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Yesterday, the Ji couple dug the land for a whole day, which caused Siyu to leave Ji’s house in the middle of the night, and it was difficult to follow Fifth Master Lu’s picky taste. So, Siyu had long become sleepy.

Her biological clock was designed for going to bed early and getting up early, and she could resist the sleepiness until the early hours of the morning purely with the psychology of watching the drama. She wanted to see how bad the luck of the couple of the Ji family could be, but now she couldn’t hold it anymore.

Fifth Master Lu was still eating her boiled egg noodles slowly. Siyu watched as this person cleaned up the outer ring of egg whites, but the egg yolk inside did not move. He picked it aside and churned it away speechlessly then licked the corners of his mouth.

Okay, she knew now, there was one more thing to add to the blacklist of Fifth Master Lu’s recipes: Egg yolks.

Siyu held her cheeks and watched him forcibly eat a bowl of ordinary egg noodles as if it was high-class cuisine. She felt sleepy as she watched it. She didn’t need a bed, and she could sleep soundly anywhere, but when she woke up early the next morning, she found that she was moved back to the bed in the bedroom.

Not only that, there was another person lying beside her, Siyu raised her eyes slightly, and saw Fifth Master Lu holding her in his arms like a teddy bear. Her bed was not big, two people sharing it and sleeping on it made it a bit cramped, especially Fifth Master Lu, who had a long body, must be feeling uncomfortable when he sleeps on it. Siyu thought he would not be able to bear it because of his pickiness, but at this time, Fifth Master Lu’s brows were relaxed, and he was obviously not uncomfortable. Looking at him like this, Siyu remembered the last time she was pinched on the bed after waking him accidentally. She wanted to get up sneakily, but she dared not move.

If she was held by another person, Siyu would be able to hypnotize herself into thinking that the other person was a wood even if she was awkward, but now, it was Fifth Master Lu who holds her tightly and did not want to let go. This person had a very high sense of existence, and Siyu wanted to be by his side. She vomited blood, so within ten minutes of enduring him, Siyu had no choice but to vacate a little place and coughed quietly while covering her lips.

There was not much movement, but it apparently woke up Fifth Master Lu. Before Siyu could react, she was once again locked and firmly pressed into the bed.

Once he was up, Siyu was able to do nothing to change the face of this sudden situation again. She fumbled over the hand that Fifth Master Lu clasped on her neck: “…It’s me.”

Fifth Master Lu was still not completely awake, and he was disturbed, but he seemed to feel the chill from Siyu’s hands. With a slight movement of his eyes, he soon woke up and looked deeply at Siyu who was pressed down by him. After a glance, he released his hand.

The time he lost control was much shorter than last time, and the force of his hands seemed to have subconsciously reduced. Siyu touched her fragile neck and breathed a sigh of relief. This was too terrifying for the morning.

“Fifth Master Lu, do you want to sleep again?” Siyu quietly moved to the edge of the bed, took out a stack of paper towels from the bedside table to wipe the corners of her mouth, and suggested euphemistically, “Or I will let Lu Xingzhou come to pick you up? My bed, it is indeed a little small, and it may not be very comfortable for you…”

Fifth Master Lu looked at her blankly, and Siyu suddenly realized that the appearance of this person just waking up was the coldest, and there was no one in his eyes. It was as if he was still floating in the sky for a while without returning to the mortal world, its deterrence had increased exponentially, and it was almost impossible to look directly at him.

However, Siyu was a strong person who survived under his suffocation. She could even survive this. Fifth Master Lu, who had just woken up, was not too threatening to her. She saw that Fifth Master Lu did not speak, so she got out of bed quietly and prepared to slip away.

Unexpectedly, her feet hadn’t landed on the floor, when a force came from her back. She was carried back to the bed like a chicken, and fell into Fifth Master Lu’s arms accurately.

“I’m not used to someone sleeping next to me. In the past, there were always people with narrow eyes who had various thoughts. When people fall asleep, they are often the most undefended and the easiest to be defeated.” Fifth Master Lu said lightly. As if explaining, why he would choke someone when he was woken up.

Siyu thought to herself, then you shouldn’t lie on my bed, and her weakness was obvious to all. It was good if she doesn’t hurt herself. Was it possible that Fifth Master Lu thought she could fight back?

Fifth Master Lu looked down at the silent little girl. For him, it was a very simple thing to read Siyu’s thoughts through Siyu’s eyes, and he could see through Siyu at a glance, so he continued, “I know it’s you, so, I’m already thinking of ways to restrain it, otherwise, you won’t be able to open your eyes at all.”

Sleeping with Siyu was an unexpectedly comfortable thing. Fifth Master Lu was very satisfied, but he had raised this habit for so many years and it could not be changed overnight. He always woke up when he feels that there are people around him and would reflexively enter the attack state. It was precisely because he is facing Siyu that he had not made a deadly move.

Siyu said dryly, “Oh… so you have improved from before? But Fifth Master Lu, I don’t think it is necessary for you to go to so much trouble. Next time you can just ignore me and sleep in a bed by yourself. Really, I don’t mind where I sleep.”

“No.” Fifth Master Lu said gently but could not refuse, holding the little girl to sleep together, caused him to fall asleep much faster than he thought, and there were almost no dreams all night, so, Fifth Master Lu never considered stopping this behaviour, “You will get used to it.”

Siyu, “…Is there another time?” This was not a question of habit at all. After all, why did she have to act as a pillow for this person?!

Fifth Master Lu smiled. He had no idea of concealing anything. He just told the other what he wanted to do, “Naturally.”

Siyu wanted to scold but didn’t dare to scold him, so when she cooked breakfast, she brought out the things that were ruthlessly criticized by Fifth Master Lu yesterday. She imagined him as the scallion, pressed it on the chopping board and chopped it into fine pieces, and put a little bit into a bowl of clear noodles, deliberately spilled the green onion all over the bowl, and when she brought it out, she pretended to say regretfully, ” Fifth Master Lu, I’m sorry, my mind is not so clear in the morning. I forgot that you can’t eat scallions. It seems that this bowl of noodles can only be eaten by me.”

Fifth Master Lu sat on the sofa, twisting the Buddhist beads in his hands, looking very fresh, and he just smiled when he saw it, “First, prepare your medicine. Since, you have such a good appetite, you probably don’t need to add licorice to drink it this time. The good medicine is bitter, go.”

Siyu: “…” You are ruthless!

With Fifth Master Lu supervising by her side, Siyu did not dare to take a look at him or stop drinking. As usual, she let the medicine cool before drinking it slowly. Fifth Master Lu’s posture made it clear that he would take it personally if she didn’t drink it. She filled her mouth, and Siyu aggrievedly drank the medicine that was not flavored with licorice and was too bitter to swallow. Only then did Fifth Master Lu curl his lips, and his expression became satisfied.

He had heard from his subordinates a long time ago that this little girl liked to be sloppy when she drank medicine. A bowl of medicine could only be consumed after a long time. Other people dared not force her to drink, such as those bodyguards who were ordered to guard her. Either they couldn’t stand her pitiful eyes, or they couldn’t bear to say heavy words to persuade her, such as Ji Lin or Shen Yue and other senior fans, so, she got used to being more lawless.

Siyu had a natural fear of Fifth Master Lu, and when Fifth Master Lu was watching, she didn’t dare to push back and forth. Instead, she drank the medicine in one go.

“Cough cough…Is this all right?” Siyu rubbed the corners of her mouth due to the bitter taste. The medicine without a bit of sweetness was too bitter. The medicine Fifth Master Lu usually sent was carefully blended. Yes, it was made knowing that she would add a little bit of seasoning as she was afraid of hardship. It was hard to change from extravagance to frugality. Siyu could still drink bitter medicine without changing her face when she first came here. Now, it’s only a few months, and she couldn’t stand the bitterness anymore.

She hadn’t realized that she had been spoiled silently a long time ago.

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