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“What are you going to do!” Ji Wenhan reacted after several seconds, and immediately reached out to try to pull them. Unexpectedly, when he raised his hand, there was a hard object behind his forehead, and Ji Wenhan stiffened. Looking back tremblingly, only to find that the object that was aimed at the back of his head was a black hole.

“!!!” At this time, he took a closer look and realized that the bodyguards brought by Fifth Master Lu were all carrying weapons. Earlier, he had heard rumours that this Fifth Master Lu was in charge of a huge private arms tradership. Now, it seemed that this rumour was true…

Duan Rulan also saw clearly what was being pointed at her husband. Her waist was also held back by something strong, and she could guess what it was without having to bow her head. Where could she have seen such a battle, and half of her body instantly softened with fear.

“Go ahead, otherwise it will rain soon, which will waste time.” Fifth Master Lu said kindly. He turned the Buddhist beads and did not look up at the sky at all, but said this sentence in a sure tone. Then, the bodyguard holding Duan Rulan immediately escorted her over, and Duan Rulan was afraid to even put up the least resistance.

“You go too, the husband and wife are in the same situation, aren’t you embarrassed to just watch?” Fifth Master Lu looked at Ji Wenhan who was stiff like a stone, his tone was gentle, still with a slight smile, “Send him over.”

The bodyguards acted immediately. Ji Wenhan didn’t dare to struggle hard, pushing the expensive tie he had deliberately fastened, to the side, he asked in a panic, “Fifth Master Lu, what do you mean by this? If us husband and wife have done anything to offend, I’ll make up for it. If you have any requirements, please mention it, and I will try my best to satisfy…”

Fifth Master Lu seemed to think what he said was very funny, “Didn’t I already mention it? Since you said that you will try to satisfy, I will call people to overlook you, and every time you stop, the market value of your Ji’s shares will be a little less, understand?”

What kind of request was this! Ji Wenhan almost yelled at him. Fortunately, he recalled who was standing in front of him in time, and then he began to tremble again. Compared with the Lu family, Jis were like a small shrimp confronting a big shark. It was easy to swallow it in one bite. Fifth Master Lu’s threat was definitely not a joke!

Thinking of this, Ji Wenhan no longer dared to have any objections. Perhaps, because he was pointed at by a weapon, he honestly walked to Duan Rulan’s side. The bodyguards had already taken various tools out for them and thrown them in front of the husband and wife. The two looked at each other, under the gaze of the gun, they had to bend down to pick up these completely unfamiliar farm tools and begin to dig the ground out of nowhere.

They cursed Fifth Master Lu in their hearts. Did the Ji’s yard provoke him? He asked them to turn over the entire yard? It took so much time, not to mention that the two of them had never done rough work, and their posture of force was completely wrong. Duan Rulan panted and felt that she could not do it for another ten minutes.

“Mrs. Ji, you stopped once.” The bodyguard standing by and overseeing said blankly.

Ji Wenhan suddenly raised his head, he was very sad and loved his money, particularly in relation to his own company, so his face twisted and he roared. “Rulan, do you want to hurt me, continue to do well.”

Duan Rulan felt wronged. No, she was even more startled by her husband’s horrible expression. She had only known that Ji Wenhan was always been gentle and elegant, and she had never seen him look this angry, but now Ji Wenhan was very angry, so how could he spare her?

Of course, Duan Rulan didn’t want an accident in Ji’s company, so she had to swallow her heart full of pain and continue to pick up the tools and remove the flowers. In order to welcome visitors from the Lu family, the two of them all dressed up carefully. They were both wearing expensive clothes. Now, that they were doing this, their clothes were splashed with mud and dirt.

Fifth Master Lu stared at them blankly for a while, and said to Lu Xingzhou from the corner of his mouth, “Send someone to find the same amount of dog’s tail grass. After they have turned over the yard, they will continue planting.”

Lu Xingzhou was taken aback and immediately reacted to what Fifth Master Lu said. That Duan Rulan was not good enough for famous flowers and famous grasses, so he asked her to pluck those flowers out, and now he asked her to plant dog’s tail grass after plucking. Didn’t it mean Duan Rulan could only breed weeds?

As far as hurting others, their Fifth Master Lu was really good at it.

Lu Xingzhou was about to brag about it. Suddenly a puzzled voice came from the door of the villa, “What are they doing?”

Fifth Master Lu raised his eyes and saw Siyu was standing at the door and looking at him. She had ran out from the inside. He frowned suddenly. The little girl was in a bad shape, but she was only wearing a skirt. Wasn’t she afraid of catching a cold?

Also, running out were Chu Shuangyan and Ji Lin, but as soon as Chu Shuangyan saw Fifth Master Lu, it was just like a mouse saw a cat. She slid and hid behind Siyu. Siyu did not care about her, but went to the yard curiously. She looked inside, and it took a long time to recognize that the two people who were pulling out flowers were the Ji couple who were just looking magnificent some time ago.

“You made them do it?” Siyu was shocked. When she turned around, she saw Fifth Master Lu quietly walking in front of her at the same time, holding her little hand very naturally, and leading her into the house.

She didn’t know if it was because this person saved him, but Siyu was not as afraid of him as she was at the beginning. Her heart responded, but Siyu didn’t even notice it. The tone of her conversation with the other was no longer cautious, but rather casual.

“Aren’t their doing this, it’s a bit wasteful, right?” Siyu was a little curious about what the couple said that they were punished so embarrassingly, so she grabbed Fifth Master Lu’s sleeve and asked him.

The soft little hand moved restlessly in his palm, Fifth Master Lu paused, and still replied, “Then tell them to transplant the plucked out flowers back into the pot. If you like it, I will let them give it to you.”

Lu Xingzhou listened to him and glanced at him secretly. Fifth Master Lu’s trick to borrow flowers to present to Buddha was really a good idea. Although the Ji family loved to die, the varieties of flowers were really precious. Fifth Master Lu was good. He could use others directly. A cart of weeds was exchanged, and the good things were handed over to Si Yu.

Siyu said helplessly: “I don’t have any extra space to spare.”

Fifth Master Lu was silent for a while. He usually gave Siyu medicine and flowers by dozens of them? He hadn’t given other gifts before, so he naturally had no experience of rejection of his gift.

Since, the flowers were not needed… then ask someone to collect the petals and make some snacks for her.

Ji Lin also saw his parents being forced to work in the garden. He couldn’t even dream of this scene, so, he stayed for a while before he came back to his senses.

There were several bodyguards in black standing next to his parents. It was obvious that what they are doing now was not voluntary. They were his biological parents. Although Ji Lin was extremely dissatisfied with the attitude of these two people towards his sister, he still couldn’t help but immediately and anxiously want to run out.

“A Lin?” Siyu slowed a step and didn’t grab him. Instead, the outstretched hand was firmly held by Fifth Master Lu and wrapped tightly without refusal. At the same time, she tilted her whole body and her waist was slender. Hooped with a powerful arm, she threw himself into the arms of Fifth Master Lu with a faint sandalwood fragrance.

Fifth Master Lu narrowed his eyes and looked at Ji Lin’s back. He waited until he left the area that could cover the rain before slowly saying, “The rain will not stop for a while. Take care of those two people. Ask them to speed up their hands and feet, I don’t have the patience to wait.” As soon as the voice fell, the heavy rain poured down immediately, and Ji Lin was soaked, but Ji Wenhan and Duan Rulan were even more miserable. Their clothes were all made of precious materials. They also couldn’t be worn again, Duan Rulan’s carefully painted makeup was even wetted for a second, and she portrayed a very embarrassing image at this time.

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  1. I don’t like him abusing his power like this. Siyu said she was going to handle it so let her fucking handle it. He showed up without warning or invitation and used guns to threaten the hosts. It would have been more satisfying if he said “Every minute you continue, is 5000 yaun added to your stock value” and then just watch the greedy pigs farm as much as they can. Forcing them is low and worthless. If ur going to be an asshole and intervene, at least do it right.

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