CFCS Ch. 182.2: Anyang Saga (3)

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But An Yang was not really dead. After he was buried, a hidden guard loyal to his father dug him out, rescued him, and took him to the south to escape.

This hidden guard was originally ordered to protect An Yang in secret after the death of An Yang’s father. He saw that An Yang was stabbed into the heart by Su Huai with a knife. After Su Huai left, he gave An Yang a medicine which caused suspended animation, and then waited for An Yang to be buried before resuscitating him and taking him to escape.

An Yang’s appearance was a big problem. Once they were discovered, they would either be captured back, or they would be chased and killed. Fortunately, that guard was good at medicine. He gave An Yang a medicine that could make his face grow old and ugly, but this medicine could only last for a month. After a month, he had to take the medicine again.

That’s why Jing Yang saw two different appearances of An Yang in the system, but it was actually him alone.

The hidden guard took An Yang and fled to a city on the southern border to settle down. It was far enough away from the imperial capital and living in the city instead of the suburbs was actually less likely to arouse suspicion.

The hidden guard left him a lot of money and a medicine book, and asked An Yang to wait for him. He was going to do some things, and it would take a few months to return here.

But the hidden guard never returned to An Yang’s side after he left, because he was involved in a fight and was killed, and An Yang waited alone for seven years. In fact, An Yang had already guessed in his heart that the hidden guard must not have been fortunate in his travels. Otherwise, he would have come back after so many years. The people his father left to him could not have left him and escaped.

The silver taels that the hidden guard left to An Yang were enough for An Yang to live a simple life. He usually didn’t go out except to buy the necessities of life, but he had to do other things such as cooking. In the beginning, he really knew nothing, and he didn’t really want to live, but he didn’t know why, he actually insisted on living alone for seven years.

Every once in a while, An Yang had to go up the mountain to find several kinds of herbs, so that he could brew the medicine that made him ugly. He didn’t know why these days, he couldn’t find a certain herb even after searching for several days. So, he had to come to the mountain daily, because if the medicine was not consumed, he would return to his original appearance.

On the day that Jing Yang crossed into An Yang’s body, An Yang searched the mountain for a long time and still couldn’t find the herbs he needed, but it was the last day of the month since he had consumed the medicine, so he couldn’t go down the mountain and go back to the city. He didn’t find it until it was dark.

Just when An Yang was hesitating whether to go down the mountain first, or simply stay on the mountain overnight and wait until dawn to continue his search, he vaguely heard the sound of fighting. At this time, of course, An Yang would not run over curiously to see what was going on, as it would be equivalent to running to his own death.

He immediately ran away cautiously in the opposite direction from the sound, but before he could take a few steps, he was hit on the back of the neck by someone and fainted on the grass.

The person who hit him was Xue Chengyu. At that time, Xue Chengyu and his subordinates were fighting with several southern barbarian spies. Although An Yang tried to escape as carefully as possible, Xue Chengyu noticed him. Xue Chengyu didn’t know his identity, but he could tell by listening to the movement that An Yang was not skilled in martial arts, so he stunned him first, and went to chase down the spies who escaped from them with his subordinates, intending to wait until those southern barbarian spies were resolved, then coming back to see who he was.

When An Yang fainted, his appearance returned to its original state, and at this time, Jing Yang’s soul also entered An Yang’s body to replace it.

After Xue Chengyu came back, he found that Jing Yang woke up earlier than he expected. When he wanted to catch Jing Yang, he found that the person he thought did not know martial arts suddenly knew martial arts. He was already a little surprised. After seeing Jing Yang’s appearance, he felt even more that his identity was unusual, so he absolutely couldn’t let him go.

What happened after that was all experienced by Jing Yang himself, so he didn’t need to go through the system to learn about it. He should learn more about the identity of the person named Xue Chengyu.

The existence of the Xue family was used to restrain the Su family by An Yang’s father. Xue Chengyu’s father was also a king of different surname with outstanding military exploits and was named King Annan back then.

King Beiguang and King Annan defended the borders of the country, one in the south and the other in the north and had made outstanding military exploits. An Yang’s father, the emperor did not treat them badly, and gave them continuous rewards. Because he was a benevolent and righteous emperor, in the court, he did not do some things that would chill the hearts of the old ministers because he was worried about their achievements.

But as the emperor, he still had to be guarded. The emperor gradually felt the ambition of the Su family, so he called the King of Beiguang back to the imperial capital citing his age. It was not easy to get a general who held military power to hand it over, but it had to be done not only to make everyone quiet, but also to make King Beiguang have no reason or excuse to rebel.

Therefore, An Yang’s father emperor exchanged the military power with the position of the commander-in-chief of the capital, and asked the King of Beiguang to take the initiative to hand over the military power of the Zhenbei Army.

It was not an easy task for King Beiguang to completely subdue the soldiers of the imperial capital, but King Beiguang also felt the emperor’s guardedness against him, and the emperor was willing to exchange the imperial capital’s commander-in-chief position for his military power, which was already a great favor. At that time, he could only do what the emperor wanted.

In the emperor’s heart, he actually trusted King Annan more, because King Annan was the emperor’s childhood companion. The two had known each other since childhood and grew up together. The emperor knew very well what kind of person King Annan was. And King Annan was indeed a person who was only loyal to the emperor. He had never had any other thoughts. It could be said that he has reached the point of blind loyalty. If the emperor wanted him to hand over his military power, he would not hesitate at all as long as he gave him a hint.

The emperor also knew that King Annan had a very good son, Xue Chengyu. He wanted to wait a few more years. When Xue Chengyu became more mature, he would recall King Annan to the imperial capital to help him contain King Beiguang and let Xue Chengyu continue to guard the southern border for his father. However, the emperor’s body was getting worse day by day, and the border movements from other countries had become more and more frequent, preventing King Annan from returning to the imperial capital.

When the emperor died, if King Annan was in the imperial capital, it would have been absolutely impossible for the Su family to kill the prince and still sit on the throne.

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