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Not long after the Yunzhong International Film Festival finished, it was the Lunar New Year.

Once when Master was still alive, Yu Siyang spent two very lively Spring Festivals at his Master’s house. That feeling was still unforgettable.

This year was however different. He had a real family now. For this reason, he started preparing the Spring Festival goods early, the menu for New Year’s Eve was revised many times, and Jin Ce’s idea of having the movie premiere on New Year’s Eve was rejected.

—— New Year’s Eve, who would not New Year’s Eve dinner at home, and come to attend the premiere of some movie.

Jin Ce was very aggrieved, as the other two movies released on the same schedule as “Pretending Overload” both had their premieres on that day. Why couldn’t his movie be premiered?

But the two protagonists ignored him, all happily preparing for the New Year.

On New Year’s Eve, Yu Siyang started to work on the New Year’s Eve dinner very early. Although they only had four people during the New Year, Aunt Wang had been following Xue Chengxiu because she lost her husband and children in her middle-age, and she had nowhere to go during the holidays.

“Xiaoyu, what are you steaming in the steamer?” Aunt Wang asked while wearing an apron. The steam coming out of the steamer was still mixed with a faint fragrance, which smelled strange.

Yu Siyang was processing fresh scallops and mashing them with pork fat. He only said, “Steamed buns.” He didn’t say what kind of buns it was.

The stuffing of buns was made with salted egg yolk and lotus seed paste, and some fresh milk was added to the bun skin to make the skin looser, so when it is steamed, it would have a delicate fragrance.

Everyone in the Xue’s villa had been busy for a year. They slept in during the Spring Festival. They hadn’t gotten up yet, but the youngest in the family had already gotten up. He moved a small bench and sat in the kitchen to watch his Brother Yangyang cook.

“Brother.” The little guy called.

“Mumu, what’s the matter?” Yu Siyang marinated the chicken with a focused expression.

“I saw you and Dad kiss yesterday.” Xue Yunmu covered his mouth with his chubby paws, looking shy.

Yu Siyang’s hands shook, and he almost dropped the bowl on the ground, his face blushing.

Aunt Wang also snickered, shrugging her shoulders.

Yu Siyang tried his best to be just and awe-inspiring, “Children don’t grow tall if they don’t sleep at night.”

Xue Yunmu chuckled, got up from the small bench, ran over to hug Yu Siyang’s legs, and said milkily: “Brother also kiss me.”

Yu Siyang bent down very cooperatively, and kissed Xiaomu loudly on his face.

The little guy stood on tiptoe and printed a resounding kiss on Yangyang’s face.

“You did not kiss me this morning, I’m jealous.” Mr. Xue, who had slept in, appeared at the door of the kitchen, leaning on the door frame with his arms folded, his face full of playfulness.

“Dad.” Xue Yunmu ran over happily, was picked up by his father, and kissed his father with a big laugh.

Yu Siyang’s face was still a little hot, so he hurriedly changed the subject and asked, “What kind of dishes do you want for the New Year’s Eve dinner?”

Xue Chengxiu said solemnly: “Roast the whole lamb[1].”

Yu Siyang was startled for a while and said in his heart that there were no roasting tools at home. There was no charcoal fire or a frame for the lamb to be roasted, so how to roast it.

Xue Chengxiu said again: “Or a whole sheep in a big pot will do.” How come it was all farm animals?

Yu Siyang looked at Xue Chengxiu suspiciously and saw the other person’s expression. His face instantly burst red, like a cooked crab.

Xue Chengxiu laughed lightly.

Yu Siyang quickly immersed himself in handling the ingredients in his hands seriously.

The child did not understand the raging dark tide between adults. He was so happy when he heard roasted lamb. He kept kicking his legs in his father’s arms, like a repeater, and kept shouting: “Roast whole lamb, roast whole lamb, roast whole lamb, roast whole lamb, roast whole lamb. The whole sheep…”

Xue Chengxiu also corrected his son in a serious manner, “Only father can eat roasted lamb, you can’t eat it.”

“Why?” Xue Yunmu asked blankly.

“You will know it when you grow up.” Xue Chengxiu said solemnly.

“Why is there another thing that you can only know when you grow up?” Xue Yunmu was dissatisfied, and his mouth was pouted such that an oil bottle could be hung on it.

“That’s because you read less now and can’t understand anything.” Xue Chengxiu continued to fool his son.

The little fat boy was hit, his head tilted, he leaned on his father’s shoulder, but his eyes were empty.

Xue Chengxiu held his son with one hand, and freed one hand to pat the little guy’s head. Since there was an actor in the family, his son had become more playful.

The little fattie was still thinking about roasting whole lamb, that couldn’t be eaten, then– “Xiaomu wants to eat whole roast lamb.”

“No, you can’t eat the whole lamb.”

The little guy was aggrieved, “Why?

“Because this is something only father can eat.”

Yu Siyang was frying the fish while listening to the conversation between the father and son. Not only was he blushing, his neck was red, and the spatula in his hand was also unsteady.

Aunt Wang, who was helping in the kitchen, minimized her own sense of existence. Well, it was immoral to interrupt others in love.

Four people had a simple meal at noon. The most important thing was the New Year’s Eve dinner in the evening. Yu Siyang and Aunt Wang were busy all day for this meal. Although there were few people, there were ten dishes, which had perfect meaning.

Fried mandarin fish[2], paper pot fresh shellfish balls[3], steamed pork with vinegar and pepper powder[4], rich anchovy prawns[5], roast beef[6], braised pork[7], tofu with crab sauce[8], matsutake chicken breast[9], chicken cabbage sauce[10], egg yolk lotus paste bun[11].

The dining table was full of dishes, the exquisite style was as expected of Yu Siyang’s cooking, the color and fragrance were attractive, and some of the plates were decorated with pumpkins and other auspicious meaning garnishes.

After preparing the dishes, Yu Siyang took photos of his table full of masterpieces with his mobile phone and sent it on Weibo to wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year.

The TV sound in the living room was adjusted very loudly, and the lively evening gala on the TV could be heard in the dining room. The four people celebrating the New Year together in the Xue’s villa raised their wine glasses—the child only had milk to drink and talked.

Xue Yunmu was the most special. His brother Yangyang made him a dish with balanced nutrition suitable for children. The dishes seasoned with wine were placed far away from him.

Xue Chengxiu and Yu Siyang were picking vegetables for each other. Their stickiness made Aunt Wang’s eyes hurt, so she had to divert their attention and pick vegetables for Mu Mu.

After the New Year’s Eve dinner, Aunt Wang watched the gala in the living room. Xue Chengxiu and Yu Siyang led Xue Yunmu to set off fireworks in the yard.

The fireworks blooming in the air made the little guy laugh, and the two adults stood side by side, holding hands tightly together.

“Mr. Xue, a happy Chinese New Year.” Yu Siyang smiled and gave him a red envelope.

Xue Chengxiu took the red envelope and put it in his pocket, and then took out another red envelope from inside, “Yangyang, a happy Chinese New Year.”

The two exchanged the red envelopes foolishly, looked at each other in the not very bright light and laughed.

Yu Siyang held Xue Chengxiu’s hand tighter.

For him, Chinese New Year was a very difficult day. It was the time when family was reunited, but he could only be alone. Even if he went to Master’s house to celebrate the New Year later, Master’s house was very lively, but he was always an outsider. He couldn’t enter the lively atmosphere completely.

But this year, he had a family in the true sense. They celebrated the Spring Festival together. This was the first Spring Festival they spent together. Yu Siyang felt particularly warm in his heart.

“Xue Chengxiu,” Yu Siyang couldn’t help expressing his heart in such a warm atmosphere, “I like you, I like you very much.”

“Me too.” Xue Chengxiu whispered.

The two slowly approached each other. Under the cover of the brilliant fireworks on the property, the slightly warm lips covered the other lips, blending, entangled, and inseparable.

Yu Siyang was hugged tightly in Xue Chengxiu’s arms, his mouth slightly opened, Xue Chengxiu stuck his tongue into it, like a tiger patrolling his territory, wandering around and licking, leaving a mark of his own, and then hooking Yu Siyang’s tongue, entangling endlessly.

The two kissed completely unaware of their surroundings, and the arms holding each other tightened. Yu Siyang was still slightly jerky. He almost passively accepted the fierce kiss, his breathing gradually became faster, and finally he couldn’t breathe, and pushed Xue Chengxiu away.

Xue Chengxiu loosened his lips and pressed his head against his lover’s forehead. The breath of the two intertwined. When they panted together for a while, he couldn’t help kissing him again.


Yu Siyang was taken aback, subconsciously trying to hide, but was held by the big hand that Xue Chengxiu moved to the back of his head, and his legs softened to accept a more intense kiss than before.

After Xue Yunmu watched the fireworks set off on the residential property, he took the fireworks he bought to the middle of the yard. He ran back with short legs and said to his father: “Dad, help Mumu set off the fireworks.”

But his father was busy and didn’t have time to pay attention to him. The little guy looked at him for a long time and saw that two unreliable parents couldn’t finish kissing for a while, so he had to make a living on his own and went into the house and asked Grandma Wang to help him set off fireworks.

Aunt Wang was very puzzled and asked: “Aren’t your father and brother outside?”

Xue Yunmu held his face and said, “My father and brother are kissing again, ignoring Mumu.”

Aunt Wang’s expression was hard to describe, and she touched Mumu. “Then let’s ask them to stop kissing and set off fireworks for Mumu.”

The little fat man shook his head immediately, “No, no, Meimei said, if you interrupt the kiss, you will get bitten by a dog.”

“Who is Meimei?” Aunt Wang was shocked. Who was this, daring to teach their children badly?

The little fat man said happily: “Meimei is the flower of our kindergarten.”

Aunt Wang: “…” What kind of things were taught to children in kindergartens now, that they knew about beauty pageants at a young age.

Xue Yunmu said loudly, “Meimei is so beautiful. I like playing with Meimei the most.”

Aunt Wang touched Mumu’s head, worrying: In this face-seeing society, even kindergarten children were not spared, so young but just know to look at the face.

“Grandma,” Xue Yunmu shook Aunt Wang, “Let’s set off fireworks.”

“But your father and brother are kissing outside. We will disturb them if we go out to set off fireworks.” Aunt Wang smiled and said, “It is also said that if you disturb your relatives, you will be bitten by the dog.”

Xue Yunmu was dumbfounded.

He wanted to set off fireworks, but he didn’t want to be bitten by a dog, what should he do?

He thought and thought, the pensive expression on Xiao Chuan’s face looked very funny.

Suddenly, the little guy was enlightened and said cheerfully: “We don’t have a dog in our house, so I’m not afraid of being bitten.”

Aunt Wang couldn’t help but laugh and kiss the little guy hard on the cheek.

At this time, the two unreliable parents finally finished kissing, and found that there was no fat boy in the yard. Yu Siyang was still nervous, worried that Xue Yunmu ran out, when he happened to hear Aunt Wang’s laughter from the door that was not closed. The two walked into the room and saw Aunt Wang smiling from ear to ear, and the little guy with a depressed expression on his face.

“Mu Mu.” Yu Siyang called the little guy.

When Xue Yunmu heard it, he ran over and said cheerfully: “Dad, brother, you have finished kissing, can we set off fireworks?”

Yu Siyang blushed and said quickly, “Go, let’s set off fireworks.”

Xue Yunmu took Yu Siyang’s hand and returned to the yard.

Yu Siyang asked the little guy to stand farther away from the fireworks, took the lighter to light the fuse, and ran to Mu Mu’s side quickly.


A big orange flower blossomed in the sky, and Xue Yunmu clapped his hands happily.

Xue Chengxiu walked over and stood beside Yu Siyang, holding him together to look up at the fireworks in the sky, and then couldn’t help but press the person in his arms and kiss him again.

After a box of fireworks was finished, Xue Yunmu went to pull Yu Siyang’s hand, trying to get Yangyang brother to put down the box, but it was empty.

The child looked up and found that his father and brother were kissing again.

Hey… the kid sighed.

When would they finish kissing?

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[1] In Chinese, roast whole lamb is Kǎo quán yang which can also mean trying out Yu Siyang, so I think it is a euphemism for sex with Yu Siyang. (Correct me if I’m wrong).











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