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At that moment, Lin Shuru even wondered if there was something wrong with her ears suddenly. Otherwise, how could she hear such incredible words coming out of Liu Cheng’s mouth?

“What did you say?” Lin Shuru really felt that she must have heard wrong.

Liu Cheng paused and said in a particularly sincere and affectionate tone: “Shuru, I know that there are indeed some misunderstandings between us. We even separated temporarily because of these misunderstandings. During this period of separation, I also thought about you a lot. I think I still love you. I want to take good care of you and Xiao Feng. Can you give me another chance?”

Lin Shuru was completely shocked at this time. When did Liu Cheng, a creature inferior to a beast, learn to say such things? Was he even talking politely?! This feeling was so scary!

After being shocked, Lin Shuru asked like a conditioned reflex: “Liu Cheng, is your head okay?”

“…” His affectionate words received such a response from the other party. Hearing this, Liu Cheng’s face turned dark, “Shuru, I know that I did stupid things before, but I was also deliberately blinded, so as someone with good intentions, please let the past go. We should look forward to the future together now, right?”

“I see what you are saying. The words are quite clear. It seems that you have not drank and there is nothing wrong with your head. In this case, I will scold you even more.” Lin Shuru almost laughed out of anger. She took a deep breath and spoke quickly and authentically, “A scumbag who once betrayed his wife and child for true love, and even lost all his face. How long has it been since the divorce? Now you actually abandoned your true love again and turned around and want to get back together with your original wife. If you do this, are you worthy of your true love, who has been a mistress for so long for you? Also, why are you so thick-skinned? The two of us had troubles to that extent before, but you still have the nerve to come back and tell me this kind of thing, a misunderstanding? A bul***it misunderstanding? You shouldn’t have blinded yourself and fallen in love with a worthless b***h. Can you just pretend that others are as blind as you? A scum like you should go back quickly and find your true love, your mistress, and live together with her!”

After saying these words angrily, Lin Shuru hung up the phone without giving Liu Cheng a chance to react.

They were already divorced, but this scumbag still had the nerve to come back and ask her to get back together with him. It was so shameless! Lin Shuru became even angrier when she thought that when the person called her with ulterior motives, he pretended as if he wanted to find out about Xiao Feng, so she didn’t directly throw him away.

Then Lin Shuru looked up with a ferocious expression, and saw Su Yu walking down the stairs, and the expression on her face suddenly froze.

“Xiao Feng, why are you down here?” Lin Shuru quickly adjusted the expression on her face to make herself look as amiable as possible, “Are you hungry? Mom is going to cook for you.”

Su Yu looked at Lin Shuru with a smile. With an unharmonious expression on his face, he nodded obediently: “Well, I’m a little hungry. I want to eat the dry pot cauliflower and the green pepper and potato shreds you make.”

He thought that this drama needed to be done by himself in order to be ended perfectly, but now it seemed that he had underestimated Lin Shuru’s fighting ability.

“Okay, Mom will cook these two dishes for you now. You go back to your room and rest first. When Mom is ready, she will ask you to come down and eat.” After Lin Shuru drove Su Yu back upstairs, she went directly to the kitchen to cook dinner. As for the trouble Liu Cheng caused just now, although Lin Shuru was angry, she was not moved at all. After all, she had clearly seen the true face of this scumbag. If she had not taken her son’s feelings into consideration before, she might have broken up with this scumbag long ago.

As for getting back together, it was impossible, so why bother thinking about it?

As for Liu Cheng on the other side, Lin Shuru scolded him so mercilessly without giving him a chance to refute. Naturally, he felt extremely aggrieved, but what could he do?

He really wanted to get back together with Lin Shuru, so he couldn’t scold her back. Therefore, his anger naturally fell on his true love, his mistress. If it weren’t for this woman, how could he get divorced? How could he leave his well-behaved, sensible, and profitable son behind?

After that, Liu Cheng shamelessly contacted Lin Shuru several times, but every time he was scolded bloody by the other party, and no matter what he said, the other party’s attitude did not loosen at all.

In desperation, Liu Cheng could only shift the target of his strategy to Su Yu. He thought it would be much easier, but unexpectedly he got another wave of polite cynicism, which made him so angry that he almost exploded, but things were still the same and there was no progress at all.

In the end, Liu Cheng had no choice but to give up. With the idea of “If I am not living well, people who have made me live like this should also not want to live well”, Liu Cheng started a relationship with his true love mistress again. It was a wonderful drama of falling in love and killing each other.

As for Liu Jinjin, after that incident in the game, she no longer dared to play games. She also became extremely low self-esteemed and gloomy in real life. Coupled with the subsequent quarrels between her biological parents, her days became even more uneasy.

But these had nothing to do with Su Yu. After confirming that those scum were not living well, Su Yu settled down and lived his own life.

In the game world, Su Yu and Cang Qiong could be said to be god-like existences. In fact, they were indeed the gods of the Eastern Fantasy Continent. They could call the wind and rain, and they were followed by so many gamers. It could be said that they were living well. They could make money and show off at the same time.

In real life, although it was impossible for him to really regard Lin Shuru as his biological mother, but the two get along well with each other. He had his lover by his side, and he could occasionally shake the cute little Ball. It was also a very nourishing life.

Time slipped forward two years, and Su Yu finally came out to Lin Shuru. Things went smoothly, with almost no conflicts, and Lin Shuru accepted the matter.

In fact, Lin Shuru had already noticed that the relationship between the two was unusual at this time. As a mother, she really struggled at the beginning, but thinking about the failure of her own marriage, Lin Shuru really didn’t have the courage to give emotional advice to her son, and in this way she was gradually forced to accept it.

Of course, the most important thing was that this child was really good to her son. Her son made the decision in almost everything. When there were occasional differences of opinion, the other party always gave in. Even Lin Shuru sometimes felt that, how could this person be so unprincipled for her son?

What was even more frightening was that this situation lasted for two full years without any changes. This was enough for Lin Shuru to see how close and harmonious the relationship between the two was, so naturally she had no reason to object.

It was just that sometimes these two people were really too clingy. Even Lin Shuru, a married person, couldn’t stand it, so she could only take the time to run outside to leave enough time for the young couple to be alone.

In the following decades, the family of three lived together harmoniously. When Su Yu was sixty-six years old, he and Cang Qiong sent Lin Shuru away together, and then the two continued to accompany each other until the end of their lives.

When this life was about to come to an end, Su Yu and Cang Qiong return to the game world, the place where they first met.

The former snow-capped mountains had completely melted and turned into a vast sea. Su Yu took Cang Qiong and sat on the beach, clasped his fingers and said: “Dear old guy, do you really believe that we have known each other for nine lives before?”

“Yes, I believe it.” Cang Qiong looked at Su Yu with his face reflected in the glow of his soft eyes.

“I also believe it, because I clearly remember the stories of each of our lives. I remember our identities each time. I remember how we met, fell in love, and grew old together…” Su Yu’s voice became lower and lower, and finally turned into a clear sigh, “But why do you never remember?”

Cang Qiong opened his mouth but did not say anything. He just held Su Yu’s hand with all his strength.

Su Yu was also looking at Cang Qiong, very seriously, but seemed a little sad: “I know I don’t blame you, and I shouldn’t blame you, but every time I am the only one who remembers everything, but you remember nothing. Sometimes I feel a little tired.”

Cang Qiong slowly came to Su Yu’s lips and kissed him: “I’m sorry.”

Su Yu also kissed Cang Qiong and said in a gentle voice: “You shouldn’t treat me like that. Don’t say these three words, because it is not your fault, and compared to these three words, I hope that in the next life, you can say the other three words to me first, do you know which three words they are??”

Cang Qiong’s eyes flickered for a moment, and he leaned close to Su Yu’s ear and whispered three words: “I love you.”

“It is true, these are the three words, but you shouldn’t say them now, you are cheating, you know?” Su Yu smiled and covered his ears, then looked at Cang Qiong seriously and said, “I want you to find me in the next life just like I came to find you before, and then tell me these three words, okay?”

After a moment of silence, Cang Qiong nodded solemnly: “Okay.”

Su Yu leaned in Cang Qiong’s arms and said half-coquettishly: “Then if you can’t find me, or forget to say these three words, I will ignore you, okay?”

“No,” Cang Qiong replied decisively, “Even if I am stupid and fail to find you, and I don’t say these three words to you, you can’t let me go, do you know?”

Su Yu: “…” He was just acting like a baby, how could he be so serious? But Cang Qiong looked really cute like this.

“Okay, I understand,” Su Yu had no choice but to give in because his lover was so cute, “But you still have to work hard to find me and say these three words to me. You must not be lazy.”

Cang Qiong rubbed Su Yu’s head and promised affectionately: “I will do it. This time I will remember everything and I will come to you.”

On the sparkling seaside, two people leaning against each other slowly closed their eyes together…

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