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City H, the VIP ward of the city hospital.

Si Zhihan was lying on the hospital bed, and there was an LCD TV hanging on the wall a few meters away in front of him, and what was playing on the TV was the live broadcast of the Star of the Week.

“President, it’s over.” Secretary Wang said softly.

“Oh.” Si Zhihan’s eyes were still on the TV, and Secretary Wang didn’t dare to make a decision to turn off the TV without his explicit instructions.

He had deliberately blocked the news outside. Except for the passers-by who were there that day and were relatively close, the others didn’t even know how seriously Si Zhihan was injured.

According to the news from Fenghua Entertainment, he was punched and kicked, and his hand was cut, and he had received perfect treatment in the hospital, and there was no serious problem.

In fact, the current Si Zhihan had indeed received good treatment, but his legs could not walk on the ground anymore, and his hands could not move for the time being. According to the doctor, his legs had become useless, and even if his hands were healed, he would not be able to carry heavy objects in the future, and he may even struggle to lift a glass full of water.

Si Zhihan went crazy and almost collapsed when he woke up to this knowledge in the beginning. It was just that he realized very soon that as a result of doing so, there was no benefit other than bringing physical pain to himself. And if he continued like this, it may attract the attention of the mental hospital, and the lawyer had also come to him, meaning to ask him if he wanted to call back Si Hua, who was sent to country M.

“What was Si Hua doing during this time?” Si Zhihan asked.

Secretary Wang hesitated a little.

Si Zhihan looked at him coldly.

Secretary Wang turned around to get the folder, picked up the information files, and showed Si Zhihan page by page.

The information indicated Si Hua’s consumption and other activities in country M.

Si Zhihan’s complexion got worse the more he watched, his chest heaved violently a few times, and then he looked away, “He knows about me?”

“I called.” Secretary Wang said truthfully: “The second young master asked about the president’s situation. But he didn’t ask any more questions after knowing that the president was in good health.”

Si Zhihan twitched the corners of his mouth, his eyes were full of darkness, “Is that all?”

Secretary Wang was silent for two seconds, “Second Young Master called a few hours ago, he seems to know the situation of the president, and had the meaning that he wants to come back.”

“What are you doing here?”

“…Taking care of the president.”

“Tell me the exact words he said on the phone.”

“My dad was injured so badly, why did you lie to me before? Dad is like this, what about Fenghua? I’m going to buy a plane ticket and come back. That’s what the second young master said. “

The smile on the corner of Si Zhihan’s mouth became even colder, “Confiscate his ID and let him stay obediently in Country M.”

“Yes.” Secretary Wang answered with his head bowed.

“Wang Han, how long have you been with me?” Si Zhihan asked suddenly.

“Six years.”

“Who do you think is better and more filial, Si Hua or Si Huang? Tell the truth.”


Si Zhihan didn’t say anything more.

He stared closely at the LCD TV in front of him, the unwillingness in his eyes flashed away, and then the darkness settled.

Liushui City, Province G.

After finishing the filming of Star of the Week, the three of them didn’t rush back. The main reason was that she was not particularly busy now, and it was not because she was not popular enough and so no jobs came to find her. It was that she didn’t like those jobs, and she was not allowed to take some jobs that she did like.

Originally planning to go back to the hotel, Si Huang received a message in the car on the way.

Sender: Xia Qitong.

Content: I just watched your live broadcast, I happen to be in province G, how about getting together?

After reading it, Si Huang replied with a message of refusal.

For this well-known young master in the underworld, Si Huang didn’t have much intention of being close friends.

Even if the other person seemed to be a worthy person.

However, it was obvious that Xia Qitong had completely opposite ideas to hers, and the man did not give up on continuing to invite her after being rejected.

“I just got some interesting things recently. [Photos]”

This message was sent. Before Si Huang could see the content clearly, Five Treasure shouted excitedly in his mind: [Your Majesty, I want it, I want it, I want it I want, I want this!]

Soon Si Huang understood why Five Treasure was so excited.

When he saw the photo in the message clearly, Si Huang couldn’t help admiring the animal – in the photo was a snow-white Costin[1] with brown spots and beak and claws like iron hooks!

The Costin’s eyes were dark and brown, very sharp and wild. Standing on a branch, his aura looked cold and holy.

For such a fierce and beautiful creature, no man could resist the temptation, even Si Huang who was a fake man.

[Your Majesty, we have enough glitter! I want it, I want this! Hahahaha, I will come out soon!] Five Treasure’s tone was full of eagerness.

Si Huang didn’t want to dampen its excitement, but it still had to be reminded, “Costin is a nationally protected species, and it’s very troublesome to be a pet.”

[I can fly high without being discovered, and I will definitely not be discovered by others!] Five Treasure obviously refused to give up, it had fallen in love with this body at a glance, […Your Majesty, I want to want to want to want to want to!]

If the Five Treasure had a physical form now, he would probably be rolling around on his stomach to show off his cuteness.

“Understood.” Si Huang smiled helplessly.

Since Xia Qitong could get this Costin, there must be corresponding means to solve the problem of raising it.

Si Huang texted Xia Qitong back, “I’ll just be staying in Liushui City for a day.”

Xia Qitong’s message came back unhurriedly, “I’ll be there in an hour, I’ll pick you up.”

“No, tell me the location.”

“No. 12, Hilltop Villa, Qiaomu Mingdi.”


After returning to the hotel for dinner, she talked with Grandma Yu and the others on the phone for more than ten minutes, and then went online to watch the situation on Weibo and saw a private message from Waiting for the Indus Tree, who was still trying his best to talk to her again. This time, it was naturally about the live broadcast of the Star of the Week. Si Huang felt helpless because she doubted Xia Qitong before. Fortunately, she didn’t ask the other party rashly at that time.

Regarding the private message from Qin Fan’s little vest, Si Huang responded casually, seeing that it was almost time to go out, she put on his coat and explained to the Yu brother and sister, and went out alone.

Qiaomu Mingdi was the best villa area in Liushui City. The car that Si Huang temporarily rented arrived at the gate and he was asked by the guard for his identity.

She reported the number of the villa that Xia Qitong had given her.

The doorman connected with the villa to inquire, then poked his head out and asked Si Huang: “Your identity?”

Si Huang, who was wearing sunglasses, replied, “My surname is Si.”

Within two seconds, the doorman put down the phone and opened the door for Si Huang to let her in.

According to the reminder of the road sign, Si Huang found the No. 12 hilltop villa that Xia Qitong mentioned without much effort.

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