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When Feng Weiming returned to Mu Yixi’s house the next day, Mu Yixi was playing with ingredients in the kitchen. After their relationship recieved Mrs. Mu’s green light, the two officially moved in together. Although Mrs. Mu wanted them to live in Yilian Garden but considering that the family was not enlightened, it would take some time for them to truly accept it. They were at a very young age, and it would be inconvenient for them to be intimate under so many watchful eyes, so they finally decided to move out and live together.

Feng Weiming enjoyed the last candlelight dinner, but in Mu Yixi’s eyes, it was just unsatisfactory. It just so happened that he was free now, so he decided to try his hand in cooking.

The picture of the handsome and slender young man wearing an apron and orderly cooking according to the recipe was very pleasing to the eye.

Feng Weiming was used to seeing his face, and his aesthetic vision was much higher than that of ordinary people, but when he looked at Mu Yixi at this time, he couldn’t help being stunned.

Mu Yixi turned around and saw him and smiled immediately. He walked over and kissed his lips naturally: “You’re back?”

“Well.” Feng Weiming nodded: “What are you doing?”

“Making three cup Chicken[1] and sweet and sour pork[2].” Mu Yixi said proudly. He felt that he was challenging a very difficult dish and Feng Weiming must like it.

“Sweet…” Feng Weiming frowned.

Mu Yixi said fondly: “Three cup chicken is yours, sweet and sour pork is mine. I will put less sugar.”

Feng Weiming’s snow-white face went slightly red, and he said “um” expressionlessly.

Mu Yixi continued to cook with satisfaction. Feng Weiming didn’t walk away, he just leaned against the door to look at him.

Mu Yixi continued chatting with him: “You didn’t quarrel with the third uncle, did you? Is the third uncle angry with you?”

Feng Weiming: “You know that’s not it.” Mu Jiuqing never got angry with him. In the past, Feng Weiming always thought that the only reason Mu Jiuqing treated him well was because he had loved his biological mother. But after so many years, Feng Weiming felt relieved because he believed that Mu Jiuqing was sincere to him.

Mu Yixi chuckled lightly: “Third uncle loves you very much.” Fate was a wonderful thing. He and Feng Weiming were both adopted sons, but they were lucky to meet Mrs. Mu and Mu Jiuqing who regarded them as their own. Mu Jiuqing was such a strong person, but in front of Feng Weiming, he was just a doting father.

Feng Weiming: “Don’t take my dad’s words seriously, he won’t object to us.” He paused and whispered, “My dad’s lover in France is also a man.”

So hot?

Mu Yixi thought that Mu Jiuqing was not interested in love since Feng Weiming’s mother died! He couldn’t help but ask, “Have you seen him?”

Feng Weiming nodded slowly. Feng Weiming had known about Mu Jiuqing’s boyfriend for a long time. Edmund Chen, whose Chinese name was Chen Fu, was of French Chinese descent. He had been Mu Jiuqing’s neighbor in France for more than ten years. However, Chen Fu’s lower limbs were paralyzed, he used a wheelchair all year round, and was emotionally withdrawn. When Feng Weiming returned to France two years ago, he realized that Chen Fu had become a frequent visitor to his family. His relationship with Mu Jiuqing had not broken the paper veil, but Mu Jiuqing was not ordinarily friendly to him. And just like Mu Jiuqing would not object to his relationship with Mu Yixi, Feng Weiming also had no objection to Mu Jiuqing’s choice. Both father and son would die for a relationship. If they dared to do something sorry to them, they were also prepared to be revengeful to the end.

Mu Yixi smiled and said, “Grandpa always hoped that third uncle would marry a smart and virtuous wife and have two children.” In truth, among Mu Jingwei’s three sons, Mu Jiuqing was the most qualified. Mu Jingwei hoped that Mu Jiuqing could give him some smart grandsons. This generation of grandchildren’s “not thinking about progress” made him feel troubled, and even Mu Jingwei, who was only ready to watch from the sidelines, couldn’t sit still. It was a pity that Mu Jiuqing’s wings had already hardened, and because he was sent out since he was a child, his relationship with his family was neither salty nor weak[3]. Mu Jingwei could only hint but could not use any means to coerce or induce.

Even if Mu Jiuqing brought a crippled boyfriend back to the Mu family’s old house to meet people, no one would dare to have any opinion.

Feng Weiming: “So what?” There was arrogance in his tone. His father did not have to answer to the Mu family. Feng Weiming’s goodwill towards the Mu family had long been polished off by Mu Jingwei’s actions. Apart from Mu Jiuqing and Mu Yixi, he also only had feelings for Mrs. Mu, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan.

“Envious…” Mu Yixi shook his head and said. Sure enough, people with hard fists had the right to speak.

Feng Weiming said: “We can too.” He was convinced of this. They were the ones who did nothing two years ago. No matter how they leave, they could live well.

Mu Yixi said, “I won’t let what happened two years ago happen again.”

Feng Weiming affirmed, “I won’t either.”

The two smiled at each other.

Feng Weiming said softly, “I know my father wants you to take over the overseas Mu family.”

Mu Yixi: “You don’t agree?”

Mu Jiuqing was reluctant to let Feng Weiming work too hard, and he didn’t want to train those who had troubled him to take over. The descendants of the people of the overseas Mu family were not outstanding, so he chose Mu Yixi. But this was not a simple matter. If Mu Yixi was really willing to become Mu Jiuqing’s heir, the first thing to solve was Mu Yixi’s household registration issue, where he must correct his identity as a child of the Mu family. Just the rectification of the name was enough to make Mu Jingwei, Mu Jiurong and others embarrassed. The new generation head of overseas Mu’s was from the direct line, this was something Mu Jingwei and the others would be happy to see. But Mu Yixi, like Mu Jiuqing, didn’t have a deep relationship with them, and they had even made some unpleasant troubles, which would surely make them hesitant. The many issues involved after the rectification of Mu Yixi’s name were even more difficult to describe, but it was inevitable not to make the domestic Mu family feel better, but even happiness must be accompanied by pain. This was the balance that Mu Jiuqing needed to maintain.

And what Mu Yixi would get was an opportunity to be on an equal footing with the entire domestic Mu family, from an illegitimate son ignored by his biological father to the next “Mr. Mu”, making those who once looked down on him because of his status fill with regret.

Mu Jiuqing said that Mu Yixi was very ambitious. An ambitious and capable person would not refuse this opportunity to reach the sky in one step.

In particular, this opportunity did not conflict with the interests of Mrs. Mu, the mother and son, who had been kind to Mu Yixi, and it was very beneficial for Mu Yiqi in running for the position of the head of the Mu family. And once Mu Yiqi took power in the Mu family in China, Mu Yixi could still help him.

But what Feng Weiming thought of was what Mu Yixi said to Mu Jiuqing. After hundreds of years, the Mu’s internal relations were intertwined and confusing. It was definitely a chore to take over, and it would take a lot of energy and effort. If he could choose, did he really want to choose this path?

Mu Yixi had ideas, and making money was not a difficult thing for him. Working as a marginal person in the domestic Mu clan, he still had the energy to make some messes, and he also took care of making money. Mu Yixi’s life was more difficult than imagined, and he still had today’s achievements. Why bother with the overseas Mu clan?

Feng Weiming said in a low voice, “If you don’t want to, don’t agree for anyone.” He didn’t want to see Mu Yixi working hard for others again.

Mu Yixi was a little surprised. He thought that Feng Weiming and Mu Jiuqing already had a tacit understanding on this matter. Mu Jiuqing would not treat Feng Weiming badly. He would definitely benefit Feng Weiming when he took over the overseas Mu clan. At least half of it would be kept for him.

Mu Yixi had nothing to say about that. Since he had a lover, he should be pampered. Anyway, he had become accustomed to Feng Weiming.

Mu Yixi washed his hands and hugged the person in front of him. Feng Weiming did not resist, and looked at him meekly and indifferently, his dense eyelashes fluttering slightly, it felt as if a brush had brushed over Mu Yixi’s heart.

Mu Yixi said with a smile, “As for me, I haven’t agreed to third uncle yet. But there is one condition that I will definitely mention.” He looked at Feng Weiming badly.

Feng Weiming showed an inquiring expression of “I’m waiting”.

“If I take over the overseas Mu family, I want you to be my deputy.” Mu Yixi said word by word: “Dear, share the blessings and also the difficulties. If you leave me alone to be a cow and a horse. I’m sure I won’t be happy.” He rubbed the tip of his nose against Feng Weiming’s: “You know I’m not a good person, since you’re unlucky enough to like me, be prepared to be dragged into the water by me…”

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[3] Not too strong nor too weak.

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