TBLF Extra 14 (Ch. 114.2): Little Witch × Lord Knight

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Ji Rang’s head was smashed by the broom. Qi Ying felt too guilty. After taking the person back to her cabin, she hurriedly stepped on a ladder to look through the bookshelf and brought out a magic book covered with dust. Then, following the spell on the magic book, she healed Ji Ran.

After reading the spell, Ji Rang had two horns on his forehead.

Ji Rang: “???”

Qi Ying: “…I’m sorry, sorry, I’m not proficient in magic, I’ll do it again!”

This time, Ji Rang was miniaturized by her, becoming the size of a finger.

Ji Rang: “!!!”

Qi Ying: “Wow!”

She squeezed the smaller Knight-sama and placed him in her palm, pouting and blowing gently, and the Knight-sama was blown over by her.

She originally wanted to play like this for a while, but a big spider suddenly came down from the roof and wanted to come to her to grab food, Qi Ying quickly changed Ji Rang back.

As soon as he recovered, Ji Rang took her hood and pressed her on the table to spank her.

She held her head and kicked while crying, “I was wrong. I will never dare to do it again. I swear in the name of the crystal ball.”

Ji Rang really stopped, brought her up to face him, and took out a crystal ball from his arms, “Come on, swear, never to use black magic on me again.”

Qi Ying looked at the crystal ball with surprise: “Is this crystal ball for me?” the little witch threw herself into his arms and held his waist while resting against his chest: “Master Knight, you are so kind to me.”

Since then, Qi Ying had no shortage of anything except the princess.

But the princess didn’t need her to catch her at all. According to Ji Rang, she tried to escape from the palace every day and wanted to come to the dark forest to find her.

Qi Ying decided to go to the palace to pick her up to play when her magic became more powerful.

With a crystal ball for practicing magic, she made rapid progress every day. She planted dark red roses around the hut. This was a flower that could only be watered by magic. If one day it bloomed, it would prove that she was qualified to take charge of this forest.

One day in the middle of the night, Ji Rang was sleeping.

In his sleep, he heard someone knock on his window.

Boom boom boom, boom boom boom, the sounds encroached into his dream.

Ji Rang woke up in shock.

The sound of knocking on the window continued.

He lived in a five-story castle!

Ji Rang jumped out of bed, went to the window and opened the curtains to take a look. Under the silver moonlight, the little witch was floating in the air on a broomstick. The little Red Hood on her head was being shaken by the night wind. She held a dark red rose in her hand. She saw him open the window and flew closer happily. The rose was handed in.

She said, “My lord, the rose I planted is blooming. I will give it to you.”

Ji Rang did not pick up the rose but grabbed her hand that held the flower and dragged her in from the window.

The night wind was a bit cold, and her face was blown ice-cold. Ji Rang closed the window, helped her put the broom, and then put her on his bed to sleep.

She was still a little dazed when she shrank into his arms, and whispered, “I want to go back to the forest.”

Ji Rang pressed the back of her head: “It’s too late to hurry. Just go back tomorrow.”

Qi Ying thought for a while, and readily accepted.

Sleeping until the next morning, the little witch yawned, mounted her broomstick, and flew away from the window.

In the middle of the night, the little witch knocked on his window again.

Ji Rang hadn’t slept. He opened the window and saw his Little witch riding on the broomstick her face filled with embarrassment as she said, “Master Knight, your bed is more comfortable than mine. Can I come to your bed every night from now on? “

So, the little witch started flying to the castle every night and flying back to the forest at two o’clock every morning.

Later one night, when she flew to the Knights’ Castle again, she found that the window was open and Ji Rang could not be seen inside.

A letter was left for her on the quilt, and Qi Ying put the broom in place, opened the letter and looked at it. It turned out that Lord Knight received the king’s order and set out to clean up the dragon that was harming the people.

The letter told her to sleep obediently.

Qi Ying hugged the letter and lay on the bed, covered herself with a quilt and started to sleep.

It was obviously the same bed, but nothing was right, no matter how, sleeping was uncomfortable.

After suffering from insomnia until dawn, the little witch realized that it was not the bed that was comfortable to sleep in, but that the arms of the knight that were comfortable.

Qi Ying put on her cloak, put on her little red riding hood, and rode a broomstick to the dragon’s lair.

When she arrived, Ji Rang was already fighting the dragon.

Qi Ying flew in the air, brought out a crystal ball, and started using magic to help.

The evil dragon quickly found her and said angrily: “Witch! We are the same kind! Why are you helping him?!”

Qi Ying said: “You are ugly, he is pretty.”

The dragon was very angry!!!

He stopped fighting the knight, and instead attacked the little witch: “You hateful betrayer! I will kill you!”

Although Qi Ying had made great progress now, she still struggled when facing the evil dragon. One time, the evil dragon swept her with his tail from the broomstick.

Ji Rang took a look, you fucking hit my Little Red Riding Hood!

The knight broke out and swung his sword to cut off the dragon’s head.

Ji Rang killed the dragon. The king was very happy. He wanted to reward him with a big reward and asked him what he wanted. Ji Rang didn’t ask for anything. He resigned from his position as a knight in the palace, locked his castle, and moved to the Dark Forest.

The forest was full of beautiful dark roses that would glow in the moonlight.

In this light, Qi Ying took him to show the stars on a broomstick. Her skills were already very good now, and she won’t fall even when doing a 360-degree air turn for two and a half weeks.

Under the night sky, they would see the shooting stars together.

The princess would occasionally escape successfully and come to the dark forest to look for them to play. Then before the king found out, she rode Qi Ying’s broom and let her send her back.

Because she failed to imprison the princess, the Witch League did not give her formal certification.

But Qi Ying was not sad.

She sat at the window and wrote a diary by the moonlight: Although she didn’t have a princess, she had a knight who was more beautiful than the princess and better than the princess. She was a better witch than an authentic witch~!

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