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Pang Zifei dropped out before the final exam, and the desk behind Chi Fang felt so empty. Sometimes Chi Fang would subconsciously turn his head back, and then stare blankly at the empty desk.

The relationship between Chi Fang and Yu Mo gradually improved, and with Yu Mo’s company, the sadness of Pang Zifei’s leaving was also eliminated.

“Have you really decided?” The head teacher looked at Chi Fang with a little surprise.

Chi Fang smiled and nodded, “Anyway, Pang Zifei has also dropped out, and the back seat is empty. It happens that I usually have questions and want to ask Yu Mo. It is more convenient to be at the same table with Yu Mo.”

After this semester, Chi Fang’s change was in the eyes of the head teacher, and he didn’t think that Chi Fang would affect Yu Mo’s studies. It was just that when Yu Mo was a freshman, he said clearly that he didn’t want to sit with others. Although Yu Mo had a very good relationship with Chi Fang….the head teacher was a little worried.

“Did you talk to Yu Mo about this?” the head teacher asked.

Chi Fang coughed slightly, his eyes erratic, he hadn’t mentioned this to Yu Mo yet. He wanted to be at the same table with Yu Mo, but in fact he just wanted to get closer to Yu Mo. Chi Fang didn’t like people too much and was only tempted that one time. In the end, he had been disgusted, and he was a little bit less confident about emotional matters.

What’s more, Yu Mo was too young, even if his aura occasionally made Chi Fang forget this.

“I… thought about discussing it with the teacher first.” Chi Fang smiled cleverly.

There was still an advantage in appearance. Chi Fang smiled cleverly, and the head teacher couldn’t help but agree. He didn’t object, he turned around and swallowed, “You go back first. I’ll talk to Yu Mo about this.”

Chi Fang nodded, and not long after returning to the classroom, he saw the head teacher call out Yu Mo.

He didn’t know what the head teacher talked about with Yu Mo, but Chi Fang moved his seat with Yu Mo during the self-study class. Originally, Pang Zifei was sitting at the same table with Zeng Xiaoying, and now an extra table was vacated.

After listening to the teacher’s arrangement, Chi Fang was about to move his books, but was stopped by Yu Mo. Yu Mo rolled up the sleeves of the school uniform, exposing his forearms, put all the exercise books on Chi Fang’s table together, and moved them to his seat.

“Anything else?” Yu Mo asked in a low voice.

Chi Fang shook his head and looked at Yu Mo inexplicably, always feeling that Yu Mo seemed…more anxious than him. When Chi Fang changed seats, it was the self-study class. So, during the next day, every teacher couldn’t help but take a look at Chi Fang before the class.

When Chi Fang came in the morning, he was also taken aback, only to realize that he had changed seats. From then on, he would sit with Yu Mo in class… Chi Fang was suddenly worried about his self-control. What if he just thought about Yu Mo in a daze in class every day?

A workbook was pushed in front of him.

Chi Fang looked down and saw that they were the after-school exercises given in the latest class of mathematics. Chi Fang regained consciousness, habitually took the question paper, bowed his head and started to do it. After the self-study class, the first class was English. Now the English teacher habitually called Chi Fang to read the text, and then followed Chi Fang’s pronunciation to explain.

After Chi Fang finished reading the text perfectly, the English teacher nodded in satisfaction and let him sit down.

“Ms. Lin said… Did you take the initiative to find her to change the seat?” Yu Mo rarely asked.

Chi Fang’s note-taking pen paused slightly and nodded, “En.”


The question was mouthed by Yu Mo, but then he held it back silently, “Oh.”

Chi Fang held the pen and squeezed tightly. Hearing Yu Mo sighing, he couldn’t say whether he was relieved he let it go or not.

The temperature in June gradually rose, and the autumn school uniform jackets had been left on the desks. They were only taken out and worn during lunch breaks. Girls and boys who were about to reach adulthood also began to pay attention to the opposite sex around them, subconsciously caring about their appearance. Although wearing the school uniform was mandatory, girls still used various methods to show themselves off, such as cartoon drawings on the back of school uniforms or short skirts that had been further shortened.

Chi Fang glanced at the weather and felt a little irritable.

Regarding Zhu Ling, he had doubts in his heart, and he secretly checked it out, but he didn’t expect that Wang Pengyu was also involved in this matter. Wang Pengyu don’t know from where go to know that Zhu Ling and Chi Fang had a grudge, so he paid 200,000 yuan to let Zhu Ling steal a piece of Chi Fang’s clothing for him, and then plant it in the theft of mid-term examination papers. Although Zhu Ling hesitated, she couldn’t resist the temptation of 200,000 yuan in the end.

It was a pity that this matter was caught by Chi Fang from the very beginning.

Chi Fang narrowed his eyes slightly, his face sinking like water. He didn’t want to care too much about Wang Pengyu, so he wanted to warn him alone and let this person settle down. Anyway, in a few years, Wang Pengyu would send himself in, but he didn’t expect Wang Pengyu to be so bold that he would try to retaliate against him.

Sure enough, he was too soft-hearted.

Chi Fang sighed.

At this moment, his family was intact, his friends were intact, and the Chi family was still there, and even his relationship with Yu Mo became better and better, making his mood more and more peaceful, almost forgetting… What kind of means did Chi Fang use to hold Chi Jia in his own hands in the last life.

Chi Fang wrote the three names of Wang, Zhu, and Ma on the white paper. After hesitating for a moment, he added another Xu. Although Xu Guang didn’t participate in these things, Xu Guang’s second uncle was not a good person. In the past, Xu Guang and Chi Zheng were not able to settle things together.

The tip of the pen touched the paper lightly.

Chi Fang finally drew a circle on the word Zhu.

He still hadn’t figured out about the Wang Family and Ma family, not to mention whether Wang Pengyu and Wang Liang know each other, he was actually not sure. All he knew was that after three years, Wang Pengyu would be imprisoned for endangering public order. At this time, Wang Liang was already the second in command of the Wang family, and he fished Wang Pengyu out of it. After that, Wang Pengyu followed Wang Liang.

But now… it’s too early.

Wang Pengyu was just a small high school student, and Wang Liang was still working hard to survive in the Wang family, even having to seek shelter from the Ma family.

But Zhu Ling… this girl Chi Fang didn’t have any impression of, it was probably just a knife that Wang Pengyu was looking for. Then… he would just snap them off one by one.

Zhu Ling and Zhu Jiaguang were siblings. Although Zhu Jiaguang was relatively arrogant, he was still very good to his younger sister. However, Zhu Jiaguang’s study was not as good as Zhu Ling. Although he had been in the same class with Zhu Ling for a year, his grades were much worse than Zhu Ling’s.

Therefore, when Zhu Ling heard that Wang Pengyu wanted to steal the papers, she was able to agree with the reason of helping Zhu Jiaguang. Although the school uniform was taken back by Chi Fang, the 200,000 were not taken for nothing.

Wang Pengyu was not a kind person. If Zhu Ling couldn’t get the school uniform, he would definitely get revenge against her.

So, she had to do something else.

Chi Fang crumpled the white paper on the table into a ball and threw it in the garbage bag.

He just had to wait.

“That’s right.” Chi Fang packed up his things, and suddenly thought of something, “Yu Mo, what do you plan to choose?”

In a few days, they would receive the liberal arts and science classification list, and Chi Fang had not chosen his yet.

Yu Mo stopped writing and hesitated, “I haven’t decided yet.”

Chi Fang was stunned, “Aren’t you going to choose the sub-discipline?”

Although Yu Mo’s grades were very good, Chi Fang could clearly feel that Yu Mo should prefer science. What’s more, the computer major was also according to the science subject in the university. If Yu Mo chose the liberal arts, it would be difficult to continue to study in the future.

Yu Mo hesitated, if there was no Chi Fang, he would definitely choose science. But… Chi Fang would not necessarily choose science. Chi Fang’s memory was very good, and his English was also good. Compared with the science subjects, he understood the concept of liberal arts better. If he chose science, and then Chi Fang chooses liberal arts. Then he met a gentle girl in the second year of high school…

“Ah,” Yu Mo retracted his mind, “What about you?”

Chi Fang smiled, “Science.”

Yu Mo’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Well, in fact, there would be no difference with my choice. Anyway, my grades are not good.” Chi Fang sighed. “It’s just that if you choose the same, I might be in the same class as you. Then I can barely score a little more on the test, right?”

Yu Thigh Mo: “…En.”

There was nothing wrong with that.

Chi Fang smiled and began to lower his head to write the papers. He decided to choose science not just for this reason. He would definitely enter the Chi family’s company in the future. Although management in the university belonged to the liberal arts, more financial subjects belonged to the sciences. If he wanted to help the Chi family, he could no longer shrink behind Chi Zheng and Chi Yan.

When Yu Mo saw that Chi Fang started to do the questions, he quietly took out his blank form, wrote his name in the first line, and neatly wrote science in the column of sub-discipline choice.

The time table for the final exam came out in the first week of June, and it was set on June 21st. Looking at this time, Chi Fang curled his lips, copied the exam timetable, and gave Yu Mo a copy.

“Are you unhappy?” Yu Mo took the paper and asked in a low voice.

Chi Fang reduced the emotions on his face, smiled and shook his head, “No, I’m a little tired.”

The time for the exam had been set, and Zhu Ling’s patience was deteriorating. Wang Pengyu was very generous, and 200,000 was directly transferred to her. A high school girl had never seen so much money. In just one week, she spent thousands of dollars. When Chi Fang found out about stealing of the school uniform, Zhu Ling took out 50,000 yuan as well.

She originally wanted to take 100,000 and buy his school uniform from Chi Fang, anyway, Chi Fang didn’t look like he was particularly rich, so she could still have fifty thousand to spend. Who would have thought that Chi Fang not only didn’t ask for the 100,000, but instead asked for the whole thing.

Zhu Ling was frightened for several days. Seeing that Chi Fang seemed to have forgotten about her because of Pang Zifei’s affairs, her heart began to become active again.

It was no longer possible to steal Chi Fang’s school uniform, not to mention that their previous plan has been discovered by Chi Fang. As long as Chi Fang was not a fool, he would definitely be vigilant.

After Zhu Ling was threatened by Wang Pengyu for more than half a month, finally, one week before the exam, Zhu Ling started to act.

Chi Fang looked at Zhu Ling who was standing in front of him, regretful and extremely ashamed, and squinted slightly. Now was the time for school. Except for the students around Yu Mo, everybody else was almost gone.

Yu Mo looked at Zhu Ling with a cold expression. This girl felt very bad because of him.

Chi Fang looked at Zhu Ling as if she was a low-profile version of the later girls who tried to seduce him. He turned his head to look at Yu Mo, “You go first.”

Yu Mo frowned.

Chi Fang shook his head, “It’s okay.”

If he could stumble here, he would have died many times in his previous life.

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