TBLF Extra 2 (Ch. 102.1): Past Life P. 5

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Guys, I was wrong Ch. 102 is not the same as Ch. 3, there was some problem with the raws, so enjoy this chapter. Thank you mchatting for informing me… or we would have missed such an awesome and heartbreaking chapter…

Uncle Zhang transplanted a lot of white plum blossoms to the West Yard. This winter, they all bloomed. The white plums were like clusters of snowflakes piled up on the branches of trees. When the wind passed, the white snow and flowers fell on the ground.

In the west courtyard, red silk was hung among the snow and silver light.

When Si Xia and Ying Ge walked out with Qi Ying on her left and right, Ji Rang was waiting outside in his festive clothes. He rarely wore such a gorgeous color. The cold and majestic general of the past was clad in red, giving birth to a somewhat romantic and suave look.

Si Xia smiled and said: “Girl, don’t step on the threshold, cross over.”

Qi Ying raised her foot obediently, and when she crossed the threshold, she hovered around there.

Ji Rang burst into laughter, took the person from the maid’s hand, held her soft palm, and led her from the west courtyard to the Ji family ancestral hall. He excitedly told her: “In preparation for the wedding.”

“The two kneel.”

“Husband and wife worship.”

“The marriage ceremony.”

At the last sentence of the ceremony, his voice trembled, as if he was too excited to finish it.

After the salute, Ji Rang leaned over and hugged the bride. She struggled slightly, her small face under the veil was red again, and she said softly, “I can go by myself.”

Ji Rang smiled in a good mood and walked out of the ancestral shrine with her in his arms.

Outside the house was white snow, cold and quiet. There was no banquet for the guests, no large-scale operation, except for the West Yard, the entire General’s Mansion could not see the slightest joy of the owner getting married.

But they had kneeled with each other and worshipped heaven and earth, and she was the wife he wanted to marry.

Back in the west courtyard, the red silk was flying in the snow, Ji Rang carried her into the house and put her beside the bed.

There were two pairs of happy candles burning on the table, Ji Rang closed the door, picked up the happy scales on the jade plate and weighed them, walked in front of Qi Ying, and smiled: “I’m going to lift your veil.”

She hung her head. Sitting there, said obediently: “Okay.”

When he was just about to lift the veil, he paused. Qi Ying heard him ask: “Yingying, I can’t give you an official title, would you blame me?”

She raised her head, although she couldn’t see his face through the veil, but she could still imagine him smiling: “No. It doesn’t matter.”

The sky was freezing outside, but in this small room, there was the warmth he wanted to protect his whole life.

Ji Rang lifted the veil.

And saw an extremely moving face.

He smiled: “Yingying, you look good in red.”

She smiled shyly.

With a move of his finger, he used his strength to extinguish the pair of happy candles. When the light dimmed, the light gauze silver tent in front of the bed also fell down, covering the spring in this room.

After getting married, the servants in the house changed their address and no longer called Miss Ying, but called Mrs.

Everyone in the capital knew that the General Zhengguo had accepted a concubine. Suddenly, the general was not unfamiliar with women anymore. Now the position of the wife was empty, and the quiet and careful thoughts before had begun to become active again.

Gradually someone came to the general’s mansion to talk about a marriage proposal.

As a result, he didn’t even see the shadow of General Ji, and was completely dismissed by the old steward. Later, the senior officials in Beijing looked for another method, planning to start with the female relatives. The noble ladies in Beijing often had a feast, and the invitations for the banquet for Qi Ying began to be delivered to the general’s mansion.

Everyone wanted to meet this only woman who was with General Zhengguo. Even though she was a concubine, and these noble ladies looked down upon her, but who made it that they had no other way to approach the general?

As a result, the invitation post was also returned.

It was Ji Rang who came forward to reject it in person.

The reason was also very high-sounding: “It’s hard for an orphan girl from the mountains to be elegant. I want to discourage you; I won’t accept any invitations in the future.”

Qi Ying didn’t know this.

She was working hard to learn embroidery from the mama. Although she had been studying for more than half a year, she always had no confidence in herself. Seeing that the Chinese New Year was about to come, and she had promised to embroider a sachet for the general a year ago, so she finally plucked up the courage to pick up the needle.

As a result, Si Xia and Ying Ge couldn’t help but despair at the embroidered things.

She lay on the soft body holding the sachet and looked left and right. She couldn’t help but feel discouraged: “Is it really that ugly?”

A hand stretched out from the top of her head and took away the sachet: “It’s not ugly, it’s embroidered for me.”

She didn’t know when Si Xia and the others had already retreated. Ji Rang smiled and stood behind her, and while she is in a daze, he hung the sachet on his waist.

He wore a lake-blue garment today, which made him handsome, and the sachet hanging on it was nothing short of nondescript. Qi Ying got up and reached out to grab the sachet from his waist.

Ji Rang avoided her on one side and grabbed her restless hand on the other. Qi Ying flushed with anxiety: “Give it back to me!”

His eyes were full of smiles: “Give it to you, it’s mine. There is no reason to take it back.”

She was embarrassed: “The embroidery is not good, you return it to me, and I will embroider another good-looking one.”

Ji Rang raised his eyebrows: “No, I need this.” The little girl knelt down on the bed, her hands were still bound by him, and the corners of her eyes were a little red because of shame. This posture was really evocative. His eyes were deep, he looked out the window and saw that it was bright and sunny, sighed regretfully, and let go of her.

Qi Ying snorted but didn’t go as far as to ignore him.

She used to be a little cautious in front of him, but now she was willing to display her temper, which made Ji Rang feel good.

He laughed and teased her: “Are you angry? I will go alone at the Huaying Festival the next day then.” The little girl couldn’t help but be teased, and she turned her head and looked at him eagerly.

The situation in Beijing was surging, and there was not only the emperor staring at the general’s mansion. In order to protect her, Ji Rang rarely took her out of the mansion, and sometimes it was inevitable for her to be alone.

When she heard that she could go to the triennial Huaying Festival, she couldn’t worry about getting angry.

Ji Rang held back a smile: “Want to go?”

She nodded eagerly.

Very obediently.

He picked up the sachet and shook it, “Do you still want to take it back?”

The little girl was so wronged: “Not anymore.”

He finally couldn’t help but lean over and kiss her. Qi Ying was a little bit ashamed, and she pushed him away with her little hand: “The door is still open.”

Then she saw him make a casual move, as the wind blew across the door and close it with a slam.

The sky was still bright.

She was too embarrassed to speak out and whispered out a general.

“How many times have I said it.” He bit her ear, as if to punish: “Call husband.”

She straightened her feet and begged for mercy intermittently: “Husband…”

However, Ji Rang did not accompany her on the Huaying Festival two days later. As he was called into the palace by an imperial decree early in the morning, and he did not return until the evening. The Huaying Festival was only held in daylight and would end at sunset.

Qi Ying just missed the three-year Huaying Festival. She was full of anger all night before she was coaxed back into bed by Ji Rang.

The hero was sad when the beauty was angry.

Ji Rang was not ashamed of this sentence, but now he knew how it actually felt.

Once he returned to Beijing after winning a battle, he always wished to leave the next day. His father once said that military commanders were most afraid of attracting the emperor’s notice, and going to Beijing was intricately connected with this, and one step wrong would attract the emperor’s suspicion. The Ji family could only protect themselves by taking care of their conduct these years, and he also avoided this place because of it.

But now he wanted to stay more than ever, to stay with his little girl.

There were still wars in the northern border. He had her in his heart. He stayed in Beijing for a short time each year. Sometimes he thought about bringing the little girl by her side, but he denied it in a flash.

He didn’t want her to suffer in the coldness at the border.

Secondly, the more he showed his concern, the more dangerous Qi Ying’s situation was. The forces from all sides were watching, and he did not dare to take risks.

But the little girl didn’t complain at all.

When he was there, she would accompany him wholeheartedly, and when he was away, she would live happily in the house alone without worrying him.

Sometimes, he even felt that this was a gift that God gave him thanks to his merits in defending his home and the country.

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  1. As I have guessed before… Ji Rang loved her too in the past, otherwise he wouldn’t have done all that for her. He just can’t marry her properly with her low status.
    He had even declined the princess, marrying her and showed favor too much on hee would only put her in danger. Receiving invitations would also put her on the spot, she might even be bullied.
    However by marrying her in red and even let her kneel together with him to ask for a blessing in the ancestral hall means that she is the wife recognized by him, and the only one at that.
    When he is still alive naturally he would always be able to arrange his men to send news to her…
    But later on when he died…who would ever spare a thought on her?
    She is just a mere concubine…not an official wife, and he has no other family member in his mansion. No one care to send news.
    However it is still a bit strange that he had no right hand, who would be so loyal to even die for him… Whom he could entrust everything…
    I wonder if he is so cautious that he can’t even let his personal assistant know how much he cared about her.
    Because I believe that if he had someone trustworthy beside him, this person would have never neglected QingYing…
    He would definitely try to send news.
    Although…the result might still the same anyway… I don’t think the past QY would have been able to survive alone without him. She is just a concubine without a rank nor a child, she is dispensable.
    She can’t inherit anything and she was incapable of doing any work, she can’t even embroider properly…thus, she can’t even be a servant.
    But she is very beautiful…
    Staying alive, alone, without back up, in the capital with this kind of attribute would only mean disaster for her.
    Death following the husband was still her only choice if she didn’t want to live miserably.
    So sad… It was great that she has a 2nd chance of life in the future.

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