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By the end of the press conference, the reporters who were present at the interview had already understood that Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu were in a serious relationship, and not to make a hype for themselves, which left them very uncomprehending. It was not that they didn’t have people who liked the same sex around them; there were a lot of them going around, but they didn’t find anyone to be with for a lifetime. In the end, they just went home and found a woman to marry and have a child. The moral was that they returned to the right way. In fact, this behaviour was not too popular.

But no matter what, the reporters were a little surprised to say that they were together, but no matter how much they were surprised, the truth was that two good men had gotten together.

After the press conference, a female reporter held the microphone and looked a little dazed watching Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu’s cars leave the venue. Only after half a day did she return to the cameraman behind him and said, “My male god just said he likes a man. Am I abandoned?”

The photographer calmly put away the photographic equipment, and then said, “A good man has a boyfriend. And you are still alone, are you sorry?”

The female reporter ignored him but stared blankly at the cars that had disappeared and almost couldn’t be seen. She had been following Lu Chengyu’s Weibo for a long time, and she went to his Weibo to see his latest posts almost every day. Sometimes, it was just a picture, and other times it was just a few sentences or a few feelings. She was different from others. Earlier, when Lu Chengyu was a student of Q University, she paid attention to Lu Chengyu’s Weibo. Originally, it was only because he was her own younger brother, so she took care of it easily. Over time, she discovered that the other person was very serious about life, and she appreciated it.

In her imagination, such a clean boy should find a sweet and lovely girlfriend, and then live happily. But why was there such a big gap between fact and imagination?

She imagined a one-meter-tall girl, how could that sweet and lovely girl become an expressionless man who was 1.5 meters tall? Holding her chest, she exhaled silently, took out her phone and swiped it under Lu Chengyu’s Weibo, which contained a piece of Weibo content that had just been released.

More than every year: Thank you. (With picture)

A simple two words plus a period, followed by a photo of two index fingers hooked together, it was a childish action, but it also made people feel happy.

Her eyes were red, and then she laughed again, and left a message under this Weibo:

Call me the Queen: Male god, I wish you happiness.

“It’s over, eldest sister, can’t you get in the car?” The photographer poked her back, “The station is still waiting for our news.”

“What are you poking me for, be careful sister can beat you!” The phone was put in the pocket of her jeans and she got into the car neatly.

As, the car gradually moved forward, she looked out the window and smiled relievedly. She just pictured the happiest picture for the other party based on the imagination of an outsider, but life for each person was different. Only the person concerned knows whether he is happy or not. What she can do was just give them her blessing.

In the car, Yan Mu saw Lu Chengyu hooking their index fingers to take a photo and then post it on Weibo. He took out his mobile phone and found the Weibo that Lu Chengyu had just sent, and then forwarded the content: Never changing!

People who couldn’t speak sweet words were especially attractive when they talked about love. When Lu Chengyu saw what Yan Mu forwarded, he laughed, “This is considered to be hanging on a hook, will it never change?”

Yan Mu nodded seriously, “Never change.” After blinking, Lu Chengyu stretched out his fingers to hook Yan Mu’s index finger and the warmth of his fingertips made the smile on the corners of his mouth more and more obvious. At this moment, Yan Mu held his hand tightly in the palm of his hand. Although neither of them spoke at this time, but, silence was better than sound, and no words could compare to this tranquil beauty.

Once the content of the press conference was exposed, the internet faced a great uproar. Lu Chengyu’s fans and black spots were on Weibo and various forums. If it were not for the network regulations, it was believed many people would have abused him on the spot.

However, many people soon discovered that, except for Lu Chengyu’s post on the day of the press conference with the finger-hooking photo showing affection, and after the president of Huading forwarded it, the two never publicly showed affection on Weibo or other public occasions, as if they didn’t even know how big a sensation this incident caused, they just closed the door and lived by themselves.

However, some reporters learned that Lu Chengyu was about to play a role in “The Universe”, so with black intentions, they deliberately went to the internet to spread the news, so, that due to the effect of the incident, Lu Chengyu would lose this opportunity. However, his words were quickly pinched back by fans, to the effect that their little fish didn’t say that he wanted to enter the show business circle at all. Even, if he lost this opportunity, he would not be as important as his own life.

However, no matter how much trouble it was, everyone knew what a rare opportunity it was to enter “The Universe”. It was a pity that Lu Chengyu had so many staunch fans. Some fans said that if Lu Chengyu was not in “The Universe”, they would not go to the cinema.

Because there was too much noise on the internet, some reporters went to interview related personnel of “The Universe”. The news was that they had not heard that Lu Chengyu was expelled from the crew. This surprised many reporters. Even, if Yan Mu wanted to keep Lu Chengyu, but the Yan family and Mu family behind Yan Mu couldn’t just watch Yan Mu with a man, right?

It was a pity that no matter what these reporters thought, Lu Chengyu went to the crew to report smoothly. The director team and the producer did not show any dissatisfaction with Lu Chengyu. Some other actors who were on the side lines saw Lu Chengyu.

The launch ceremony of the crew of “The Universe” was very solemn. Lu Chengyu even saw some characters who could only be seen in the news network come out to give a speech, and shook hands with everyone.

“This is Lu Chengyu, a highly talented student from the Q University, look at this very energetic young man.” An old man with a crane hair and a childlike face walked up to Lu Chengyu vigorously, looked Lu Chengyu up and down in the military uniform of the major, nodded slightly, and stretched out his own hands.

When Lu Chengyu saw the old man followed by several guards, knowing that this person was not a low status, he smiled and slightly bowed his hands and held the opponent’s hand, “Good leadership.”

“We are all retired old men who came to join in the fun. I’m not a leader. This young man wears this military uniform and plays well.” The old man smiled and looked very kind, but Lu Chengyu saw it clearly. The other party couldn’t be just a simple old man.

After the other party said this, he turned around to talk to an official next to him. Although the official who was speaking with him seemed to be neither humble nor overbearing, Lu Chengyu found that the official treated the old man very politely and obviously did not want to make the other party dissatisfied.

“Lao Mu, that young man…” The official didn’t know much about entertainment stars, but seeing that Lao Mu paid particular attention to this person, he took a few more glances.

“A friend of my grandson.” The old man said lightly, without mentioning anything else. But, everyone else present showed a clear expression, knowing in their hearts that this one needed special attention.

The actors standing next to Lu Chengyu looked at him with envy and hatred. Although, they didn’t know who the old man was and could not hear what the old man said to the officials, they looked at the officials’ treatment of the old man. They could see that the other party’s status was not low. Such a person with status only said a few words to Lu Chengyu. This was a treatment that even the chief director did not have.

These people with big identities quickly left the crew. For them, every minute and every second should not be wasted. The fact that they could spend so much time on a movie was enough to prove that they valued the movie.

After these people left, the talents of the whole crew were relieved. Director Qin took everyone to light the incense, and after worshipping the gods, he asked everyone to lift off the counter, and looked at the big names behind him. The artist of Yang said, “I can see so many big names appearing in the movie I made today. I don’t have to worry about not having enough content to write memoirs in the future.”

The artists present all laughed in cooperation, although Director Qin’s joke was not necessarily so funny.

“Everyone can join the crew, that is fate, nothing else, if the film is filmed seriously, we could be considered worthy of this country’s training,” he rubbed his stomach, “I won’t say anything else, we will join in at noon. After eating, let’s start work.”

The opening banquet was booked a long time ago, in an quaint restaurant next to the studio. Lu Chengyu took He Long to the restaurant with the crowd. From time to time, several actors came to talk to Lu Chengyu. After a few polite words, they walked together as companions, but they did not deliberately try to please him.

After all, the people who could come to this crew were very well mixed in the circle. People who could make head way in this circle knew how to behave, so they would not blindly please anyone. That way, they would appear to be uncouth and will suffer despise.

“This movie studio is really terrible in winter. Did Mr. Lu bring an assistant?” An elderly actor saw that Lu Chengyu had only He Long by his side, knowing that he didn’t have much experience, he said. “We have been shooting scenes of the city in the past two days, and we’re going to film the battlefield scene next. I’m afraid your assistant would not be able to take care of it alone.”

“Really?” Lu Chengyu showed a dazed expression before sighing. “Ok, you seniors know a lot, otherwise I would be caught blind, thank you for your reminder.” The man who was talking to him was a well-known domestic artist who had not acted for several years. This time he came out for the filming of “The Universe”. Lu Chengyu brought out an attitude of respect for these old artists unconsciously.

He Long, who was beside him, got nervous. He felt that he should find an opportunity to contact Mr. Yan immediately, and then ask the other party to send a few more professional assistants over. In case something really happened to Mr. Lu, it would be troublesome.

“It’s okay, you can ask me if you don’t understand,” the old artist said with a smile, “I am still a guest professor of Q University. It is not a big deal for the teacher to take care of the students.”

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