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Mu Jiuqing frowned and stared at Mu Yixi badly.

He had been in the top position for a long time, and the pressure of holding up the sky was naturally extraordinary. Even Mu Yixi intuitively reacted with stress, and his eyes narrowed slightly. However, in Mu Yixi’s view, Mu Jiuqing was more like an angry father.

The kind that said whatever was on the mind.

Feng Weiming drank his Earl Grey tea silently.

Obviously, the father and son had already discussed the issue of taking over the overseas Mu family. His taking it out and saying this was just deliberately making things difficult for Mu Yixi.

“Slippery.” Mu Jiuqing commented on Mu Yixi and said to Feng Weiming, “Why did you pick him?”

Feng Weiming shrugged slightly.    

Mu Jiuqing didn’t give up: “You forgot how he treated you two years ago?”

Feng Weiming said, “Dad, what happened two years ago was not his fault alone. Don’t you believe me?”

Jiuqing looked at him sadly: “I always wanted to see your children, Da Mingming and Xiao Mingming, alas…”

Feng Weiming said calmly, “I was adopted by you when I was three years old. Haven’t you seen it?”

“You left me and lived in China for more than ten years. You finally came back two years ago and went to the United States. In your mind, where do you place your father?”

Feng Weiming: “Do you want to reconcile with me now?”

Mu Jiuqing: “I don’t like you telling me now that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. You are only nineteen, not ninety!”

Feng Weiming: “I never said…”

“That’s what you mean! If you don’t think so, why did you bring him to see me? In a relationship, as long as you’re not sick, what do you like?” Mu Jiuqing was heartbroken. Feng Weiming’s current attitude was no different from bringing his future daughter-in-law to see his parents-in-law. Mu Jiuqing was afraid that he would be too serious and would be sad in the future. When Mu Yixi was a nephew, Mu Jiuqing didn’t think there was anything wrong with him, but seeing him as a “daughter-in-law”, he seemed too cunning and sophisticated. From the moment he entered the door, Mu Jiuqing felt that he didn’t show his true colors anywhere, always pretending to be innocent and honest. With Feng Weiming’s current scheming means, he could not be suppressed.

Big failure!

How could a father encourage his son to mess around irresponsibly?!

Couldn’t they talk about love seriously? He didn’t say that he would enter the church with Mu Yixi immediately…

Feng Weiming’s face was cold and sullen.

“Third uncle, what’s your dissatisfaction with me? I’m willing to correct it.” Mu Yixi carefully diverted firepower. How did the father and son quarrel with themselves? He didn’t want to see Feng Weiming unhappy.

“I’m not satisfied with you anywhere!” Mu Jiuqing really moved his gun away and aimed at Mu Yixi.

Feng Weiming: “Dad!” He felt that Mu Jiuqing was really making trouble now. Didn’t he deny Mu Yixi with his vision? Although Feng Weiming occasionally felt that being with Mu Yixi was his bad vision, but if others thought the same, he became to feel a little unhappy again.

Mu Yixi moved, sat next to Feng Weiming, held him down and said, “Third uncle, if you can find someone that satisfies you in every way, and that you clearly like, I will try my best to show my gentlemanly demeanor. But before that, please give me a chance? You are Mingming’s father, and your approval is very important to us.”

This passage finally made him get a straight glance from Mu Jiuqing: “Speaking is better than doing.”

Mu Yixi nodded: “Indeed, there is no basis for words. However, neither I nor Weiming are people who need guarantees to live. When we meet what we really want, we will fight for ourselves instead of yielding to external forces. Obviously, Third Uncle, the child you raised, don’t you have confidence in him?”

Everyone present felt that Mu Yixi’s words were very reasonable, but as a father, Mu Jiuqing’s thoughts still couldn’t be changed for a while, and he didn’t have a good face towards Mu Yixi.

“Mingming, go out with your Aunt Jiang, I have something to tell him alone.” Mu Jiuqing said.

Feng Weiming glanced at Mu Yixi, who nodded with a smile.

Mu Jiuqing said angrily, “I won’t eat him.”

Feng Weiming turned his head and went out with Jiang Xinyu, and Mu Jiuqing became angry.

“I’ve spoiled him.” Mu Jiuqing shook his head helplessly.

“This is an obvious blessing.” Mu Yixi was restrained and polite from beginning to end, and his speech and demeanor were hard to find fault with.

“You can hold your breath.” Mu Jiuqing said without clarifying whether it was a compliment or a derogation.

“I dare not make a fool in front of you.” Mu Yixi said.

Mu Jiuqing folded his legs and leaned on the back of the sofa chair, the vexatious air he had just affected faded away from him, and he turned back to the unpredictable third master Mu.

Mu Yixi was not surprised.

Mu Jiuqing has been domineering in the complicated and mysterious overseas Mu clan for many years, and naturally he would not really be a man who jumped around with anger because his son had a boyfriend – even if 10% was true, the remaining 90% would be false.

Mu Jiuqing loved Feng Weiming, and Mu Yixi dared to offend Feng Weiming. Mu Jiuqing could have used many methods to make him die in an ugly manner, especially since Mu Yixi had nothing to rely on except money, even if he had the blood of the Mu family on him, the Mu family would never oppose Mu Jiuqing, who was in full swing, because of him.

One power downed ten sessions. Now that Feng Weiming’s idea had been decided, Mu Jiuqing kept him, definitely not to continue to entangle him about his relationship with Feng Weiming.

“In Mu Jiurong’s three children, you are the most like him.” Mu Jiuqing said. In one sentence, he stepped on Mu Yixi’s sore spot, making his face that he had been holding on to become unpleasant.

Mu Yixi was not happy to be likened with Mu Jiurong!

Seeing his discoloration, Mu Jiurong chuckled: “It seems that you also have self-knowledge.” He touched his chin: “The most disgusting illegitimate child is the most like him and has the highest aptitude. Mu Jiurong has been putting up with you, and it is probably not enough. You are not really gentle and respectful, no wonder they played tricks on you in the end.”

Mu Yixi admitted his mistake: “I was careless for a while, and it affected Mingming.”

Mu Jiuqing said, “Hey, this is you trying to sow discord? My father and Mu Jiurong knew that Mingming was my sweetheart, and I would really be unhappy when they brought things up to him. Saying a thousand things and ten thousand things, using the excuse of ‘motivating Mingming to work hard’ as an excuse, still can’t hide the fact that they didn’t put me in their eyes.”

Mu Yixi closed his mouth cautiously. As for him and Feng Weiming being together, it seemed that they had communicated internally. Obviously, Mu Jingwei and the others did not agree with Mu Jiuqing. He couldn’t help but give birth to some schadenfreude.

Mu Jiuqing hated iron for not becoming steel and looked at him sternly: “Look at you being so useless, being played around, worrying about sister-in-law, Xiaoqi and Xiaoxuan, you can’t even fight back, and you have to do your best to support Xiaoqi, just like their wishes.”

Mu Yixi slandered: Your “they” are your father and elder brother!

Mu Jiuqing didn’t say anything here and looked at him.

“Then, what do you think should be done?” Mu Yixi had to speak.

Mu Jiuqing waited for his sentence, and said in a leisurely manner, “Do you want to go overseas?”

Mu Yixi left the hotel alone, and Feng Weiming did not go back with him. Because Mu Jiuqing had already expressed his dissatisfaction, Feng Weiming was unhappy. This was his only father, so he stayed with him. Mu Yixi was right, Feng Weiming always hoped to get the support and blessings of Mu Jiuqing.

Mu Yixi did not try to pull Feng Weiming away. Anyway, Mu Jiuqing was busy with his affairs, and he could only stay for a few days, so it was right for him to spend time with his son.

After Mu Yixi left, Feng Weiming sat silently beside Mu Jiuqing.

Mu Jiuqing said, “Aren’t you curious about what I told him?”

Feng Weiming: “Don’t embarrass him, it’s not easy for him.”

Mu Jiuqing became melancholy: “You are obviously a boy, why are you turning your elbows out[1]?”

Feng Weiming glared at his unruly father.

Mu Jiuqing said, “Mu Yixi is ruthless at a young age, and his vision and means are not ambiguous. It’s a pity that your uncle didn’t treat him well.”

“Mu Jiurong is mercenary, but he is not used to others being mercenary. That’s why Auntie and the others have been stable.” Feng Weiming said. Mrs. Mu’s heart wouldn’t not tolerate Mu Jiurong’s kindness to Mu Yixi. But Mu Jiurong held it from beginning to end and refused to let go of his body and face in front of Mu Yixi. Maybe he was sure that Mrs. Mu and the others were there, and Mu Yixi would thus have scruples no matter what, and would not do anything.

Hit the nail on the head.

Mu Jiuqing nodded with satisfaction, and reminded: “You and Mu Yixi are together, I can ignore it, but don’t be coaxed into believing him. This person is ruthless, and no one pays attention to him. There is still a bad debt on his biological mother’s side. Also your classmate, I don’t know how he offended him, and Mu Yixi has dragged him into the pit…”

“You mean, Feng Kun?” Feng Weiming asked.

“He seems to be called this name. You know him?” Mu Jiuqing said.

Feng Weiming nodded expressionlessly: “I know about Nandao.”

The real estate in Nandao was subjected to malicious speculation, but many people only saw the superficial benefits, but did not see the dangers inside, and rushed in with all their wealth heading towards ruin. The situation was getting worse and worse, and it would inevitably explode after reaching the critical point.

Mu Yixi had developed a habit since he was a child. If he could not say anything to others, he would tell Feng Weiming, almost like confessing to God. Feng Weiming was very aware of Mu Yixi’s many small actions.

Like in the matter of Feng Kun, Mu Yixi had always stood in the right position and expressed his opposition to the Nandao project. He also persuaded Feng Kun not to move his hands, but when he couldn’t persuade him to let go, he responded indifferently, as if he was very insistent on his position. In fact, every move he made was pushing Feng Kun in the opposite direction. Feng Kun was greedy and eager to win, and there were people who supported him blindly around him, so it was an inevitable result to fall into the pit dug by Mu Yixi himself.

Feng Weiming did not expect Mu Jiuqing to know the inside story so clearly. He basically knew the whole story, and he wouldn’t lie in front of Mu Jiuqing to pick Mu Yixi out.

Feng Weiming clearly explained the reason in a concise and comprehensive way: “The Feng family has always wanted to deal with the Mu family.” Feng Kun repeatedly mentioned Mu Yixuan in front of Mu Yixi and joined with Hu Qin and Wei Anqi to bully and squeeze Mu Yixi.

It was strange that Mu Yixi could endure being a “coolie” for them all the time.

Mu Jiuqing couldn’t help sneering: “Mu Jiurong is really pitiful.” Mu Yixi kept in touch with his biological mother and mixed in the grandness of the Feng family’s shadow. These actions were not done too secretly. If he had the heart to investigate, with Mu Jiurong’s energy, he could have easily found out everything. However, he never checked, and only asked people to watch from a distance. And because he had not figured out the doubts in his heart, he was suspicious of Mu Yixi and wanted him to take the initiative to explain. Mu Yixi didn’t satisfy him. On the contrary, Mu Jiuqing had no scruples, and directly asked people to investigate in depth, and came to an intuitive conclusion. If Mu Jiurong knew that Mu Yixi had been protecting the Mu family secretly, and stopped many people who could have made trouble, would he regret it?

Mu Jiuqing felt more and more that it was a good idea for him to let Mu Yixi enter the overseas Mu family.

Feng Weiming said: “Mu Yixi is measured, whether it is the Mu family or others close to him, he has no malicious intentions.” At least for Mrs. Mu’s sake, no. Moreover, his father’s surname was also Mu…

Mu Jiuqing shook his head and sighed: “Mingming, do you really like him that much?” How could you help him everywhere?

“I don’t want you to have prejudice against him. If it were me, I might not have achieved what he has achieved today.” Feng Weiming thought for a while and said, “Do you want to train him to be your heir?”

Mu Jiuqing: “You don’t agree? If you’re interested, of course I don’t need him.”

Feng Weiming hesitated for a moment: “Is he suitable?”

Mu Jiuqing: “I won’t get it wrong, his ambitions are bigger than yours. Mrs. Mu has special meaning to him.”

Feng Weiming was silent.

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[1] This is a play on the phrase that women turn their elbows out after finding lovers.

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