BCFE Ch. 7: Arriving Home

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Graduating from high school was indeed a good thing in the 1980s, but it was not easy to find a decent job. It had all to do with connections, and there was no one to help her, and she couldn’t even figure out the ropes.

Wang Yao’s parents were both high-ranking cadres. If she could help with a word or reveal a little information, it would definitely be better than just running around like a headless fly.

Let’s not talk about distant places, just talk about Ye Ning’s own father. He was a high school student in the early 1980s. At that time, he graduated and returned to his hometown to farm. As a result, his classmate went to the city to work as a worker, and then he learned that a pharmaceutical factory in the city was recruiting people. It was because a cadre sister was in the city and secretly informed him after getting the news. However, because her father had no source of information, by the time he found out, the recruitment had already ended. After that, he missed several opportunities. Among their group of twenty-two classmates, there were only three people who had no jobs, just because they had no connections.

After packing her things while thinking, Ye Ning glanced at Wang Yao and said, “Thank you, I’ll go back first.”

“When will you come back to school?” Wang Yao tied her bag and asked sideways.

“I’m not counting here. It must be at least a week.” Ye Ning asked for a week’s leave. If there was not enough time, she would have to come back and extend her leave.

Wang Yao nodded, “Class will start soon, so I won’t see you off. You…have my condolences and accept the change, and don’t think too much.”

“Well, thank you.”

Ye Ning carried two large bags of things to the station to catch the bus. Hours later, she finally returned to her original hometown, Anren Township.

Looking at the familiar yet unfamiliar hometown, Ye Ning took a deep breath and walked towards the home in her memory while carrying her things.

“Hey, isn’t this Xiao Ning from Ye Laoer’s family? Why are you back?” The aunt from the same village asked with confusion when she saw Ye Ning.

“Hello, Auntie, I haven’t been back for a while. So, I came home to have a look.” Ye Ning smiled and quickly called out to her. In the countryside, you had to call someone when you met an acquaintance. Otherwise, you were seen as uneducated and would be talked about behind your back.

“It’s time to go home and take a look, otherwise…” The aunt shook her head, but didn’t say anything further, she was plain anxious.

Ye Ning frowned. She had already gone home. She would soon know why it was important to go home.

The mother-in-law, who had just come back from picking vegetables, was carrying a basket. When she saw Ye Ning, she looked at her carefully and said, “Hey, it’s Xiao Ning. Go home quickly. Your uncle is at your house. Just Xiao Lan and Xiao An are there, don’t let them be bullied.”

What was her uncle doing at her house? He was definitely up to something. Ye Ning said hello to her aunt and ran home with her things. Before she reached the door, she heard her uncle’s stuttering voice.

“I…I am your uncle, and I can still…harm you.”

“That is, you said that spring ploughing is about to begin, and your land is all empty. Let us plant it, and we will distribute food to you every year. Isn’t it good? ? You, a little girl, have to go to the fields by yourself all day long. As an aunt, I feel heartbroken.”

The other voice was that of the original owner’s aunt. She loved to take advantage of people. There was no reason to take out the things after coming into her house. Ye Ning bet that if they really let her plant this field, it would be impossible to get it back in the future.

It was not convenient for Ye Ning to hold things with both hands, so she kicked the door open. A loud bang made everyone in the room jump. In addition to her uncle and aunt, her grandfather was also in the room. Her step-grandma cherished her reputation and would not show up for such a thing.

Seeing that it was Ye Ning, everyone in the room breathed a sigh of relief. They all knew that this girl was soft-spoken and would hide in the room and cry when something happened. The most difficult thing in the family was the second girl, Ye Lan, who was like a mad dog and would bite anyone she caught.

“Eldest sister?” Ye Lan was slightly stunned when she saw Ye Ning, with a little disappointment in her eyes. She thought that her father was back, and it would be nice if the eldest sister didn’t come back as she couldn’t help.

“Sister, you’re back.” Ye Gu’s eyes lit up slightly when he saw Ye Ning. Although he was sensible, he was still a child after all. He only remembered that eldest sister would bring him sweets every time she came back.

Ye Ning nodded to their siblings, glanced at the blood relatives in the yard, and asked lightly: “What’s wrong? It’s not time for lunch, why are you all here at my house?”

“Xiao Ning, you’re back just in time, you are the eldest daughter of this family. Ye Lan is still young. Your father is not at home, so you have to make the decision.”

Auntie was happy to see Ye Ning come back. Ye Lan couldn’t be coaxed, but she was so easy to coax, “Th Spring ploughing is about to start. Your adults are not at home, and the three of you have to go to school. The fields will definitely not be taken care of, so your uncle and I discussed whether we can help your family plant.”

“That’s great!”

Ye Ning glanced at Ye Lan. The little girl was indeed worried. She glanced at her aunt who was smiling, and said with a smile: “I was thinking about what to do with the fields at home. My father called and said he wanted to do it himself after coming back, now that my uncle and aunt are helping with the planting, there is no need for him to come back. Don’t worry, I am not an ignorant person. I always eat at my house. When your family is planting, Ye Lan and I will also come to help.”

When Ye Lan heard this, her little face instantly brightened up, “Thank you, uncle, aunt, and grandpa. Thank you. I was still thinking about what to do with the fields at home. It would be great to have your help.”

“Wait, who? Did he say he wanted to help you farm?” Her uncle was the first to react.

“Auntie said it herself. She wants to help us farm. What’s wrong?” Ye Ning looked at them with an innocent face.

“Don’t talk nonsense. I mean to ask you to plant your fields for us. You said you are a scholar, but you can’t even understand a sentence.”

Auntie also realized what she was saying. She wanted to scold Ye Ning, but then she thought that now was not the time, she forced a smile and said in a flattering tone: “Xiao Ning, you are a high school student, and you will go to college to serve as an iron rice bowl. How can you work in the fields? Your father is working outside and he can’t come back. It’s not easy, so don’t let him run back and forth. It’s better to make more money at the construction site. It’s not easy for him to support the three of you by himself. We’re not white either. The autumn harvest is here and I’ll give you 20%. This will definitely be enough for you siblings. The three of you will be rich after eating for a year. Think about it, if you don’t plant it, it will be wasted. You don’t have to do any work, just wait at home to share the grain. You must be better at calculating such a simple account than me.”

Ye Ning chuckled. She had only been working alone for a few years, and the land was still very valuable. If she rented it to others, the rent would be 40%. Not to mention this, she was afraid that she wouldn’t even have the 20% when the autumn harvest came. Not to mention 20%, maybe just give them a few dozen kilograms of coarse grains to send them away. In a few years, all these fields would belong to their two families, and there won’t be any left for Ye Ning’s family. It was a beautiful idea, but let’s see if Ye Ning agreed.

“It will take you a long time to help us with the planting, so forget it, don’t worry, my dad will come back and plant it himself later.” Ye Ning glanced at her grandfather, who had been smoking a cigarette, “If there’s nothing else, just go back and get busy.”

Ye Ning concealed the news of Ye Qingshan’s death and was just out of town. The people in her hometown bullied her like this. If they knew that Ye Qingshan was gone, they might not have any scruples at all.

“Don’t be ignorant of good people’s hearts, let’s go.” After Ye Ning said that Ye Qingshan would be back in two days, her aunt did not continue to talk.

Auntie looked at Ye Ning, but it would be scary if she got angry.

She used to think that Ye Qingshan was easy to bully and often took advantage of his family. Ye Qingshan really ignored her and she gradually began to take advantage of him. Once for unknown reasons, he had a fight with his original mother Li Fang and pushed Li Fang to the wits end, that was the first time Ye Qingshan got angry and beat her with a pole. It was useless even when Ye Qinghe came, and she was beaten with Ye Qinghe. After that time, the aunt became honest whenever she saw Ye Qingshan and did not dare to be like before. That way she knew that Ye Qingshan was not easy to bully.

Since Ye Qingshan wanted to come back to plant, they really had no reason to continue asking for the land.

“Why are you leaving? If you’re leaving, if you’re not going, you’re going to… call your dad and tell him… we’ve planted the fields, and we’ve just told him to do it during… the Chinese New Year.” Uncle Ye Fangming said loudly.

“Um… Xiao Ning, your dad did go to the house and told us when he left during the Chinese New Year that if he doesn’t come back this year, he will let us plant it.” The old man who had been silent until now finally spoke.

Ye Ningxin said this. After all, the three children in the family were not yet able to take care of the children. Ye Qingshan hoped that his father and brother could take care of the children and knew their virtues, so he simply gave them the fields to cultivate and let them take advantage. It was a pity. Yes, Ye Qingshan couldn’t come back. If he couldn’t come back, the fields he borrowed would definitely not come back, so she couldn’t lend them in the first place.

“He also said if he can’t come back. My dad told me he’s coming back. I’ve said it three times now. We have to cultivate this land ourselves. Grandpa, my dad is your biological son. You shouldn’t worry about it for outsiders.” The old man blushed when she said this.

The uncle’s face turned even redder. He was angry and stared at Ye Ning with his big eyes, “You are still… a high school student. You… is this how your father taught you… to talk… to your elders?”

“What I said is a fact. My dad is not at home. You uncles are supposed to take care of us, but now you are bullying us. Are there such uncles? Grandpa, why don’t you just say a few words?” Ye Ning stared at the old man and asked him. He looked like his face was red and the neck was thick.

“Okay, let’s all go back. When your father comes back, let him come to the old house.”

The old man knocked on his pipe and left with his two sons and a daughter-in-law. As soon as they went out, Ye Lan slammed the door shut.

“Dad, look at their attitude. I’ve told you before that these three children have been taught bad things by Li Fang. They don’t have any respect for their elders.” Ye Qinghe pointed at the door and said unhappily.

“Okay, let’s go back.” Old Man Ye said unhappily.

Here, Ye Gu was surrounding Ye Ning and kept exaggerating how powerful his sister was. Ye Lan looked at Ye Ning carefully and felt that her elder sister was different from before when she came back this time. She actually dared to challenge her uncle and the others.

Ye Ning patted Ye Gu on the head and said, “Let’s all go inside first.”

“Sister, will dad really come back?” Ye Lan asked immediately after entering the house.

When Ye Qingshan went out, he didn’t even have enough travel expenses, so he borrowed it from Er Mazi in the village. It was probably not cost-effective to go back and forth.

Ye Ning looked at the two of them, her eyes immediately turned red, “Our dad… can’t come back.”

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