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Su Rice Bug[1] Yu belatedly discovered his new attribute, and at the same time made up his mind to take off this label that he didn’t know when it was attached as soon as possible.

“Mom, I have good news. I forgot to tell you.” Since he had to remove the tag, the sooner it was done the better, so he took no time to take it off. “I have made a lot of money in the game recently. I didn’t have much need for the money, but I just felt that I couldn’t spend much money in reality, so I didn’t exchange it. Am I particularly powerful now?”

Lin Shuru only thought that her son listened to her words and wanted to help her make money, so she quickly said: “You like to play games, right? Just play your games with peace of mind. Mom doesn’t need you to treat games as a job. Mom can make money for you to play games.” After hearing these words, Su Yu couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Lin Shuru also loved her son too much.

Yes, it could definitely be called doting.

He patted the back of Lin Shuru’s hand and said with a smile: “Mom, I really didn’t make money in the game just to lighten your burden. I’m really good at playing games now, and I’m making more money without knowing how much more I can earn. And this is obviously a good thing. I can have fun playing games and make money at the same time. Isn’t it good to kill two birds with one stone?”

Lin Shuru was still hesitant, although some of her doubts had already been resolved because of her son. She felt relieved, but she was still worried that because of her divorce, he would bear undue pressure prematurely.

“Mom, what I said is true,” Su Yu emphasized again and again. Seeing that Lin Shuru’s expression was still worried, he could only sigh softly and say, “Let’s do this, Mom, just wait for me here. I’ll go into the game and exchange some money, so that you will believe what I say.”

After saying that, Su Yu ignored Lin Shuru’s stop, climbed into the game hologram neatly and climbed out again five minutes later.

“Mom, look.” Su Yu placed the transfer record on his optical brain in front of Lin Shuru.

After seeing the numbers displayed clearly, Lin Shuru’s eyes suddenly widened, and she said in disbelief: “This…how could there be so much?!”

Su Yu’s optical brain clearly displayed a transfer record that had just been completed three minutes ago. The amount was no more or less, exactly 100,0000 transaction coins.

Su Yu smiled calmly: “This is the money I made in the game recently, Mom, am I really good now?”

“But…isn’t this too much? Something bad happened, right?” Lin Shuru looked at Su Yu suspiciously, she couldn’t believe it, how could her son who only knew how to spend money in games before, suddenly learn to make money, and make so much money all at once?

Su Yu couldn’t help but roll his eyes in his heart: “How is this possible? Exchanging trading coins from the game needs to be strictly reviewed. If there is any problem with the source of these trading coins, the transaction will not be established, so you can rest assured.”

After listening to Su Yu’s explanation, Lin Shuru reluctantly believed that there was nothing wrong with the money, but it was still hard for her to believe that so much money was really earned by her son playing games.

“Are you sure you didn’t borrow this money?” Although Lin Shuru had always doted on her son, she still knew very well what her son was capable of.

This time Su Yu finally couldn’t hold back, and rolled his eyes directly: “Mom, I just took five minutes from entering the game to exiting the game. You say, that in such a short time, who can I borrow so much money from? This money is really earned by myself, if you still don’t believe it, you can join me in the game and have a look next time, and you’ll know how I make money.”

Having said to this point, Lin Shuru passively had to believe Su Yu’s words. Thinking that her son could earn such a large amount of money by playing a game, Lin Shuru felt a little difficult to breathe.

Because of the impact of this incident, Lin Shuru completely came out of the previous haze, and her steps were light even when she left.

After sending Lin Shuru away, Su Yu entered the game again. He sold all his previous equipment for the one million before. The fact that it could be sold for one million was due to his current identity and status.

As a newly promoted god, not only had his worth increased, but the equipment he wore had also increased in price. Sure enough, when one has a golden thigh, life could be so cool.

Since he had become a god and was hugging the golden thigh of a god, Su Yu had nothing to worry about even if all the equipment was sold out. Anyway, his golden thigh was very strong. Even if he was penniless, he would still have nothing to worry about. He could still eat and drink spicy food in the game.

But there were always good and bad things about holding a golden thigh. At night, his golden thigh suddenly contacted him through the optical brain, saying that there were some things that he didn’t know how to use and needed his help.

Su Yu went there kindly, and he never came out of the guest room that day.

The next morning, when Su Yu walked out of the guest room, it was in a weird posture, and while holding his waist, he secretly swore that he would never come to the guest room again.

In the next few days, he did not go to the guest room again, and Cang Qiong did not look for him, because he directly took Su Yu to go to the game.

So for the next long period of time, Su Yu’s life was in dire straits every day.

When he escaped from the game to reality, Cang Qiong could torment him in reality; and when he escaped from reality to the game, Cang Qiong was already waiting for him on the bed.

Whenever Su Yu held his waist and looked out the window with an empty expression, he would feel extremely regretful. Why on earth did he bring Cang Qiong to reality so early?

He should have waited until Cang Qiong was seventy-eight years old, when he couldn’t move, and then bring people over and throw them!

However, even if he regretted it now, he would not be able to change his tragic fate.

Because he had to spend a lot of energy fighting against Cang Qiong every day, Su Yu simply handed over the management of the guild to the first batch of members to join the guild. However, with the help of the NPCs, nothing would go wrong.

In such a situation where Su Yu didn’t care at all, [Qitiange] continued to grow very rapidly, and soon became the largest guild in the game, and also the guild with the least internal and external conflicts and the most complete rules, thus attracting more and more players to join in.

As for the short-lived Western Fantasy Land, when the Western Fantasy Land first appeared, everyone thought it was a new map for the game, which would definitely be very interesting. But it just disappeared suddenly, and the ice and snow town in the westernmost part of the Eastern Fantasy Continent also disappeared with it!

You read that right, that continent that excited countless people actually disappeared for no reason just a few days after its appearance! Lose!

At the moment when the West Fantasy Continent disappeared, almost everyone’s expressions were stupefied. They frantically searched for the continent that had appeared before but now left no trace, frantically poked the GM to ask, but got a result that made them feel very disappointed and shocked.

All game data was fine.

A huge continent just disappeared for no reason. You’re actually telling me that this is normal?

I have a saying that I really want to talk about in person.

But since the game official had given such an answer, even if they had ten thousand muddy horses galloping in their hearts, it was impossible to throw these horses in the face of the GM, because the result of doing so would only end up hurting their own faces.

So what else to do? If the Western Fantasy Continent was gone, it is gone. At least they still had the Eastern Fantasy Continent.

However, there were a few people who could guess the truth, such as Su Yu and Cang Qiong.

But they themselves didn’t care about the Western Fantasy Continent or Lu Ran, so naturally they won’t pay too much attention or inquire about it.

But recently, Su Yu was very concerned about one thing. Ever since Lin Shuru and Liu Cheng went through the divorce procedures smoothly, Su Yu directly asked Ball to bring down Liu Cheng’s company.

In this case, even true lovers would inevitably start to have constant conflicts. These conflicts would be small and slight at the beginning, but as time went by, these conflicts would continue to accumulate and expand, and they will become a small quarrel one day, and a big quarrel three days later.

Slowly their former true love would turn into an out-and-out shrew, and the other would turn into an extremely incompetent coward. Soon Liu Cheng and the mistress began to feel tired and disgusted with this kind of life at the same time. They began to regret, began to blame each other, and began to live a life of love, but they couldn’t go down anymore.

Su Yu watched the whole process with the mentality of watching the fun, and his mood was getting better and better. Even Cang Qiong chasing him every day and messing around became a kind of fun, but it would be better if his waist was not so sore after that incident.

Finally one day, the scumbag and the mistress completely fell out. The true love that they once thought was worth thousands of dollars became worthless under the baptism of time. After a big quarrel, they separated from each other without any regrets.

The former you and me, and love being more precious than gold had become a complete joke, and then, the most exciting drama was about to be staged.

After Su Yu learned that Liu Cheng had recently begun to contact Lin Shuru and show his kindness to her, he knew that a good show was about to begin, but he was not in a hurry because in this scene, the starring role should be Liu Cheng and Lin Shuru, these two people.

Lin Shuru also looked confused when she received Liu Cheng’s call. However, Liu Cheng did not talk too much about personal matters with her on the phone. He mainly cared about Liu Feng. Therefore, although Lin Shuru hated Liu Cheng but she also said a few perfunctory words.

She originally thought that one phone call would be enough, but who knew that in the next period of time, Liu Cheng called her every once in a while, which finally made Lin Shuru realize that something was wrong.

When Liu Cheng called again and gradually changed the topic from Liu Feng to his concern for her, Lin Shuru finally couldn’t bear it and said: “Liu Cheng, what do you want to do? We are divorced now, please don’t contact me so often, okay?”

Liu Cheng was silent on the other end of the phone for a while before uttering a sentence: “Shuru, let’s start over, shall we?”

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[1] Someone who just eats without doing anything.

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