RCFS Ch. 231

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Seeing the virtues of these people, Ye Junpo suddenly felt ashamed, and the self-confidence he had built up so easily disappeared. He withdrew his hand in embarrassment, turned around and walked to the long table, and simply started to eat crazily.

Ye Yunxi clicked her tongue and walked to her father: “Dad, don’t worry about them, just be yourself.”

He listened to her words.

Chunfeng also rushed over and said: “Junpo, don’t mind, the director and popular actors must have airs, let’s go over there and meet some screenwriters, don’t you lack scripts?”

Hearing this, Ye Junpo regained his spirit.

Yes, script!

What was missing now was the script. As long as there was a good script, he could make billions in one go like this time!

When he became a famous director, these people would definitely not look down on him!

Thinking of this, Ye Junpo hastily took a few sips of his drink, swallowed what was in his mouth, straightened his suit, and turned around with a smile.

The screenwriters were eating, drinking, and chatting. When Director Chunfeng came, everyone stood up and said hello.

“Director Chun!”

“Yeah!” Chun Feng smiled, and introduced one by one: “This is my junior brother Ye Junpo, and he made “Latent” this time!”

“Is “Latent” really a good movie?”

After saying this, everyone was stunned again.

These screenwriters were all very popular in the circle, and there was no shortage of opportunities for them. Just write a book and it could be made into a TV show. Therefore, a novice like Ye Junpo was really not their type, but someone like Chunfeng was not bad!

Replying that sentence was also to save Chun Dao’s face, let’s forget about Ye Junpo!

In this cold scene, it was embarrassing again!

It was okay for the directors to look down on him, but now even the screenwriters were like this, was there a mistake!

Ye Junpo’s face went very stiff, but Ye Yunxi remained expressionless, she directly pulled Ye Junpo up and said, “Dad, let’s go, these people can’t write the script we want!”

Several screenwriters suddenly changed, and turned pale.

What do you mean we can’t write? Are you blind? They are the best screenwriters in the city!

Although the person had gone far, there was no way to reply, and several people could only complain behind their backs.


“Exactly, what are you mad about? They annoyed us. Believe it or not, no one in the whole province will provide you with a script!”

With a sound, he looked at Xia Hong: “See, we were right to ignore him! Just like this, you still want to mix in the entertainment industry? Do you not know what is the attitude of asking for help?”

“That’s it!” Xia Hong took a sip of her wine and said with a smile: “You can’t even keep your voice low, how dare you come to the reception?”

“Come here, those who have no status or power have to keep their heads down and tails between their legs!”

The sarcasm in the eyes of the two of them deepened, and they were complacent that they didn’t shake hands with that person.

At this time, the doorman welcomed a few more people, and those people were the highlight of today’s reception!

Bai Yan, Director of the Provincial Department of Culture, and Wang Yiping, Deputy Director of Industry and Commerce.

As soon as these two entered the door, the atmosphere of the reception changed!

It was originally lazy and laughing, but now the atmosphere suddenly changed. Even the director Ma Jiang, such an awesome character abandoned his identity and greeted them with a glass of wine.

“Director Bai!”

“Deputy Bureau Wang!”

Even the screenwriters who were chatting over there gathered around and greeted them with great enthusiasm.

If they could make friends with these two, no matter it was film and television or finance, both aspects would definitely go smoothly!!!

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