RCFS Ch. 232

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“Director Bai! Come, let’s have a toast!”

“Deputy Director Wang, I respect you with this wine!”

Although they knew that Bai Yan and Wang Yiping were both known for their impartiality, they didn’t expect that they were so impartial that a glass of wine wouldn’t fit!

Everyone suddenly felt ashamed.

But they didn’t want to give up such a good opportunity, so they nodded and followed behind.

Seeing this, Wang Yiping frowned and said: “This reception is organized by the government to promote cultural undertakings. If you communicate more, we will not accompany you!”

The director and the artists looked dejected.

Now there was no need to follow, it would be too hypocritical!

What a pity, it was so easy to meet these two, but they didn’t even give them a chance to strike up a conversation!

Sure enough, they deserved to be known for being stern and selfless!

Seeing that everyone stopped, Wang Yiping walked back.

The two were not very old, one was in his early thirties, the other was in his late thirties, and they were both handsome at the right age. Their identities were there, which attracted many girls’ attention.

Don’t let it get close, let people see it, right?

When they were paying attention, everyone saw Ye Junpo holding his daughter’s arm and walking away slowly holding a wine glass.

Ye Junpo saw everyone together and wanted to strike up a conversation. These two had never met before.

With Ye family’s status, how could he have seen them?

But in the eyes of others, it became an attempt at flattery.

“Look, the father and daughter are going to toast!”

“Stupid or not? They have already said, not to accompany them?”

“Ha, just wait to be rejected! Absolutely embarrassing!”

“Do you think you are awesome when a movie becomes popular? Do you really consider yourself a big shot? Who is it?”

“Don’t talk about our screenwriters now, you have offended the Department of Culture and Industry and Commerce, and you can’t afford it!”

Everyone stared at Ye Junpo and Ye Yunxi excitedly, hoping to wait for them to make a fool of themselves.

However, when the father and daughter walked over, Bai Yan just frowned slightly, but Wang Yiping smiled excitedly, and offered to shake hands with Ye Yunxi!!


What happened?

Everyone rubbed their eyes desperately.

Damn it, why did the stern and selfless Deputy Director Wang shake hands with Ye Yunxi! Still took the initiative to shake hands!

In the end what happened?

Could it be that the father and daughter actually had a very hard background?

Everyone’s jaws dropped to the floor in shock, and some people even knocked over the wine and fruit plate without even caring to wipe it.

Because they were so shocked!

What happened?

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10+10+…

“Miss Ye, we meet again! I didn’t expect to meet you here! Thank you for your cooperation, we were able to find out so many shady scenes! You can set an example for the citizens!”

“So, are you the deputy director?” Ye Yunxi smiled, the person who went to the accounting office with her that day turned out to be the deputy director!

Now the officials were so close to the people, were they so conscientious?

“It’s nothing, it’s just a citizen’s duty to cooperate with the government.”

Wang Yiping became even happier. To be honest, he admired this little girl. She was admitted with the best grades to Junyao, and she was neither humble nor overbearing in front of the black forces. It was really amazing to go to the industry and commerce to report with the recording as evidence!

“Oh? This is the powerful lady you mentioned?”

Bai Yan obviously guessed it, and there was a bit of fun in his words.

Wang Yiping mentioned it to him, so he had a good impression of this girl.

“Yes, Bai Yan, come on, this glass of wine, you should drink it!”

Seeing the two of them raising their glasses, everyone in the audience was going to explode!

They didn’t drink anyone’s wine, but they drank the father and daughter’s, was there any mistake!!!

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