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Qi Han was startled and looked for his mobile phone everywhere to call the police, only to realize that it was in his hands when he recovered, and his voice was terrified and lowered: “Then where is the kidnapper now? Do you want me to find someone to locate your phone?”

Luo Xiu lowered his eyes and smiled lightly: “No, I went with them by myself.”

Qi Han: “?”

After a few seconds of silence, Qi Han returned to his senses and gradually realized something: “The ‘kidnapper’ you mentioned, the mastermind could not be your old man, right?”


“Because, of uh, the “Gold Medal Screenwriter” incident?”

“One reason.”

“Hey, let me just say that I told you your old man will never agree with you to go to a variety show – no, then Mr. Luo, you were stopped, so you just left with them? Isn’t this not your style?”


Luo Xiu was forced to recall the scene from the night before yesterday.

At that time, the little girl he had just got off his car and was still standing downstairs not far away, looking at him hesitantly and worriedly.

Behind him, the members of the Luo family in suits had their heads lowered respectfully: “Eldest young master, you don’t want us to fight with you here, do you?”

“…Must it be tonight?”

“We can’t not do what the old man ordered.”


Luo Xiu replied quietly and walked back towards the girl.

The people behind him hesitated about whether or not to stop him, but they were stopped by his cold voice: “You are right, I don’t want to do anything here. In two minutes, I will come back and go with you.”

“Okay, young master.” Luo Xiu stepped towards Gu Nian at night, the girl had already run up to him as soon as she saw him coming. At this time, she also stopped and looked behind him worriedly.

Luo Xiu asked helplessly: “Why haven’t you gone upstairs?”

“I saw someone next to you just now, they seemed a bit fierce, and I didn’t dare to go up because I was afraid of something happening to you.”

“It’s okay.”

Gu Nian was worried, but she hesitated and grabbed his wrist at once, then she secretly drew 110 on his palm, and then she blinked and asked, “Do you need it?”

Luo Xiu hooked her hand instead, and smiled softly: “Don’t worry, it’s just a distant relative.”

“A distant…relative?” Gu Nian was skeptical.

Luo Xiu: “Well, something happened to the elders in my hometown, and I need to rush back, so his expression was not very good, did he scare you?”

Gu Nian: “An accident happened to the elders? He didn’t scare me, so go back quickly, don’t waste time with me.”


Luo Xiu was a little helpless, although he didn’t want to worry Gu Nian, he also didn’t want to be chased away by the little girl. He didn’t know how long this trip would take. According to the old man’s temper, he would probably cut off all his connections with the outside world.

Thinking of not being able to see or hear Gu Nian’s voice for many days, Luo Xiu’s usual cold mood became rarely agitated.

Gu Nian noticed it again, and she pinched Luo Xiu’s sleeve uneasily: “Is it something serious?”

“No, but it may take many days.”

“Ah, that’s good, time is not a problem. The next issue is sometime away. You don’t have to be in such a hurry to record.”


Gu Nian had just finished comforting him, when she suddenly thought of something: “But if the elders in the family have something to do, do you have any financial difficulties?”

Luo Xiu paused.

Gu Nian had already turned sideways to fumble for the bank card in her bag: “I have here—”

Her hand was held down.

Luo Xiu sighed slowly, as if laughing and helpless. He leaned slightly in the night, and the shadows cast by the two on the ground overlapped together, as if they were hugging each other intimately.


Gu Nian froze slightly.

The voice that was close to her head, as if it was about to touch her forehead, was a bit tired and gentle: “I just want to see you, always.”

Gu Nian: “…?”

While Gu Nian was still there, Luo Xiu had already let go of her hand, and took a half step back: “I’ll call you in a few days. Now, go upstairs—good night.”

“Night, good night?”


The night shone back to the sunlight outside the window inside.

Luo Xiu woke up.

He lowered his eyes: “I should have expected this. It was my negligence. I forgot to warn you.”

“Then you can access the Internet now?”

“Well, I have replied to the company email, and you deal with it according to the instructions.”

“Then when will you be able to return to the company, Mr. Luo?”

“I will notify you.”


After finishing the call, Luo Xiu didn’t turn around, as he casually dropped the phone on the handicraft table next to the hanging spider plant.

“Eavesdropping on other people’s calls is very rude.” Luo Xiu looked out the window, as if talking to himself.

“You’re overthinking, I’m just passing by.” Half a room behind him, a young man with a similar face to Luo Xiu came out lazily, leaned against the door, and looked at the back of the window.

“What are you doing back here?”

“Well, gloating?”


Luo Zhan got up from the door and walked in, with a smile that was not a smile: “After all, it’s rare to see Young Master Luo stumble, so it would be a pity not to come back and see it in person.”

Luo Xiu looked back, sounding caring like a gentle brother: “You healed after being punished according to the family rules?”

Luo Zhan: “…”

Luo Zhan was still a little depressed when he mentioned this: “You also did something that insulted the family. When I did it, I was beaten so hard that I couldn’t get out of bed for a few days, but you were locked up for only half a week as if nothing happened.”

Luo Xiu: “I remember that you said it yourself, I’m different from you.”

Luo Zhan glanced at him: “It’s really different.”

Luo Xiu smiled and turned around indifferently: “You asked knowingly.”

“Luo Zhan, it is true that there are not many people outside the family who have seen you or know your name, but it does not mean that the second young master of the Luo family does not exist.” After Luo Xiu finished speaking, he turned around, and his voice was slightly lowered, “You cannot use this escape method to escape the identity of the heir, don’t even think about it.”


The two brothers stopped in front of the half-open door, Luo Xiu turned slightly, still smiling lightly: “Isn’t the person the old man wants to make the heir me?”

Luo Zhan: “He can make do with me.”

Luo Xiu smiled: “Have you asked his opinion?”

Luo Zhan raised his eyes with a little interest: “After asking, you agree—”

“No possibility.”

Luo Zhan: “…”

Luo Xiu moved away, and politely gestured to the door: “Is there anything else?”

Luo Zhan narrowed his eyes lightly: “You crazy guy who has avoided everything for 24 years, doesn’t want to let it go, is it because of that girl named Gu Nian?”

Luo Xiu’s eyelids moved, and after a while he raised his eyes and his eyes were cold: “What do you want to say.”

Luo Zhan put his hands in his pockets lazily: “It’s nothing, just asking. That’s all.”

“Did you get the answer you wanted?”

“Well, very satisfied.”

“Satisfied with what?”


Luo Zhan had already walked out, and he only laughed when he heard this sentence, and looked back: “You are in a ‘death spot’, I’m in a ‘death spot’—that’s only fair.”

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