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After Fifth Master Lu went away, he hid his merits and fame deeply. Siyu was dragged away from Ji’s family home. Although, she didn’t see the situation with his own eyes, she could still imagine that the Ji family’s husband and wife would definitely be inevitably noisy. After all, Siyu saw it very clearly just now, Ji Wenhan looked at Duan Rulan as if he had a knife, he would want to tear a layer off of her skin.

Siyu didn’t care about the grievances of the couple. She was just a little worried about Ji Lin. No matter what the two people did, they were both Ji Lin’s biological parents. It would never be easy for Ji Lin to be caught in the middle.

Thinking of this, Siyu was a little grateful that Fifth Master Lu had a foresight to give Ji Lin medicine so that he didn’t have to see the scene of his parents losing their faces.

That silly boy should still be asleep, nothing would happen…

The more Siyu thought about it, the more worried she was, knowing that she should have left when he asked someone to carry Ji Lin away!

As if perceiving her distraction, Fifth Master Lu was playing with her slender fingers with great interest. At this moment, he glanced at her slightly and asked, “Still uncomfortable?” Siyu coughed up blood just now. She stopped, or Fifth Master Lu would take out the pill from nowhere, and force her to eat it. Then she stopped. At this time, in Fifth Master Lu’s eyes, the little girl’s face was pale, and she looked like she was badly injured.

“It’s okay…” Siyu replied subconsciously, and then recovered, she secretly glanced at Fifth Master Lu ‘s expression, and asked, “I’m worried about A Lin, should we turn around and pick him up?”

In the past, Siyu never dared to ask Fifth Master Lu so bluntly, for fear that this psychopath would make use of the question and make random requests, but now even Siyu herself had not noticed that she was able to say such things naturally to him.

Fifth Master Lu was keenly aware of this, but he didn’t intend to tell the dull girl, he just curled his lips and said, “There is no need for this. Ji’s family is in a mess nowadays. They can’t take care of themselves. Where can they be in the mood to care about other people?”

Speaking of this, Siyu looked at him up and down for a few seconds, and the doubts that had been hidden in her heart from the beginning, she finally asked, ” Fifth Master Lu, you won’t be… specially supporting me, right?”

Her subconscious told her that this idea was right, Fifth Master Lu and Ji Lin had no intersection at all. He rushed over when he heard that she was at the Ji’s family home. What else could it be other than for her? However, this reason told Siyu not to think too much about herself. If Fifth Master Lu only acted out because of her, the problem was that she was clearly going to destroy Ji’s company. She alone should, maybe not have that great ability, right?

Fifth Master Lu asked indifferently, “Otherwise?”

Siyu actually wanted to ask him what he meant by “This is my person”, but when she saw Fifth Master Lu’s completely indifferent expression, she refrained. There was a soft oh, and there was no more sound, like a little ostrich poking out her head cautiously, only to find that the other side ignored her, so she buried her head again sadly.

Fifth Master Lu, “…” It seemed that he couldn’t wait for the rabbit to ask.

Fifth Master Lu had been decisive all his life. He had never been sloppy, so he did not hesitate even for a few seconds before using his fingers to roll up Siyu’s falling hair and wrap it around his fingers, just like he usually played with that string of Buddha beads, then he whispered, “The words I said in Ji’s family are not secrets. They will probably soon reach the ears of all members of the family. These people never look at the process, only the results. Understand?”

Siyu shook her head blankly, indicating that she didn’t understand.

Fifth Master Lu paused, and simply hugged her on his lap, then held the little girl firmly, attached himself to her ear and said, “In other words, tomorrow, at the latest, these people from Ji’s family would learn a lesson and knew that you were the one I was protecting.”

In the past, whether he sent people to protect Siyu, or searched for precious medicinal materials and sent to Siyu’s hands every day, he did it in secret, never being public, he didn’t want to let her go. Naturally, other people couldn’t find out what he did not want other people to see. But, the Ji family husband and wife’s affairs suddenly made Fifth Master Lu realize how annoying these buzzing flies really were.

And these flies didn’t dare to bother him, instead they gathered around Siyu and refused to leave…Looking at them was really annoying.

Since, people like the Ji family couple were so unscrupulous because they didn’t know that Siyu was being protected under his wings, then he personally went to support the little girl, and to see who else would dare!

Siyu originally thought this posture was a bit awkward, her posture was too petite compared to Fifth Master Lu, it felt as if he was holding a child, but before she could break free, Fifth Master Lu smashed this sentence and frightened Siyu immediately and left her stunned.

Lu Xingzhou drove the car. He was a company’s president who was arrested as a driver and enjoyed it. He even secretly pricked his ears to listen to the movement in the back seat. Seeing that Fifth Master Lu spoke too bluntly when confessing to the little girl, it shocked him, Lu Xingzhou couldn’t help but speak for him, “Siyu, in fact, Fifth Master Lu is afraid that you will be bullied by others outside. Don’t you know that Fifth Master Lu always pays attention to you, but usually he never watched variety shows, it’s for you that he watched “unfathomable challenges”—”

Fifth Master Lu untied a sandalwood bead from the Buddhist beads, and slammed the bead accurately on the back of Lu Xingzhou’s head with a light finger, it was painful. He screamed.

“Xingzhou, you are getting bolder.” Fifth Master Lu said softly, “That piece of land is too much, you don’t want it anymore, right?”

“I just said those nonsense!” Lu Xingzhou heard his hand. A fat bead was about to fly, and he couldn’t help but wail, and quickly wink at Siyu through the rear view mirror, “Don’t believe it, this is nothing!”

Siyu didn’t receive Lu Xingzhou’s hint at all. Instead, she asked Fifth Master Lu curiously, “Did you watch my show? I behaved okay, right?”

Lu Xingzhou screamed in his heart, his expression unlovable. It’s true that no pot should be opened, and no pot should be raised. At that time, after reading it, Fifth Master Lu ordered him to check Wen Yuan this person upright, and there was really no way to find out later, but he did not find anything about Wen Yuan and Siyu. Fifth Master Lu was willing to give up the normal range of contacts.

This living ancestor was so jealous that he was tossing people, Siyu even mentioned this, wasn’t it adding to the chaos!

Sure enough, Fifth Master Lu still looked kind, and his tone of voice was persuasive, “You had a great time?”

Siyu thought for a while, mainly because she was in charge of cheating people, and she could tease Ji Lin every time, so overall it was quite interesting, “Happy.”

Lu Xingzhou raised his ears and tried to shrink his neck to reduce his sense of existence.

Fifth Master Lu rubbed Siyu’s hair and said very gently, “I see you eat the dishes made by Wen Yuan, and you were very happy. I wasted a whole day for you, he just cooked a meal yourself, and you treat it as a gift.” Fifth Master Lu’s words jumped illogically, and Siyu was stunned, and then found that the car had turned around and drove towards her home. It took less than ten minutes. They just stopped downstairs of her house.

Lu Xingzhou was afraid that he would make too many mistakes, if he stayed there, Fifth Master Lu would have his land stolen. So, he dared not stay any longer after he sent the people, and immediately drove away, leaving Siyu with her eyes wide open and she asked, “You want to come to my house?”

Fifth Master Lu didn’t answer, and he directly took her upstairs. Siyu was led into the kitchen in a daze by Fifth Master Lu, only to realize that this person was real. Okay, for the sake of him helping her in front of Duan Rulan today…

Siyu reluctantly pulled up her hair, put on her apron, and looked through the food stocks at home, and found that there was only a bundle of noodles left. There were a few eggs, she thought about it carefully, eggs and noodles, they shouldn’t be on Fifth Master Lu’s blacklist?

No way, this master’s taste was too picky, so, Siyu couldn’t help but analyse the ingredients now.

Then egg noodles, although it was a bit crude, but it was impossible to go out to buy groceries in the middle of the night. Siyu turned out a few handfuls of green onions, and was about to cut some green onions. Fifth Master Lu stood behind her watching, frowned and said, “Don’t put green onions.”

Siyu: “…” Well, you are the guest, I should listen to you.

She put the green onions back in place, thinking that they would cut a little bit of green onions and garlic to make the noodle sauce, but as soon as her hand had a tendency to stretch out, Fifth Master Lu said, “Don’t bother.”

Siyu: “…” Okay, she didn’t eat it anyway.

Finally she boiled the noodles, Siyu fried two golden poached eggs, and was about to put some salt in the noodles. Fifth Master Lu was picky there and again, “Too much, put less.”

Siyu: “…” She was wrong, she should boil the noodles in clean water and add nothing!

At this moment, the Ji family was still sad, and Duan Rulan had put several bloody marks on Ji Wenhan’s face. The two of them fought and quarrelled for a long time until someone at the company couldn’t bear but call.

Ji Wenhan’s assistant was very anxious, “Mr. Ji, you must think of a solution! What happened to the land in the western suburbs? Why was it suddenly bought? I can’t hold it anymore, so you should go back to the company as soon as possible. Preside over the overall situation.”

Preside over the overall situation? What’s the bigger picture? Ji Wenhan’s face was blue and white. He wanted to turn the tide, but this time it was the Lu family and the Fifth Master Lu. Where could anyone help him? It’s good if he didn’t fall into any more trouble!

After dealing with the assistant, Ji Wenhan was no longer in the mood for quarrelling. He paced back and forth like an ant on a hot pot. Suddenly, as if thinking of something, he asked Duan Rulan coldly, “Tell me honestly what happened to Zhou Siyu. Why are you aiming at her?”

Duan Rulan’s makeup and hair were all loose, she was crying while covering her face, and the sobbing suddenly stopped for a few seconds, “She is, she is…”

Seeing Duan Rulan hesitating, Ji Wenhan became surer that she was targeting Siyu. It was definitely not just because of Ji Lin. He asked with a black face, “Do you still need to keep concealing things now? Now because you have offended others, Fifth Master Lu let my assets shrunk. The next step is to destroy the entire Ji family? Do you have any brains, or are you tired of the luxurious life now and don’t want to live it anymore?”

“No, Wenhan, I really didn’t know in advance…” This threat was very useful to Duan Rulan. She immediately put down her hand and explained in a panic, “That girl is my former child…”

“Your child?” Ji Wenhan was stunned for a while before he realized it, his eyes were shocked, “Didn’t you say that your child is sick and will not live to be an adult?”

“I don’t know either!” Duan Rulan cried and said. “All the doctors said that. I didn’t expect that she would show up again. She was a poor girl. How could she have something to do with the Lu family!”

“It is meaningful to pursue this now!” Ji Wenhan was really caught by this woman. Her stupidity and short-sightedness had defeated him, and the top priority now was to start from Siyu’s side. She should be apologized to try to get Fifth Master Lu to let the Ji family go. Ji Wenhan rubbed his eyebrows and ordered, “You are Zhou Siyu’s biological mother. No matter what, she is related to you by blood. She can’t deny you. You will bring some good things to her door and apologize to her tomorrow. Explain the previous misunderstanding. It would be better if we can reconcile with her. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work. In short, let her feel our sincerity, okay?”

Duan Rulan was shocked by a series of incidents. Now, Zheng Liushen had no master. Seeing her husband giving orders, she didn’t even think about the feasibility.

She nodded quickly and agreed, “Yes, I’ll go tomorrow, I’ll go right away!” At the same time, she also hated the dead girl Zhou Siyu. Flying up to the branch, she didn’t tell her at all, was she still her mother in her eyes!

The two discussed the follow-up remedial measures for themselves, but did not find that Ji Lin was standing on the stairs and listening quietly, looking inexplicable.

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