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Su Yu rolled around in the soft and clean quilt a few times, and then sat up slowly. He hadn’t slept in for a long time. Firstly, because this kind of thing was seriously inconsistent with his image, and secondly, he didn’t feel the need to sleep in.

But this time, he slept particularly soundly, and it was already ten o’clock in the morning when he woke up.

After turning on his phone and taking a look, Su Yu lay back on the bed. Life seemed to be getting more and more boring. Maybe he should try to do something less boring.

At half past ten, Su Yu got up from the bed, took care of himself, and went downstairs to have lunch.

Apart from the servants, he was the only one at home. His mother was probably making final preparations for the charity auction that was going to be held in the evening, while his father was probably reluctant to say goodbye to the calligraphy and paintings he was about to send to the auction.

This was a unique charity auction that was enough to cause a sensation in both the entertainment and art circles, and Su Yu himself was invited because this charity auction was jointly planned by his parents.

Su Yu was not very interested in this charity auction, but he could understand his parents’ desire to take their outstanding son out to make others envious and jealous, so he did not refuse. At this time, he only hoped that this charity auction would not be too boring.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, Su Yu, who had already done some styling at home, finally went to the charity auction at the urging of her mother.

As a pure businessman, Su Yu neither entered the entertainment industry despite his mother’s affectionate wishes, nor entered the art world despite his father’s daily influence.

But even though he was not in Jianghu but there were still legends about him in Jianghu. As soon as he arrived at the auction venue, many people came up to talk to Su Yu. Many of these people were about the same age as Su Yu’s parents, but they acted like they were of the same generation. The way they talked to Su Yu showed their intentions.

Although Su Yu didn’t have a good personality, this was a charity auction held by his parents after all. Naturally, he would not show a bad attitude to others at such a time, so he politely answered questions, but his attitude was not enthusiastic.

Just as Su Yu was walking among these people with ease, he suddenly felt a deep and fiery gaze falling directly on his back, which instantly gave him the unpleasant feeling of being stared at by a beast.

Su Yu frowned and looked back, meeting a pair of deep eyes that showed no concealment of enthusiasm and concentration.

The owner of the eyes was an extremely handsome man. He seemed to be at least a few years older than him, but his figure was much taller than him.

He was holding a glass of red wine in his hand. When he saw Su Yu looking over, instead of looking away awkwardly, he raised the wine glass in his hand, his gaze became even more intense, and the corner of his mouth even raised in an ambiguous arc.

Su Yu’s brows also frowned deeper, not because of this man’s rude behavior, but because despite the other party’s straightforward teasing, he didn’t feel disgusted at all, but instead felt a sense of excitement.

Why was his heart so excited! He was so obviously trying to hook up with someone when they first met, and he didn’t look like a serious person at first glance.

Su Yu snorted angrily, barely suppressing the inexplicable throbbing and longing in his heart and determined not to talk to this frivolous man.

However, this man seemed to be at odds with Su Yu. No matter where Su Yu went, he could inadvertently see this man’s figure, and the other person’s eyes would always wander around him unscrupulously, making it difficult for him to ignore him. Su Yu, who had always been calm and composed, had the illusion that he was being watched all the time.

So frivolous! How could a person be so frivolous?!

Su Yu thought angrily, but his eyes fell on the man from time to time uncontrollably. Although this man was too frivolous, he had to admit that he was really good-looking and had a great figure. If he took off his clothes….

“Xiao Yu, the auction is about to start. Where are the auction items I asked you to prepare? Why haven’t they been sent over yet?” Just as Su Yu was thinking about it, his mother Qiao Ruoshui’s urgent voice suddenly came.

Su Yu immediately pushed out the ridiculous fantasies in his mind and concentrated on dealing with his mother: “Mom, didn’t I say before that I was just here to stay with you and dad?”

It was somewhat impossible for Su Yu to put his personal belongings on the auction stage and let others bid openly. After all, this was not in line with his personality.

Qiao Ruoshui seemed not to notice her son’s attitude at all, and kept urging: “Why are you so careless? You didn’t prepare anything! Since you are not prepared, I can only find something from you. What did you bring here today?”

“Mom, I really…” Su Yu was helpless, but Qiao Ruoshui’s mind was obviously filled with things about the charity auction, and she couldn’t listen to her son’s words at all.

She looked Su Yu up and down, then reached out decisively to remove the crown-shaped shirt collar pin from Su Yu’s shirt collar. Su Yu lowered his head to stop it, but his lower lip was accidentally scratched.

“That’s it, don’t worry,” Qiao Ruoshui patted her son on the shoulder and reassured, “Mom has already arranged the bidders, so you don’t have to worry about the price of your things being too low.”

“But Mom…” Su Yu said helplessly, but his mother came and left in a hurry, not giving him a chance to put forward opinions and suggestions, and just walked away.

Su Yu sighed helplessly and could only accept his fate. Sure enough, no matter how cool Su Yu’s character was, it would all fall apart when it came to his parents.

Finally waiting for the official auction, Su Yu sadly discovered that his seemingly inconspicuous shirt collar pin was the first to be displayed, he almost covered his face. Wasn’t it really inconsistent with his setting?

But then, something happened that made him even more embarrassed. It was just a shirt collar pin, but more than twenty people participated in the auction.

This was barely understandable. After all, his parents were of unusual status. Even if these people were just trying to please his parents, it was not too out of the ordinary.

But the scary thing was that five minutes later, when the price of this lapel pin, which had a starting price of only 10,000 yuan, had risen to 500,000 yuan, there were still people following the bidding.

“Five hundred and fifty thousand!”

“Six hundred thousand.”

“Seven hundred thousand!”

“One million.”

The moment the number was spit out, there was an inexplicable silence at the auction site. Then the host said with a smile: “Now this shirt collar pin has been bid up to one million by customers. If there is no higher price, then this lapel pin will belong to this guest. One million once, one…”

“One million and one hundred thousand!”

“Two million.”

The scene went quiet again, and there was a pause. Su Yu couldn’t help but glance in the direction of the bidder, and then he immediately looked away, because it was the frivolous man who had just shouted two million!

In the end, Su Yu’s lapel pin was pocketed by the frivolous man for two million. Su Yu watched the man follow the staff to the backstage to sign the relevant documents, and his eyes darkened a little bit.

This was so strange. He, who had never cared about relationships at all, would actually have an inexplicable affection for such a frivolous man, especially after the other person did so many strange things, he still didn’t care at all. If you don’t hate him, maybe there’s something wrong with you, right?

A few minutes later, the man came back from the backstage. Su Yu subconsciously looked over and saw that the man was holding a delicate lapel pin on his fingertips. After noticing his sight, the man suddenly raised his lips and smiled. Then he brought the collar pin to his lips and kissed it gently.

With a “boom”, Su Yu felt like his whole body was on fire. That, that, that… that place seemed to be the place where his lips had just touched! His memory was so incredible, he would definitely not remember it wrong!

This ba***rd, he must have done it on purpose, why were his seductive skills so good!

But the man just made such an ambiguous action, and then he returned to his seat honestly. However, he never participated in bidding for anything in the entire auction that followed.

Don’t ask Su Yu how he knew about this. He would never tell you that he didn’t bid for anything during the entire auction and focused entirely on a certain man.

When the charity auction finally came to a successful conclusion, Su Yu was about to go home quickly with his little heart pounding, but he was pulled by his parents to see off the guests again.

During the whole process, Su Yu was paying attention only to the movements of that very seductive man but found that he seemed to have disappeared and never appeared.

Did he run away when the auction ended?

Su Yu was a little confused about this, but he quickly forced himself to take his mind away from that man. He was just a good-looking man who wanted to hook up with him, and he shouldn’t pay too much attention to it.

Maybe after today, the two of them would never meet again.

Thinking of this, Su Yu felt a bit of loss and bitterness inexplicably.

“Xiao Yu, you’ve worked hard today.” After seeing off all the guests, Qiao Ruoshui let out a sigh of relief. Although she was exhausted, her voice was full of smiles brought about by the successful auction, “We should go back home too.”

“Yes.” Su Yu responded.

“Honey, I’ve worked very hard too, and Xiao Yu only took out a shirt collar pin, but I took out all the treasures I had at the bottom of the box.” Su Mingyun came to his wife’s side to take credit.

Qiao Ruoshui smiled and patted Su Mingyun’s arm: “The calligraphy and paintings auctioned today are obviously your practice works. You have the nerve to come and claim credit. It was Xiao Yu’s lapel pin that surprised me. I originally thought I will definitely have to buy it back in the end, but… eh, wait!”

At this point, Qiao Ruoshui’s expression suddenly changed, and she stopped: “Look at my head, I almost forgot the most important thing.!”

Su Yu was a little confused: “Mom, have you forgotten something?”

Before Qiao Ruoshui could respond, a deep, smiling voice suddenly came from behind the three of them: “Did Aunt accidentally forget me?”

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