said to Li Shengxia coldly: “Li Shengxia, you are so sinister. You still had this ace. But don’t be complacent, you won’t win, I have a way to get this game back! I’m a big star, and you are nothing, even if your clothes are more dazzling than mine, others will see me first, and it will definitely be me who will win.”

Li Shengxia smiled softly, this world was really mysterious, the people who did bad things actually came over to talk about other parties’ ‘sinisterness’? If it wasn’t for her wisdom, she was afraid that she would have been pointed at by thousands of people now.

And, even now, her condition was not optimistic.

Li Shengxia was naturally unwilling to be outdone. She never did things that harmed others and benefitted herself, but she was not a person who let others flatten her as they wanted. At this time, she swore on her own initiative.

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