CFCS Ch. 182.1: Anyang Saga (3)

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After the death of the emperor, the Su family, who controlled the military power of the imperial capital, created an operation to assassinate the prince who had not yet ascended the throne. Su Huai’s father, Su Yongsheng, led troops into the palace on the pretext of catching assassins. During a fake fight with the assassins they had arranged, they let the assassins kill the prince, and then they quickly took control of the palace.

In just a few days, An Yang’s world underwent earth-shaking changes. His father and brother were gone. As An’s only bloodline, his fate was suddenly in the hands of others, no matter whether it was life, death or otherwise, it would not be up to him to call the shots.

The throne could not be left empty for a long time, otherwise the world would be in chaos, but the prince was dead, leaving only An Yang who could not inherit the throne, and the An family had no other male blood, not even in the side branches. Therefore, Su Guanglin, who controlled the military power in the capital, took the throne with the support of the ministers who had been bribed by their family.

However, there were still many ministers who were loyal to the An Dynasty. Su Guanglin could kill a few of the other ministers who took the lead in opposing him, but it was impossible to kill all the ministers who were supporters of the An Dynasty. So, he decided to let his grandson Su Ming marry An Yang. The children after the two married would have both the blood of the Su family and the blood of the An family. In this way, those ministers who supported the An family’s dynasty would definitely support their children. It would be equivalent to supporting the Su family.

An Yang, who was almost imprisoned in the palace, knew that Su Guanglin wanted him to marry Su Ming, and he was naturally unwilling. Although he was only fifteen years old and grew up under the protection of his fathers, it did not mean that he was so innocent that he did not understand anything. The palace was a place where there would never be a truly pure-minded person, because such a person would not be able to live long.

Although the Su father and son said that his imperial brother was killed by an assassin, it was obvious that the Su family had premeditated the death which was evidenced by the fact that the Su family quickly took control of the palace and then Su Guanglin took the throne in a short period of time. Moreover, the death of his royal brother was very strange. How exactly those assassins got into the palace had not been investigated clearly. Various signs made An Yang suspect that the person who killed his royal brother was arranged by the Su family.

Even if An Yang died, he was unwilling to marry Su Ming, let alone give birth to Su Ming’s child, because in his heart, the Su family was already his enemy. He wanted to avenge his brother’s death, but he was trapped in his own bedroom, under surveillance, and had no freedom at all, let alone relying on his own ability to take revenge.

An Yang felt very painful. He no longer wanted to live, but he was not willing to die like this, because he had not seen the people of the Su family get the retribution and punishment they deserved.

There were many people who did not want An Yang to marry Su Ming, and Su Huai was one of them.

Others did not want An Yang to marry Su Ming for various reasons, but Su Huai’s reasons were different from others. He felt that his grandfather was very old, and when his father became the emperor, his elder brother would definitely be the crown prince and the emperor in the future. If An Yang married Su Ming and had children, in order to gain the support of the ministers of the previous dynasty, An Yang would definitely be the empress in the future, and if the son he gave birth to became the emperor, he would also be the empress dowager.

Su Huai finally waited until his status was higher than that of An Yang, how could he just watch him surpass him again in status, no matter what, he absolutely couldn’t let things develop so smoothly.

Su Huai felt that the easiest and most effective way was to make An Yang no longer exist in this world, then he would never have to worry about it.

He chose a sunny day to see An Yang, and after seeing An Yang, he asked all the palace attendants to retire.

When Su Huai saw that An Yang was still arrogant when looking at him, he was very angry. He felt that the current identities of the two were obviously different, so why did An Yang still look like a superior person in front of him.

An Yang was born from an emperor, and the royal upbringing of fifteen years had integrated that royal aura into his bone marrow, so, it was not that he deliberately pretended to be aloof, instead he exuded a noble temperament, which made people unable to help but have the feeling that they wanted to bow their head and made them not dare to look directly at him.

An Yang didn’t know why Su Huai came to see him, but he didn’t want to see anyone from the Su family. During this time, Su Ming always came to him to give him something, which was enough to upset him. When a Su family member came, he still had the look and attitude of them coming to trouble him, and he didn’t want to pay attention to him at all.

When An Yang saw Su Huai rushing towards him with a knife in his hand, he stood there motionless, thinking maybe he would be freed this way, and would no longer have to face everything now, as he didn’t have to live in pain.

When the knife was inserted into An Yang’s heart, he fell back to the ground and looked at the blue sky. Although he felt that he was about to be released, he hated himself for not being able to avenge his brother before dying.

The young man in white killed the very beautiful young man in red. Jing Yang had seen this scene in his last life, but he couldn’t figure out why he would see such a scene in his last life. He could only continue to look forward, and after he had understood everything, he could seriously think about this problem.

Su Huai killed An Yang and told others that he committed suicide.

Su father and son were very surprised by An Yang’s death. Although they also suspected that Su Huai killed An Yang, An Yang was already dead. Whether he committed suicide, or it was a homicide, they had already lost a hostage they could control. There was no point in going down that road. If they wanted to subdue those ministers who were loyal to the previous dynasty, they could only rely on spending more time and effort to slowly consume their strength.

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