FESM Extra 5: Benjamin × Li Xin

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Ever since Qin Yize announced that he would stop working and concentrate on being a baby daddy, the burden on Li Xin’s shoulders had eased a lot in an instant——with a willful artist like Qin Yize, his agent had to be anxious every day. Now that no one was giving him trouble at last, maybe he should set off fireworks to celebrate?

However, thinking this way in his heart, on the surface Li Xin still pretended to be reluctant to part with Qin Yize, and politely said a few words. After receiving Qin Yize’s reply “I don’t want to take anymore projects”, Li Xin happily turned down all the invitations for him.

There was no need to bring Qin Yize, he was really relieved, as he could concentrate on bringing along Zhou Jinyun from now on.

Zhou Jinyun was very lucky. Not long after he won the best newcomer award for the leading role in “Digital Code”, the youth idol love movie he participated in was also released on Valentine’s Day. And his character design became very popular. When Li Xin helped him take over the show, he wanted to use this role to help Xiao Zhou consolidate his popularity. As Li Xin expected, Zhou Jinyun’s Weibo fans quickly broke through the million mark, and he turned into a little pink.

Li Xin decided to take care of this talented newcomer well, thinking maybe he could bring out another Best Actor.

It was just that Zhou Jinyun was still a student and needed to finish his studies. After school started, he would be in his senior year, and he had to go back to school to complete the graduation assessment and get his graduation certificate. No matter how popular an artist was, he would definitely get his graduation certificate. Li Xin also knew this, so he sent him back to school first, and then would let him film after graduation. The script had already been selected.

One of the artists he brought was about to become a baby daddy, and the other went back to school to attend classes. The ace manager Li Xin suddenly got idle.

After working for so many years, Li Xin was not used to being suddenly idle. He loved talking and moving since he was a child, but now no one was there to chat with him, he was alone in a big house with three bedrooms and one living room, and he was almost suffocated from idleness.

Just when he was too idle to roll on the ground, the doorbell rang suddenly.

Li Xin was a little puzzled, who could it be?

Since he moved in, this house had never had any visitors, nor had the neighbors been seen, so he didn’t even know who else lived here.

While the doorbell was still ringing, Li Xin quickly got up from the sofa, rushed to the door in two or three steps, and looked through the monitoring screen— where he just met a pair of deep eyes, which were full of smiles.

—Major General Benjamin.

The other party seemed to know that Li Xin was looking at him on the monitor screen, so he deliberately raised his head to look in the direction of the monitor, showing a gentle smile.

Li Xin hurriedly opened the door: “General? Why did you come here suddenly…” The beta man was puzzled, paused, and suddenly remembered something, his cheeks flushing suddenly, “By the way, I’m so sorry I forgot to transfer the rent for this month to you, I’ve been too confused recently, so I’ll give it to you right away.” After speaking, he immediately took out the crystal card, connected to the network and started transferring money.

Benjamin’s smart mecha quickly issued a notification sound: “Imperial Central Bank, the transfer amount has been received, 2000 crystal coins.”

He really thought I was here to demand the rent?

The Alpha suppressed his anger, raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “The rent is not in a hurry, I’m here to see you. Are you used to living in my…cousin’s house?”

Li Xin smiled brightly: “Thank you, General. The environment here is very nice and quiet. It’s just that the size of the house is too big. I live alone, so it feels a bit empty.” He scratched the back of his head embarrassingly as he spoke. The house where he lived with his parents was not so big. After becoming a manager, he lived with Qin Yize. With Qin Yize, an artist who made trouble for him every day, he would not be bored.

Living alone in such a big house these days was boring as hell.

Li Xin stood there and scratched his head awkwardly, his cheeks turning flushed.

The man’s facial features were not outstanding, but the expressions on his face were extremely rich and vivid, especially the blushing and scratching his head, which looked very cute.

Looking at this beta, Benjamin’s eyes became darker. He heard himself say in a gentle voice: “Is it very empty for you to live alone? I just happened to be on vacation recently and can stay with you for a while.”

“Huh?” Li Xin’s mouth opened wide instantly, almost enough to stuff an egg into it.

Seeing his stupid way of opening his mouth wide, Benjamin suppressed a smile and said, “Why? Not happy?”

“No, no, no…” Li Xin waved his hands hastily, his face turning even redder, “General, you are from the Behe family. Are you not the only son of Admiral Karl? I thought, if you are on vacation, you should go home and live with him…can you get used to this?”

Even if he was not familiar with the Behe family, Li Xin still knew, that General Drew, the head of the Hydra Legion, General Karl, the head of this generation, Mr. Brian, the president of the Imperial Mecha Association— and countless other celebrities were from the Behe family.

This huge family had a close relationship with the royal family and had a considerable status in the military. As the most outstanding alpha in this generation of the Behe family, how could Benjamin have no place to live?

Just kidding!

The Behe family’s real estate should be countless, right?

Li Xin scratched his head in doubt, completely oblivious to the Alpha’s deep gaze when he looked at him.

Benjamin withdrew his gaze so as not to show his fox tail. He sighed softly, and there was a hint of melancholy in his gentle voice: “Oh, I want to go home too, but unfortunately, as soon as I go back, my father will educate me at length, saying that I didn’t perform well enough in the military department, and then he would also say that as a major general, I shouldn’t give myself such a long vacation, but I should set an example and go to the base to inspect… I don’t want to listen to his nagging, so I want to stay with you for a few days.”

Li Xin who was fooled by his nonsense, was taken aback for a while: “Is…is that so?”

Benjamin was almost thirty, and his father still educated him every day? Was the Behe family’s family education so strict?

Benjamin, who let his father take the blame, nodded with a serious face: “Yes. My father is very strict. The missions of the Hydra Legion this year have been successfully completed. I finally have a week’s vacation. I really don’t want to listen to his education…” Pretending to have a headache, he rubbed his forehead, “Oh, I’m so tired, I just want to rest here with you for a few days.”

Li Xin was softened by the words, and he thought it was not easy for Benjamin to be a general. He was usually meticulous in the military department, and his father would always talk to him when he returned home. Thinking of this, Li Xin hurriedly found a new pair of slippers from the shoe cabinet, put them considerately under Benjamin’s feet, and said with a smile: “Come in quickly, General.”

In this way, he entered the door.

He bent over and put on his slippers, hung the military coat beside him, and walked into the living room. The originally strict soldier, after taking off his abstinent military jacket and black leather boots, only wore military trousers and a light blue shirt, looking much gentler.

Even so, his figure was extraordinarily tall and straight. Li Xin was a whole head shorter than Benjamin. Sure enough, comparing beta and alpha’s height was just masochistic. Li Xin ignored the psychological gap, and asked with a smile: “General, have you had dinner? How about I order you some food?”

There was a two-story food court in this community, which provided delivery services. Li Xin wanted to buy him some food, but Benjamin suddenly turned his head, looked at Li Xin with gentle eyes and said, “I don’t want to eat takeaway, can I try your handicraft? I heard from Luo Ning that the food you make is delicious.”

Li Xin was a little embarrassed, scratched his head and said: “I cook very ordinary…”

“Don’t be modest.” Benjamin walked to the kitchen with long legs, opened the refrigerator and looked, and there were a lot of fresh vegetables and meat inside. Obviously Li Xin cooked for himself these few days at home. Benjamin pointed to the groceries in the refrigerator, “It just so happens that there are groceries in the refrigerator. There are two of us, you can simply cook two dishes.”

“General, just wait a minute, I’ll cook.”

Benjamin smiled slightly, and walked in front of Li Xin, his voice suddenly softening, with a trace of strange tenderness: “Li Xin, you don’t have to treat me with such respect. Should I do that when calling you? Aren’t we friends?”

As the Alpha approached step by step, the strong breath of an adult man instantly enveloped Li Xin.

Among A, B and O, alphas were undoubtedly the most aggressive group. Even as a beta, where he would not be affected by pheromones, Li Xin felt a strong sense of oppression from the major general.

This strange feeling made him very uncomfortable. Li Xin couldn’t help but take a step back. However, Benjamin continued to take a step forward with a calm expression. Li Xin had no way to retreat, and his back was directly pressed against the cold wall.

The distance between the two was very close, and the Alpha’s deep gaze was fixed on Li Xin’s.

Li Xin lowered his eyes uncomfortably, feeling a little flustered: “Then, what, what should I call you?”

Benjamin smiled, and his tone was very gentle: “Just call me by my first name, don’t call me general. You are not my subordinate. If you insist on calling me a general, stand in a military posture and salute me when you see me in the future.”

Li Xin smiled awkwardly—the general’s joke was so cold, where was he? Would he really stand in a military posture?

However, seeing the man’s gentle gaze, Li Xin felt a lot more relaxed, knowing that he really wanted to treat him as a “friend”, and it was indeed a little strange to call him general all day long. Thinking of this, Li Xin’s stiff back slowly relaxed, and said with a smile: “Okay, then shall I call you Benjamin?”

Benjamin nodded with satisfaction: “That’s right. The difference is not that big, since we are friends, there is no need to treat each other like this.”

After he finished speaking, he took a step back, and the strong sense of oppression was instantly gone, and Li Xin finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Such an alpha with a good family background was actually willing to make him, a beta, his friend?

The only alphas that Li Xin was more familiar with were Qin Yize and Xiao Zhuo. The former was an artist he brought out, so of course he won’t put on airs in front of him, while the latter was a playboy who didn’t treat anyone seriously. As for the other alphas, most of the ones he had been in contact with were relatively arrogant, thinking that alphas had better genes than betas, and thus looking down on ordinary betas. Li Xin had long been used to being looked down upon by alphas, anyway, they each lived their own lives, it was fine as long as they didn’t interfere with each other.

It was really rare to see an alpha like Benjamin who had such a prominent family background but was still so gentle and polite. Not only did he help him find such a big house, but also offered to make him his friend. Meeting such a good alpha, making friends was really good, right?

With a new friend, Li Xin was in a great mood, and ran to the kitchen to prepare dinner for Benjamin.

Li Xin put on his apron, chopped vegetables with his hands and feet, and wanted to cook a good dinner for the general, and reward this alpha who had worked hard in the military for more than half a year.

He didn’t notice at all that the alpha outside the kitchen was greedily looking at him.

The apron was a light blue plaid pattern, simple and fresh, without a trace of oily smoke or stains on it, looking clean and tidy, obviously Li Xin was very diligent and loved to be clean. The Beta, who was busy in the kitchen wearing an apron, really had the thoughtfulness and gentleness of a family man.

What kind of wife was such a cute beta looking for? He should find a husband who loved him.

I really want to throw him down in the kitchen and love him well.

Benjamin shook his head, chased away the unsuitable clips that popped up in his head, smiled slightly, leaned against the door and continued to watch Li Xin busy himself. Li Xin didn’t know at all that General Alpha looked at him with a fiery gaze of “is sure to win”.

If you don’t have anything to show your courtesy, you can either r**e or steal.

When Benjamin found a house for him, he actually made a wolf den for him—let him move in, and he would never be able to escape.

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