WMPLT Ch. 34

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No matter what variety show it was, if it has to hit big, there must be at least one dark horse.

For this season’s “Red and Blue Signal”, this black horse was undoubtedly Zhai Xingchen.

Him and the show were in a relationship of interdependence, and the appearance of a dark horse indicated that the show was about to become popular.

It was only then that Zhai Xingchen realized that there was a row of cameras opposite the auditorium, next to the stage.

“Still recording?” He asked Yan Zhi.

Yan Zhi said, “It’s live broadcasting.”

Zhai Xingchen was startled, and immediately sat up straight.

If it was a live broadcast, then he should pay more attention.

Then his performance just now was broadcast live?

Thinking of this, Zhai Xingchen couldn’t help becoming nervous, and his expression became serious.

Pei Xu kept holding his arms, scratching his chin with his fingers.

He was sitting right next to Yan Zhi, and he had a panoramic view of Yan Zhi’s little movements.

Pei Xu’s heart felt a little cold, and his face was as cold as an iceberg.

He didn’t turn his head to see how Yan Zhi and Zhai Xingchen were biting each other’s ears.

He did not want to see that.

In the final exam of Chinese Dance, the dance style of each school was different. The National Dance School danced a nostalgic dance, and the song was “Nightingale” sung by the Ergina Band. It was a very affectionate Soviet style song.

But this kind of song, only Wen Nuo and Lin Qingning were immersed in it, and the others didn’t have much interest in listening to the song.

They were all thinking about the future.

After going out from here, what do you want to do.

Huo Cheng was the most excited.

Because he never expected Zhai Xingchen’s dance to be like this, every movement made his blood boil.

He felt that he no longer liked Zhai Xingchen.

He really fell in love with him.

His heart was full, and he couldn’t help but keep looking at Zhai Xingchen past Duan Yihua and the others.

And Duan Yihua also turned his head to look at Zhai Xingchen from time to time, and then he noticed Huo Cheng’s gaze, turned his head, met Huo Cheng’s gaze, moved away again, and looked at the stage with his lips pursed.

Duan Yihua didn’t think Huo Cheng was a big threat.

He felt that he had an inherent advantage.

Because Zhai Xingchen was the guest of the blue party, he was a 1.

The biggest threat in his heart was Hu Ying.

After tonight, he didn’t know if Hu Ying’s thoughts on Zhai Xingchen had changed.

He turned to look at Hu Ying.

Hu Ying was unexpectedly silent. He was sitting on a chair with a slack posture, leaning on the back of the chair, slightly supporting his chin with one hand, his profile was as beautiful as a jade painting, bright and beautiful.

Hu Ying was still watching the performance on the stage, but after watching for a while, he suddenly became dazed, even forgetting that there was a camera in front of him.

What was going on in his mind was not clear, there was Zhai Xingchen dancing on the stage just now, there was Zhai Xingchen changing clothes in the background, and the moment when Zhai Xingchen protected him.

He didn’t know how long he had been thinking about it, but he heard applause, and then he noticed that everyone around him had stood up.

The host was still talking on stage, but people from the program team had quietly come over to ask them to leave first.

“Is it over?” Hu Ying asked.

“There is one last program.” Lin Qingning said.

But they had to leave before the end of the show, so as not to attract too many onlookers.

Many people at the scene already knew that they were broadcasting live.

The group of them stood up under the escort of the staff, which immediately caused a commotion in the auditorium. Some students even followed them out of their seats with their mobile phones.

When they got outside, they realized that it was raining outside.

The rain wasn’t heavy, it was a drizzle, but the program team still gave them four umbrellas.

“Let’s share it among two people.” The staff member said.

Hu Ying was the first to take one, he opened it and said, “Xingchen!”

Because the program crew purposely distributed only four umbrellas, obviously they wanted to see the eight of them form four pairs.

He felt that Hu Ying shouldn’t get tired of being with him for a while, and he should have a limit as an assist, instead of occupying Hu Ying all the time.

Hu Ying should share an umbrella with Yan Zhi!

At this moment, Huo Cheng opened his umbrella and put his hand directly on Zhai Xingchen’s shoulder: “What are you doing, let’s go.”

Some students had already chased them out one after another, and the exit was a bit messy, so the program team urged them to leave quickly.

Then Hu Ying saw Zhai Xingchen gesture to Yan Zhi next to him.

Hu Ying pursed her lips and understood what Zhai Xingchen meant.

Lin Qingning and the others tacitly left Yan Zhi behind.

Several classmates who were squatting around them had already surrounded them and were stopped by the program team.

Everyone walked towards the door together, Huo Cheng was shaking with excitement.

Partly because of the cold, partly because of excitement.

Zhai Xingchen turned to look at him: “So cold?”

Huo Cheng smiled and said, “A little bit.”

Huo Cheng was wearing a white shirt today.

“Squeeze to keep warm.” Huo Cheng put his arms around Zhai Xingchen’s waist as he spoke. But he suddenly remembered how soft and slender Zhai Xingchen’s waist was, and his heart skipped a beat, as if getting an electric shock, and he immediately put his arms away.

He was afraid that he would not be able to walk.

Now he just felt Zhai Xingchen’s body temperature and smelled his body, and he was a little confused.

Behind him, Pei Xu looked at Huo Cheng with a cold face, while Lin Qingning under the umbrella was still talking, Pei Xu said “hmm” and asked, “What?”

“Auntie.” Lin Qingning said, “She asked me about our guests.”

Pei Xu said “Yes” and said nothing else.

But Lin Qingning was already very satisfied.

His heart was drenched by the cold drizzle, soft and tense.

He felt that he had really fallen in love with Pei Xu, and emotion had finally defeated his reason.

He adjusted his glasses and smelled the faint scent of mint on Pei Xu’s body.

Pei Xu liked the mint flavour very much. According to Pei Huanong, he had planted a large piece of it in the garden outside his villa.

When Hu Ying and Yan Zhi were together before, they were very lively and talkative, but today he was exceptionally silent.

Yan Zhi was even more silent.

Also silent were Duan Yihua and Wen Nuo.

Duan Yihua felt that his withered heart was completely alive tonight.

He looked at Zhai Xingchen who was walking in the front through Yan Zhi and Hu Ying, and when he realized that the camera was taking pictures of him, he raised his head and glanced at the camera. A chorus came from the auditorium stage, floating in the thin drizzle.

Nancheng, which was warm all the year round, looked so cold at this moment, like spring rain falling all over the ground, and the grass and flowers struggled to get out.

“Should we go straight back to the Red and Blue Cottage?” Hu Ying asked.

Zhai Xingchen turned to look at him when he heard that.

Hu Ying said: “It’s still early, shouldn’t we celebrate with Xingchen today? Let’s find a place to have a drink, tomorrow we will be temporarily separated.” His proposal was agreed by everyone.

“I know a place, a bar opened by my friend.” Huo Cheng said, “Let’s go to his place, I’ll give him a call.” He took out his mobile phone to call his friend, and Zhai Xingchen turned to look at the camera guy next to him who was working very hard, wearing a disposable transparent raincoat, chasing after them to take pictures, and a staff member next to him had held up his mobile phone to take pictures of him.

“Is it still live?” He asked in surprise.

The other party smiled and nodded.

Zhai Xingchen immediately waved to say hello: “Hi everyone, I’m Zhai Xingchen.”

After speaking, he found that the staff was still taking pictures of him.

Why did they keep taking photos of him? There were so many handsome guys around him.

Could it be that the show crew deliberately took pictures of them together after watching netizens chatting about him and Huo Cheng’s CP?

It was very frustrating to eat the wrong CP, so don’t mess around with the program crew.

He stretched out his hand, and the other party froze for a moment, then handed him the phone.

Zhai Xingchen saw the barrage, so he leaned over to take a look.

The staff yelled: “Don’t slap your face like this.”

All the bullet screens were laughing.

To be beautiful is to be wilful!

The face is so pretty! ! Sunshine Sweet 1yyds!

Looking good at this shot, mother cub loves you!

Brother Zhai look at me, I love you ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Zhai Xingchen smiled and said, “I see, I see.”

As he spoke, he switched the camera of his phone, and then aimed it at Pei Xu and Lin Qingning next to him.

These few guests were really good-looking. They were good-looking, tall, and had a particularly good temperament. They were all eye-catching if they stood together casually.

For example, the pair of childhood sweethearts.

Lin Qingning immediately waved his hand at the camera, he smiled very gently, maintaining his usual image of an intellectual, looking very stable.

He pointed the camera at Pei Xu again: “Brother Pei, say hello to the netizens.”

Pei Xu waved his hand obediently: “Hi everyone, I’m Pei Xu, please support me.”

“Brother Pei, smile.” Zhai Xingchen teased him.

Unexpectedly, Pei Xu actually smiled when he glanced at him.

Ahhhhhhhh…, Pei Xu smiled!

Oh my god, it looks so pretty when you smile!!!

It’s the first time I’ve seen Brother Smelly smile!

The iceberg is melting, what happened these days, why is he so obedient, isn’t he famous?

The last time he went out to play with Lin Qingning, it was very exciting. I don’t even have a temper when I get dragged into the program group!

Look at him and Lin Qingning in this way!

Such a big change must be due to the power of love. Could it be that he and Lin Qingning have made progress?

Before everyone finished talking about Pei Xu, Yan Zhi and Hu Ying appeared on the screen.

The rain was light, so Zhai Xingchen ran out from under the umbrella and held up the phone to Hu Ying and Yan Zhi.


After all, Yan Zhi was the most popular player in the e-sports circle. Among the people who watched the live broadcast, he had a lot of fans. When they saw Yan Zhi’s ascetic and handsome face, the barrage went crazy.

So handsome, so handsome, so handsome!

My sixth brother!!!

Hu Ying really matches Yan Zhi best!

In the camera, both Yan Zhi and Hu Ying greeted the netizens one by one.

Zhai Xingchen did not enter the scene, only his voice could be heard: “Say a few more words.”

Hu Ying said, “We came to see Xingchen’s performance today, did you all see it?”

After a while, there was a slap in the face: “I can only say, brother Zhai…”

He didn’t say the word “beautiful”, but pursed his lips, gave a thumbs up vigorously, and then smiled, such a gorgeous and flamboyant beauty, even if he didn’t pick an angle, he was still so gorgeous and compelling.

Wen Nuo and Duan Yihua had completely different styles of painting. Wen Nuo was still as shy as before, and waved to everyone cautiously.

“Our cute little Wen Nuo.” Zhai Xingchen introduced him.

The camera pointed at Duan Yihua, and Duan Yihua glanced at Zhai Xingchen who was behind the phone, suddenly he was a little nervous, he smiled lightly, and said gently and generously: “Hi everyone, I am Duan Yihua.”

“Brother Duan looks different today.” Zhai Xingchen said.

Duan Yihua blushed slightly, as if he had been poked by something, and said, “Really?”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen you dressed like this, you are very handsome and good-looking!” Zhai Xingchen boasted.

Duan Yihua glanced at the camera, as if his thoughts had been seen through by thousands of netizens, that mature and stable face turned even redder.

Fortunately, Zhai Xingchen ran back quickly. Huo Cheng had already finished his phone call, so he held up his mobile phone to interview Huo Cheng.

Huo Cheng smiled the most cheerfully, and it could be seen that he was very excited.

He was a little taller than Zhai Xingchen, so he simply bent down slightly, resting his chin on Zhai Xingchen’s shoulder, smiling at the camera, his short cut made his facial features look more three-dimensional, and his eyes were sharp and bright.

“Another handsome guy from our blue team, Mr. Huo.” Zhai Xingchen introduced.

Huo Cheng waved his hand: “Live broadcast?”


Huo Cheng accidentally touched Zhai Xingchen’s warm ear, and electric current shot across his face.

He had really fallen in love with Zhai Xingchen.

At this moment, his heart was filled with joy, he turned his head to look at Zhai Xingchen, his eyes were filled with the light of love. He was drowning in this galaxy.

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