TBLF Extra 2 (Ch. 101.2): Past Life P. 4

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As the New Year’s Eve approached, the enthusiasm increased in Beijing. It was the first time for Qi Ying to celebrate the New Year in a decent way, so she was looking forward to it, but she did not expect that the day before New Year’s Eve, Ji Rang received the information about a Frontier Emergency. The small country that had been looting the border town frequently recently, was showing a tendency to join forces to attack the city.

Ji Rang received the urgent report, so Ji Rang led his guards to leave Beijing overnight.

Qi Ying only followed him to the gate of the mansion, but he would not let her follow him anymore.

The guards outside the house stood in the dark. He waved his hand to let the lieutenant go first. When he turned around, he saw the little girl’s wet eyes, and he felt unwilling to leave for the first time.

He bowed his head and fastened her cloak again.

He heard her whispering: “General, when are you coming back?”

The voice was cautious, as if she was afraid of offending him, but was really reluctant, and couldn’t help but ask.

His fingers tightened, and the ribbon was almost not fastened several times. He whispered: “I will come back when the border is stable. When I’m not here, you have to listen to Uncle Zhang. Don’t leave the house on weekdays. Beijing has a lot of intricate relations and si unsafe. What is needed? Just tell them, don’t bear it.”

She nodded.

Ji Rang finally tied the ribbon, smiled from the corners of his lips, and stroked her cheek with his fingers: “Wait for me to come back.”

She said softly: “Okay.”

The voice of the vice-general came from outside the house: “General, you are ready to finish.”

It was time to go.

The moonlight fell on his armor, and ice shined in her eyes, as if glowing.

He released his hand and turned to leave.

After walking for two steps, he paused, and finally couldn’t hold back. He turned around and fished her into her arms, rubbed her chin with her thumb, forced her to raise her head, and then kissed her soft lips.

The little girl was a little stunned, without closing her eyes, staring wide, staring at him without blinking.

He didn’t dare to be greedy and left soon.

The palm of his hand dragged the back of her head, bowed his head and kissed her forehead, and said dumbly, “Wait for me to come back.”

She obediently let out an “um”.

With the sound of the armor clinking, he turned around and strode out.

The figure was tall and firm, and it was this figure that supported the entire world.


When Ji Rang returned to Beijing, it was already the second winter.

Qi Ying had spent a whole year in the mansion. She remembered what he said, basically she had never been out of the house, and her activities were all within the house. The servants in the house treated her very well, especially Uncle Zhang, even if she didn’t speak, he would bring things over every few days.

Fortunately, with Si Xia and Ying Ge, Uncle Zhang invited a mama to teach her to embroider, and the days were not boring. Every time she was free, she missed the general and was also very worried.

The only two trips were to pray for him at the temple on the mountain.

On the day Ji Rang returned to Beijing, the first snow of the year fell.

She had heard the news of his return to Beijing a few days earlier, and was looking forward to it nervously, but when she opened the door and saw the man standing in the courtyard, the previous fierce emotions disappeared, leaving only warm peace of mind.

She smiled obediently, and he smiled at her, opened his arms and whispered, “Come on.”

The little girl rushed into his arms wrapped in sweet fragrance.

He put his arms around her, smelled her body, and almost rubbed her into his flesh.

He didn’t speak words of love, he had been busy with military affairs this year, and he didn’t even write to her. But God knew how much he missed her.

The little girl got down from his arms, looked at the sapling behind him, and asked curiously: “What is that?”

Ji Rang said: “A gift for you.” He took her to walk over: “Should it be planted in your yard? When it grows tall and blooms, it will be very beautiful.”

She curled her eyes and smiled, “Okay.”

Then the two of them worked together to plant the sapling, Qi Ying suddenly remembered and asked, “General, what kind of tree is this?”

Ji Rang looked down at her with deep eyes: “Silk tree[1].” He walked two steps, wrapped his arm around her waist, pressed her in his arms, and said in a low voice, “Yingying, you know what the silk tree means?”

She blinked and shook her head.

He laughed lowly, buried it near her ear, and said in a low voice: “Yingying, you’ve grown up.”

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