5BKCM Ch. 22

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After taking the pictures, Gu Yuan waited for Hu Yuejing to leave with her assistant. Wang Yuehan and Chen Yuting looked at the photos on their phones excitedly and almost jumped up.

But while being happy, Chen Yuting looked at the photo and felt that something was wrong: “Do you think that Senior Sister Hu is alright? Why do I feel that something is not right?”

Wang Yuehan saw that Hu Yuejing in this photo was still smiling, elegant and calm, her makeup was also perfect, but there seemed to be something wrong.

The smile was stiff, as if it was forced out, and there was an indescribable feeling in his eyes, as if he was being forced.

The two were puzzled: “What’s the matter, Senior Sister Hu usually takes pictures like this? Didn’t she want to take pictures with us?”

Gu Yuan slapped them sloppily from the side: “It shouldn’t be, maybe she’s just a little tired?”

Both of them agreed with this, and they admired the photos, and then began to envy Hu Yuejing: “Senior Sister Hu is really my idol, and I will be happy if I achieved even half as her in the future.”

Chen Yuting nodded again and again, her face full of yearning. “She doesn’t have an old face, and there is such a wealthy husband, Gu Yuan, you don’t know, her husband is Chen Heran, the young owner of Xianghe Foods. I heard that this Chen Heran used to be very romantic. Since marrying her, he has changed his ways. This is simply a fairy love that can be written into a novel!”

Gu Yuan heard them say this, but she remembered her former roommate, Hu Yuejing. At that time, Hu Yuejing wrote letters to her boyfriend from a different place every day, and she was reluctant to let go of her boyfriend’s letter every day. She said that her boyfriend was the person she loved the most and the person she would love forever.

That boyfriend’s surname was not Chen, nor was his name Chen Heran.

For her, the moment she woke up, the world really changed.

When thinking so, Gu Yuan turned around and looked in the direction Hu Yuejing had left in.

In fact, Hu Yuejing had already gone a long way, but when Gu Yuan looked back, she vaguely saw that Hu Yuejing was also looking back there.

Across a long distance, they should have seen each other looking over towards them. Although they couldn’t see each other’s expressions clearly, they seemed to be able to imagine each other’s looks and expressions.

Gu Yuan retracted her gaze.

At this time, the two roommates were sharing the photo and telling her, “Keep it well, this is a group photo of us and Hu Yuejing!”

It was a great honor to take a photo with Hu Yuejing, and it could be shared in the circle of friends.

And not far away, after Hu Yuejing walked far away, she couldn’t help but look back.

Gu Yuan, was that her?

Her roommate from twenty-seven years ago, the one who was said to be frozen and never woke up.

Accompanied by her assistant, Hu Yuejing got into her luxury car, closed her eyes, and recalled the Gu Yuan she saw just now.

For some reason, she felt a chill on her back.

She opened her eyes suddenly: “Why is the air conditioner turned down so low?”

The assistant was startled, she didn’t know that Hu Yuejing could speak so fiercely, she was usually very gentle.

After seeing the assistant’s fright, Hu Yuejing took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down.

That person was already dead, frozen, and won’t wake up if frozen, she’s not, she’s not Gu Yuan, they just looked alike.

How could they look so similar?

She also looked at her with the kind of eyes that seemed to be familiar to her, she did!

Hu Yuejing was sweating coldly on her forehead, clenched her fists, and said suddenly, “Private detective, find me a private detective!”

Back in the dormitory, Wang Yuehan and the two were still discussing taking a photo with Hu Yuejing. Both of them quickly retouched the photo carefully, and then posted it in the circle of friends, as well as on their other social media, attracting the envy of many people.

When someone asked, “Do you and Hu Yuejing know each other?”

They replied vaguely, “It’s my Senior Sister, I happened to meet her today, and the weather was nice, so we took a picture together.”

That way, no one else knew what she was really talking about. She was not familiar with Hu Yuejing, so they could guess what they wanted, and her face suddenly glowed.

Gu Yuan was not interested in posting photos on Weibo or Moments. Compared to them, she was more interested in Hu Yuejing’s situation.

Lying on the bed, she thought wildly, such as how Hu Yuejing broke up with the boyfriend she loved so much, and how did she marry the young owner of Xinghe Foods.

Because of love, or because of other things.

She held her chin and thought, in fact, it was normal to give up love and marry for security, the entertainment industry was like this, everyone must endeavour to pursue what they want.

However, she would still subconsciously feel that the world should still be what she thought it would be, and Hu Yuejing would still hold the letters her boyfriend wrote to her, while saying with longing that she would love him for the rest of her life.

It’s just that everything had changed, just like the big chimney outside the house, she couldn’t see it anymore.

Sighing lightly, Gu Yuan wanted to chat with someone.

She picked up her phone subconsciously and opened her son’s WeChat.

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “Qisen ~~~~”

JQS had no response.

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “Sen Sen~~~~”

JQS had no response.

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “Xiao Sen Sen ~~~~”

JQS: “?”

Finally seeing her son’s response, Gu Yuan was instantly happy, and the previous sadness disappeared.

“Xiao Sen Sen, Mama feels a little uncomfortable.” Gu Yuan called Ji Qisen that way on purpose. She looked at WeChat happily, imagining Ji Qisen’s expression on the phone.

He must have frowned coldly and would say seriously: Mom, please straighten your tongue and don’t use strange words.

However, what surprised Gu Yuan was that today’s son was extraordinarily gentle and considerate.

JQS: “Are the roommates in the dormitory easy to get along with?”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “They are all good, and they are also very good to me.”

JQS: “That’s good, in the card layer of the bag in your suitcase. There are three cards, all three cards are unlimited multi-currency cards, and there is no cap…”

“There is no limit, you take them and let your roommate accompany you to buy something.”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass wondered: “Why should I buy something? “

At that time, Camille had already prepared everything she wanted to buy!

JQS: “Didn’t you say that shopping can make a woman feel happy?”

Gu Yuan burst into laughter when she saw this sentence. She didn’t expect her son, such a serious person, to understand this. The key was he gave her three unlimited black and gold cards and let her swipe at will. This life was worth it!

However, Yuan Yuan couldn’t laugh after seeing the next message from JQS.

JQS: “I will deal with those rumours on the Internet as soon as possible, please pay attention, don’t attract others’ attention. “

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass:”?”

JQS: “?”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “What rumours?”

JQS: “You don’t know? Then you don’t need to know.”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass:”?”

She immediately closed WeChat, opened Weibo and typed in the search engine, Yuan Yuan went to search Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass.

Who knew that before the search button was pressed, Wang Yuehan next to her exclaimed: “Oh my God, Ji Qisen is actually in love!”

Chen Yuting also shouted: “He has a girlfriend? No, no, just show me, what kind of little bitch broke my dream of marrying in a wealthy family! “

Gu Yuan hadn’t searched here yet. Hearing this, she was stunned: “What, Ji Qisen is in love? “

Suddenly there was a sense of sadness in her heart. Just now she felt that their mother and son had a close relationship with each other, and they interacted frequently. Now someone told her that her son was in love? Was his mother the last one to know?

Chen Yuting looked like she was about to cry: “This is my husband, this is my husband, please let go of his hand! Whoa who is this, who stole my husband!”

Wang Yuehan did not hesitate: “Is my rich son just looking for someone else? No, I don’t believe it!”

Gu Yuan was stunned.

Where was this from?

She looked at them and said in confusion, “You all know Ji Qisen?”

Although her son was relatively rich, was his popularity so high?

When Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan heard her say this, they said in unison, “Who doesn’t know Ji Qisen?”

Gu Yuan was even more stunned.

Chen Yuting expressed contempt for Gu Yuan: “Don’t you even know Ji Qisen? That’s AK’s prince, AK is known as the top ten financial groups in the world, last year AK’s prince Ji Qisen was in the top ten in the world’s wealth list, that’s one of the ten richest people in the world!”

Gu Yuan quickly lowered her head and said, “I know I know, what’s wrong with him?”

After speaking, she suddenly searched.

After a search, she was completely stunned.

It turned out that her son was the prince of the AK Group, and he was born with a fortune of hundreds of billions of dollars. However, this prince had an excellent IQ since he was a child, a gifted child, and showed all kinds of excellence, reaching a height that was absolutely impossible for ordinary people to achieve.

No matter how low-key Ji Qisen was, he couldn’t avoid being wildly concerned about by people from all walks of life.

He seldom appeared in the public eye but he appeared on the cover of the world-renowned financial magazine “Wealth Theory” last year. His handsome and cold appearance on the cover formed a huge contrast with his shocking billionaire fortune, attracting people and who know how many fans.

Although Ji Qisen did not have a public account on any public platform, there were still many girlfriend fans who were madly infatuated with him, and substituted him for the hero in their marrying into the wealthy dream, collecting his information in various ways.

But it was Ji Qisen who was like this. It was said that it was suddenly revealed that he had a girlfriend, and they also had an intimate meal together. He was accidentally photographed and the photo was posted on the Internet.

Suddenly, there was a huge wave on the Internet.

“Hey, is this true? Tell me it’s a rumour!”

“Ji Qisen’s actions are so tyrannical and he always takes good care of his little girlfriend. I’m sitting on a lemon today. Crying on the pile~~”

“Ah…ah…ah…, come to the master of p-pictures, put me in, and I will go shopping with Ji Qisen too!”

“Is anyone picking up the origin of Ji Qisen’s girlfriend? Honey juice hunch, the marriage of a wealthy family, tell me it’s a marriage with a wealthy family!”

“Aah…., how could such a perfect Ji Qisen be worthy of a woman, please break up quickly, please break up now!”

“He fell in love so soon. He’s only twenty-three!!”

“Why don’t you focus on your career? Ji Qisen, your goal is to be the richest man in the world, not a woman!”

“The dream of marrying into a wealthy family is broken, and the dream of marrying Qisen has also broken!”

“Broken dream of marrying into a wealthy family +1”

“Broken dream of marrying into a wealthy family +2”

“Broken dream of marrying into a wealthy family + ID number”

Gu Yuan quickly browsed the information, and was dazzled, as she saw all kinds of jealousy and envy from all kinds of unbelievers. It expressed the love story of a wealthy family, but she just couldn’t understand what kind of girlfriend her son had found!

She hurriedly asked Wang Yuehan for advice: “What does Ji Qisen’s girlfriend look like?”

Wang Yuehan looked at her like that and laughed: “I was acting stupid just now, but now when you hear that he has a girlfriend, you look to be in a hurry, aren’t you? Are you not looking forward to marrying Ji Qisen one day?”

No, I didn’t.

Gu Yuan was helpless: “I just want to see what kind of koi girl can win Ji Qisen’s favour.”

Chen Yuting said kindly: “I found the photo and sent it to you, you can look at it quickly. It is said that someone has already deleted the post, and it is estimated that this photo will not be seen soon.”

Gu Yuan nodded quickly.

Soon Chen Yuting sent a WeChat message, she opened the link, and when the so-called exposed photo appeared in front of her eyes, she didn’t know what to say.

It was clearly a picture of her and her son!

It was her son who took her to dinner, but she met that slut Nie Yu and left in a hurry!

What kind of bloody misunderstanding was this?

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