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The next night was the awards ceremony and closing ceremony of the film festival. As a finalist of that year’s Best Newcomer Award, Yue Taoshan was both excited and nervous, and at the same time energetic.

“Will you make me wear this for the awards ceremony tomorrow?” Yue Taoshan carried a suit jacket with a face full of inconceivability and disgust.

On such an important occasion as the Cloud Award Ceremony, which would be broadcast live simultaneously on several star TV stations and video websites. Not only could the people across the country see it, but also many foreign friends would be able to watch it on the video website. His agent actually wanted him to appear in rag-like clothes, and he couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be laughed at when he went to the awards ceremony in such clothes.

Yue Taoshan’s agent said impatiently: “This is already the largest brand of clothes that could be borrowed. If you don’t want to wear it, you can buy it yourself at your own expense.”

“The clothes are crumpled like this, what do you want me to do? Iron it?” Yue Taoshan tried to suppress his anger. His relationship with his agent was not particularly good. The two even quarrelled several times. Tomorrow was such an important day. He didn’t want to quarrel with his agent at this time, so as not to let the bad mood affect tomorrow’s performance.

“I don’t need to iron it.” The agent sneered, “You just have a bit of pink, what brand of clothes do you want me to borrow for you? Even if I borrow it shamelessly, other brands would not be willing to lend it to you. Ah.”

Yue Taoshan threw the suit jacket on the table casually, glaring at the agent, “You just see me not pleasing to your eyes, right, because I robbed your little lover’s resources, right.”

The agent looked at Yue Taoshan. It was like looking at a mentally retarded person, then he shook his head and sighed.

This person was really good at acting. If he trained well, he might be able to become an A-list actor. Unfortunately, his personality was too bad, and he was too proud without even a little capital. Although the scale of their studio was pitifully small, the contracted artists including Yue Taoshan were only three, but it did not mean that they had to support a pitted one.

He was also a newcomer. Between being a humble flower vase[1] and the amazing acting school student, he would rather go for the vase, at least he would not get him killed at every turn.

Without qualifications, capital, and background, he could not understand what Yue Taoshan relied on, which made him think he was so amazing.

“Why, nothing to say?” Yue Taoshan snorted coldly, “You’d better treat me a little better. Do you really think I won’t complain to Mr. Zhang about you?”

The agent was almost angered to death by him, “Go, Yue Taoshan, to be honest, I really don’t want to take you. I’ve been in this circle for more than ten years. Not to mention how much I have achieved, I used to be the agent of a famous purple star before. This is the first time I have seen somebody like you. Why, do you think a nomination for Cloud Best Newcomer Award is very great? If we were supporting you, who would see your face? Your dream of winning the prize is finished. “

Yue Taoshan’s face changed and said: “What do you mean?”

“I have heard that more than half of the judges voted for Yu Siyang, and that he is going to be the best newcomer.” The agent said: “Where do you compare with others?”

Yue Taoshan was stunned, as if he couldn’t believe it.

The agent seemed to be about to expel his long-suppressed anger in one breath, almost vomiting out words: “Do you think that our studio is small? You are wronged by signing with such a small studio. We are really wronged, just like you. Somebody with your character, we could only sign you when we were blind…”

Yue Taoshan listened to the agent’s constant chatter, but he didn’t know what he was thinking. He actually did not give any rebuttal to the agent.

It was boring to perform a one-man show alone. Before the agent could say anything, the other party would confess his guilt and let him say it, but he didn’t want to say it anymore.

“Think about it yourself.” The agent finally uttered this sentence and left.

Yue Taoshan was silent for a long while, picked up the borrowed suit on the table, and prepared to take it home to iron it for tomorrow night.


The award ceremony and closing ceremony of the Cloud International Film Festival was much livelier than the opening ceremony. The nominees of each award, the crew of the screening unit, the cutting-edge directors and various sponsored stars were on the red carpet. The eyeballs of the audience were on the red carpet, especially on the female stars with many different dresses. It was the coldest time in Yunzhong City in January, and the female stars had exposed their skin one by one, as if they were not cold at all.

Yu Siyang was very fortunate that he was a man. Men always wore suits. They were tightly wrapped, at least a little warmer than female celebrities.

Especially when he almost stepped on the skirt of a female celebrity wearing a backless long dress, he had to admire the actress who was resisting freezing. This was not a female celebrity, but a female warrior.

When he walked into the venue and found a seat with his name pasted, he sat down and talked to Mr. Xue who was sitting next to him about the conclusion he had reached on the red carpet.

Mr. Xue nodded and said: “Well, it makes sense.”

“Yes, right?” The conclusion was supported, and Yu Siyang was very happy.

Luo Peng, as Yu Siyang’s agent, was supposed to be sitting next to his own artist, but who made him have a domineering boss. Mr. Xue, as the representative of the management, waved his hand and drove Luo Peng to his seat. He was surrounded by important bigwigs in the circle, and Luo Peng felt that the pressure was a little bit heavy.

Yue Taoshan and Yu Siyang were sitting in the same row, several seats apart, but it did not prevent him from turning his jealous eyes on Yu Siyang.

Yue Taoshan wanted to burn a hole into Yu Siyang with his eyes.

Yu Siyang happily talked to Mr. Xue, completely unaware of the burning jealous look directed towards him.

But Xue Chengxiu, who paid special attention to his lover, noticed it.

He tilted his head slightly and looked at Yue Taoshan quietly. The latter met his gaze, and his heart was throbbing with fright. He quickly retracted his gaze and bowed his face so as to calm his heart.

Turning the ill-intentioned passer-by back with his gaze, Mr. Xue looked at his lover with doting eyes. The award ceremony officially started at 8pm. After the host warmed up, he first awarded some technical awards which garnered little attention, such as best music, best editing, etc., and the first climax was ushered in halfway through the ceremony. ——Best Newcomer Award.

The announcing guests were two famous old opera bones. This was the tradition of the Cloud Award. The best newcomer awards were all handed out by famous old opera bones, it was similar to a kind of inheritance.

After the two old opera bones came to the stage, they talked and laughed, and the list of nominees was shown. The name of the nominee and the movie clips nominated were shown on the big screen.

Originally, Yu Siyang had been talking and laughing with Xue Chengxiu and was not nervous. At this moment, seeing his name and clip from “Poisonous Delicacy” on the big screen, he suddenly became nervous.

The Cloud Award and the “liquor bottle” he took at the entertainment festival last year were not of the same grade. If he had to compare it, one was an acrylic bottle, and the other was 24K gold. No wonder he was nervous.

Xue Chengxiu shook his hand and silently comforted him. In fact, he had long been informed that this newcomer award was his lover’s, but his nervous appearance was very cute, and he wanted to wait for him to hear his name. When the time came, the reaction would be lovelier.

“Ms. Chen gave an award to the best newcomer last year as well.”

“Yes, there are talented people from generation to generation. This is a good thing, haha.” The two old actors chatted on stage and said something to encourage newcomers, everybody on the list of nominees-except for Yue Taoshan, were all anxious.

“Mr. Chen, hurry up and announce who won the best new actor. Several young people are so nervous that their faces have gone pale.”

“Well, the best newcomer award goes to-“Poisonous Delicacy” Yu Siyang.”

The director immediately cut the picture of Yu Siyang to the big screen and saw him stupidly unable to react.

The netizens who were watching the live broadcast on the video site immediately sprinkled congratulations on the barrage, and Yu Siyang’s fans laughed, “Our head is stunned.”

Xue Chengxiu slapped Yu Siyang on the shoulder amusedly, and said softly, “Don’t be in a daze, go and accept the award.”

After being slapped like this, Yu Siyang immediately recovered and hugged Mr. Xue very violently as he was so happy. Then he went to the stage to receive the award.

The trophy of the Cloud Award was designed as a simplified version of Feitian Award. Even if it was the simplified version, its posture was still graceful with the meaning of flying to the clouds.

The trophy for the Best Newcomer Award was silver, and the base was also engraved with Yu Siyang’s name and the name of the movie that won him the award, which was very beautiful.

Yu Siyang held the trophy in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in the other. His heart was pounding, not knowing whether he was excited or nervous, “Well… my agent asked me to prepare the acceptance speech before coming. I said at the time, no I will definitely not win the prize. The agent said, you must have a dream, in case it comes true. I really want to thank my agent.” There was a burst of laughter from the audience.

“I want to thank the judges for their recognition of me, the director Peng Zhigao, the crew of “Poisonous Delicacy”, and the fans who have always supported me.” Yu Siyang said, bowing deeply, “I will work harder and perform more and better roles. Thank you.”

After he finished speaking, he ran off the stage. The host wanted to stop him but had no chance to interact. So, he ridiculed: “Yu Siyang, why are you running? I won’t eat you. Although Sister Sun likes the handsome little fresh meat the most, you are still too young, and she will not stretch out her claws to you.”

The hostess who was teased said, “Yes, wait. In the next session, let the main committee give me a small fresh meat partner. I have been partnering with this old bacon for several years. It is really not easy for me.”

Everyone in the audience laughed.

Yu Siyang returned to his seat and sat down, but embarrassedly covered his face with the bouquet.

In the barrage, “The head of the group is shy”, “Oh oh, blocking the face with something, it is so cute”, “It was so cute that this blood trough has fallen to the ground, and I need head’s kiss to get better.”

Mixed in this piece of barrage, suddenly a few lines popped up –

“Don’t just see the leader of the team selling meng? Don’t you see Mr. Xue sitting next to the leader of the team!!!”

“Look. I went to the back and saw that the head of the group also hugged Da Xue before he took to the stage.”

“With their faces together.”

Then, a lot of cod CP fans appeared from nowhere, swiping “together” to block the screen tightly, and it took a few minutes to slowly stop.

But Yu Siyang didn’t know all this yet, as he was discussing with Xue Chengxiu what to eat for New Year’s Eve dinner in a low voice.

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[1] Somebody with only looks and no acting skills.

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