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Duan Rulan took her husband’s arm anxiously, followed him step by step, and walked to the front of the courtyard together. Compared with Ji Wenhan’s ecstasy and high spirits, Duan Rulan was more apprehensive. She was not as confident as Ji Wenhan and felt that it might not be a good thing for the Lu family to come to their home.

Duan Rulan thought that she had gained a firm foothold in Jiangcheng’s noble women’s circle, but a few years ago, a lady from the Lu family who was not even a direct descendant came to Jiangcheng by chance, and those noble ladies tried all their means to please her as if they were crazy. But they were all rejected. Since then, Duan Rulan had no longer dared to expect to be able to reach the same status as such a person, but at the same time, she had become more and more interested in Chu Shuangyan. After all, the Chu family was the in-laws of the Lu family. Even if this relationship was a bit farther away, it couldn’t be judged when it could be exploited.

“Wenhan, did you really not offend anyone outside?” Thinking of this, Duan Rulan asked again with anxiety. She always had a bad premonition in her heart, but she didn’t know where it came from. After thinking about it carefully, she herself was courteous to people with any status. Maybe the problem was not with her?

Along the way, Duan Rulan had asked this no less than three times. Ji Wenhan was a little impatient, “What are you thinking about? What status does the Lu family have? If they really wanted to rectify you, would they need to come to the door to notify us? As long as they have this intention, those families who are waiting to fight with us will immediately swarm up to do their jobs. In the end, you won’t know by whose hands you had died!”

“That’s also…” Duan Rulan felt that her husband was right, so she reluctantly suppressed the restlessness in her heart.

It must be that the dead girl just now didn’t know what was good or bad, which made her feel mad. This was a bit of a crazy idea. Since, Ji Wenhan was so confident, nothing untoward should happen to them.

Duan Rulan settled down, and immediately took out her usual style of dealing with the upper-class social circle, with a gentle and virtuous smile. She leaned against Ji Wenhan, the couple walked out of the mansion, and immediately saw the neat, tidy and long line of cars outside.

It was at this time that Ji Wenhan realized something was wrong. This was a high-end villa area, and no ordinary people could live in this place. People from the Lu family were here. Why did other people not receive the news? Why was it so quiet?

However, just then the door of the leading car opened, and a handsome young man came down from it. Ji Wenhan had no time to think about it, and he hurriedly walked over with his wife. As he approached, he became more familiar with the man in front of him. This was Huan Yi’s new president, Lu Xingzhou!

When Lu Xingzhou arrived in Jiangcheng, he had attended the dinner hosted by Huan Yi, but there were too many people around Lu Xingzhou. Ji Wenhan just glanced at him from a distance and didn’t find a chance to come forward to talk to him. After a few months, he saw him again in his own home!

Ji Wenhan pondered that this Lu Xingzhou was said to be the next Patriarch, and he was also sent to Jiangcheng to take over Huan Yi. It must be for experience. If he could have a good relationship with such a person…

Ji Wenhan quickly put a smile on his face. He greeted him with great enthusiasm, “Mr. Lu, I haven’t seen you for a long time. You still have the same style. I have heard that the Huan Yi company you manage is booming. It seems to have taken over half of the entertainment industry. Mr. Lu is really young and promising. Your vision is incomparable, which makes me feel ashamed.”

Ji Wenhan didn’t care about keeping face, he just boasted wildly, while his posture was extremely humble. In fact, he and Lu Xingzhou were not of the same generation. Lu Xingzhou’s status was noble, and Ji Wenhan couldn’t wait to hold his thigh, how could he care about all this so much.

Duan Rulan also responded at her husband’s words and greeted Lu Xingzhou in a soft and gentle voice.

Lu Xingzhou did not interrupt the compliments of the couple. He leaned on the door of the car and looked at them with a smile on his shoulders. He said slowly, “Mr. Ji, Mrs. Ji, when it comes to looking at people, the two of you are what makes me ashamed.” It was not good to provoke her, but Siyu was provoked. Don’t look at her façade of a white and tender little rabbit, she was being protected by Fifth Master Lu. If one messed with her, it was the same as messing with Fifth Master Lu. Were they seeking death? Lu Xingzhou really admired their precise vision of death.

Ji Wenhan and Duan Rulan looked at each other, it was hard to guess what Lu Xingzhou’s words meant. How come his tone sounded a bit wrong…

Ji Wenhan didn’t dare to pick up the conversation, just said, “Mr. Lu, please come in. When Rulan and I heard you came to visit, we didn’t have time to prepare well. Please forgive me, Mr. Lu.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Ji, there is another guest who hasn’t come yet.” Lu Xingzhou was still standing still on the ground, and didn’t move in the least, “It’s a surprise.”

Lu Xingzhou’s word “surprise” had a sharp bite, Ji Wenhan’s heart jumped, and he almost thought that Lu Xingzhou had come to find faults on purpose, but after a second glance, Lu Xingzhou was still smiling. He felt like he was too careless again.

“Then…there is another guest, who is it?” Ji Wenhan made some quick guesses in his heart, who could make Lu Xingzhou so polite, who was it?

At this moment, another car drove from a distance. Lu Xingzhou’s eyes lit up when he caught a glimpse of it. After the car stopped beside him, he ignored the ghostly expressions of Ji Wenhan and his wife and trotted over with great diligence. He personally opened the door of the car and said to the person sitting in the car: “Fifth Master Lu, you see that I received the news and immediately brought people over, but you did not give any instructions, and I can’t act without authorization. Thus, you can see that we are now ready to rush in directly?”

Ji Wenhan looked vigorously behind his back. He did not hear what Lu Xingzhou was saying, but from his body language, Ji Wenhan immediately learned that the person here must have a higher status than Lu Xingzhou. An even nobler guest.

But this was impossible. Could it be that Lu Xingzhou’s father and the current head of the Lu family came? … When did the small temple of the Ji family invite such a big Buddha?

The Ji family and the couple were uneasy. Lu Xingzhou over there had already given way. They took a closer look. A man in a pear-white Tang suit stepped out of the car. His brows were very delicate while he twisted the Buddha beads in his hands. He looked like a person in a painting, with a similarly fascinating temperament. Ji Wenhan only glanced at him, then lowered his head in a flustered manner, not daring to look directly at him again.

What a terrible aura! Ji Wenhan’s heart was shocked, he had never felt such a terrifying feeling from anyone, as if he was just an ant in the eyes of this man and could be crushed to death at will.

Duan Rulan’s reaction was even greater. She held her husband’s arm tightly and didn’t even know that she was pinching. Ji Wenhan just felt terrible, but as soon as she looked up, she met Fifth Master Lu’s extremely indifferent eyes. The coldness in it seemed to freeze her bones. Duan Rulan stiffened her back and exclaimed soundlessly. She almost staggered back and shrank herself behind her husband.

“Wen…Wenhan–!” Duan Rulan only felt shivering, and all the grace of a lady was left behind. This man… looked at her as if looking at a dead person, what was the matter!

“What are you doing, Duan Rulan!” Duan Rulan’s sudden gaffe caught Ji Wenhan off guard. He quickly dragged Duan Rulan back, and dared not to apologize to Fifth Master Lu. Ji Wenhan’s gaze got stuck at Fifth Master Lu and he didn’t know what to call him, so he turned his head and asked Lu Xingzhou: “Mr. Lu, this, this is…?”

Lu Xingzhou smiled, but there was a hint of gloating in his smile: “This is our fifth master, you can just call him that way. Okay, Mr. Ji, we are all here, won’t you invite us in?” Lu Xingzhou said afterwards.

Ji Wenhan couldn’t hear clearly. The word “Fifth Master” was repeatedly circling in his mind. He had been mixed up in society for so many years, and he was considered to have a little bit of influence. Naturally, he had heard the name Fifth Master Lu, the elder of the Lu family. The evil God came to their home? !

Ji Wenhan felt a little unsteady. Duan Rulan clung to him, shaking like chaff, still panicking about the short glance just now. At this time, Ji Wenhan was no better than her. Fortunately, his sanity told him that if he really causes a gaffe, he would not end well, so he barely held steady, bowed his head and greeted the person into the house without daring to say a word.

Fifth Master Lu strolled through the paths in the yard in a leisurely manner, as if he was not a guest, but the owner of the house. The Ji family owned a large yard, and Ji Wenhan loved flowers, so he hired a few skilled gardeners to come to take care of the garden. Flowers were planted everywhere. The flowers swayed when the wind blew, and the scenery looked pleasant.

Fifth Master Lu glanced at him and said, “The yard is well-kept, do you like flowers?”

Ji Wenhan nodded immediately, fearing even a second’s delay would make this master unsatisfied, “Yes, thus the gardeners have collected precious varieties from all over the world. Which one do you like, Fifth Master, if you say, I will immediately ask someone to transplant it into a pot for you. You see this orchid is extremely valuable …” Ji Wenhan felt happy, thinking that he had found Fifth Master Lu’s preferences, so he searched his stomach and unearthed a bit of barren knowledge about flowers and plants, and began to talk about it. The words were flat and uninformed. At the end, he also pulled Duan Rulan, “Rulan, usually don’t you like to play with these flowers and plants the most? Come and introduce them to Fifth Master Lu.”

Duan Rulan froze, her eyes dared not move, she had already seen her husband’s diligent and almost flattering attitude. Fifth Master Lu was definitely someone they couldn’t provoke. She wanted to say something, but she usually just watered the flowers. She did not know anything about the rough work of planting flowers!

“Fifth Master Lu…Wenhan, I’ll call the gardener here!” Duan Rulan thought for a long time without a word, panicked, she was proficient in beauty treatment, shopping, dressing, and so on. How could this kind of rough work be within her scope of knowledge!

It was really useless! Ji Wenhan immediately felt disgusted in his heart. What else could Duan Rulan do besides shopping and spending money? Why didn’t she learn anything from others when she gathered with those ladies every day? The wife of other families were elegant and proficient in everything, she was good, and she had taken care of this little family for more than 20 years, but she was useless at the critical moment!

Ji Wenhan immediately grabbed his wife who wanted to run to get someone else. No matter how much the dislike in his heart was obvious. He quickly remedied, “Fifth Master Lu, this is just a little hobby of Rulan. She wants professionals to explain it for you.”

“No need. So, you say these flowers and plants are planted by you?” Fifth Master Lu’s chilly eyes fell on Duan Rulan’s body. Seeing her nodding, he curled his lips slightly, “You still don’t deserve these flowers, now, go clean the yard by yourself.”

Duan Rulan thought she had a hallucination, “Fifth Master Lu, what did you say…?”

Lu Xingzhou kindly reminded her, “Fifth Master asked you to pull out all the flowers and plant them yourself, he is very annoyed, understand?”

“Wh…what?” Duan Rulan was pampered, no matter where she heard such a request, she would subconsciously show an angry expression, but now she could just show the idea of wanting to complain but remain silent. The bodyguards behind Fifth Master Lu suddenly stepped forward two steps, held Duan Rulan’s hands between them, and escorted her to the garden.

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