GLR Ch. 48.2

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After ending the communication, He Yunting stood in front of the mirror. Did Su Yemu like strong muscular men?

Su Yemu walked out of the room, and everyone’s sad eyes turned to him.

Su Yemu was confused: “What’s wrong?”

Xiaonan hugged No. 2: “Brother, I’m hungry.”

“I’m going to cook now.”

After Su Yemu finished speaking, everyone’s eyes suddenly brightened. Su Yemu was extremely happy. Fortunately, he brought Erha with him.

Meals for seventeen people were not difficult to prepare with two chefs. Su Yemu prepared boiled beef[1], chopped bell pepper fish head[2], braised fish[3], sea coconut chicken soup[4], and stir-fried fresh mushrooms[5].

They got two table full of dishes ready very quickly.

Su Yemu blanched the cut chicken, boiled water in a casserole, added chicken, soaked sea coconut, lily, white fungus, Polygonatum odorifera, candied dates, wolfberry and an appropriate amount of salt, brought it to a boil over high heat and then reduced the heat to let it simmer.

Su Yemu got two fish, chopped their heads out, and then used the fish bodies to make braised fish.

He washed the fish head and chopped it from the middle without damaging it. He added perilla, cooking wine and other seasonings and marinated the fish for ten minutes.

Then he placed the onion, ginger and garlic on the bottom of the plate, after that he put the marinated fish head on top of the plate, he also put the chopped bell peppers over it, steamed it for fifteen minutes, and then poured hot oil on the fish head when it came out of the pot.

Boiled beef, braised fish, and stir-fried fresh mushrooms were not difficult to prepare. Su Yemu only spent an hour and a half on this meal.

The fish head with chopped bell peppers was the first to be served. The spicy aroma came from the kitchen, and everyone who was holding the bowl swallowed their saliva and stretched their necks.

Da Zhuang and Da Yu came out pushing the dining cart, and a clear ‘gurgling’ sound sounded in the dining room. Everyone gathered around the table and watched the plate of fish heads with chopped peppers placed on the table, and then swallowed hard but no one moved.

The second dish was braised fish, with a strong aroma of black bean and a bright red color.

Someone was already wiping their saliva.

The third dish came out, which was boiled beef slices. It was spicy and fragrant, and the red chili peppers floating on it made everyone even hungrier.

Someone was already holding their stomach.

The fourth dish was stir-fried fresh mushrooms, with the most delicious, original and natural taste.

Everyone licked their lips!

There was also a soup. Everyone looked at the dishes on the table and felt like crying. Where is the soup? Where’s the soup? Where’s the soup?

Everyone was looking forward to it, looking forward to seeing Su Yemu.

“Don’t you want to eat?”

“Waiting for you, where’s the soup?”

“It will take a while, just in time to finish eating.”

Su Yemu walked to Boss Hei’s table, and when he sat down and started to use his chopsticks, Yuan Ying and others also started to use their chopsticks, while Boss Hei smiled, tsk, interesting.

The fish head with chopped bell peppers was fatty but not greasy, and the meat was tender and had a unique flavour.

The braised fish had rich flavour and a fragrant sauce.

Not to mention the boiled beef, which was spicy, tender and delicious.

While the stir-fried fresh mushrooms were delicious and soothing.

Except for the mushrooms, everything was all spicy. Everyone ate with tears streaming down their cheeks and opened their mouths to breathe, but no one was willing to stop using their chopsticks.

Instant drool, really instant drool. If it weren’t for spicy food, Su Yemu guessed that they would be even faster. However, there were still some people who couldn’t get enough of it. They mixed rice with the fish head juice with chopped bell peppers and the beef soup. Su Yemu was really afraid that they would overeat.

A vague aroma wafted out, indicating that the soup was ready.

Su Yemu stood up, and Da Zhuang and Da Yu followed. After a while, two pots of soup were brought out. The soup was thick white in color, and the delicious chicken soup was fragrant with coconut. After drinking it, everyone who had just eaten a heavy meal felt comfortable. If you feel a little dry after eating so many chili peppers, this bowl of soup would clear your heart and moisturize your lungs, removing the fire.

Not only was the craftsmanship excellent, but the combination of ingredients was also excellent.

“I just passed by the central area and smelled a very fragrant smell. I almost couldn’t walk.”

“Hey, I’m not lucky. I’d rather give you some soup!”

“Don’t think about it. There are more than 200 people! Who should I share it with?”

“Tell me, did Boss Hei buy us this expensive nutrient solution for this trip knowing that this would happen?”

Who said otherwise!

The star ship sailed in the universe, and apart from the darkness, there was the shining starlight in the depths of the universe.

After eating, Xiaonan and No. 2 excitedly went exploring. After Su Yemu visited several places in the central area, he just stayed beside the window and watched the beautiful scenery of the universe. Not far behind him was the team led by Yuan Ying. These people didn’t stay too close to him, but they were not far away either.

Su Yemu stayed there for a while and then yawned, lying next to the window with squinted eyes.

At this time, Yuan Ying’s terminal rang, it was the marshal.

He Yunting stood by the window, wearing a nightgown, with a very leisurely posture, but his brows could kill a fly: “What is he doing?”

Yuan Ying straightened his body and saluted He Yunting: “Reporting, Mr. Su is lying on the bed, yawning by the window.”

“Got it!”

Yuan Ying was depressed. The marshal was angry just now.

Su Yemu sat like that for a while longer, then got up and went back to the room. After washing up, Su Yemu lay on the bed and blinked, forget it, let’s go to sleep!

Vaguely, Su Yemu fell asleep. When he opened his eyes again, he woke up in a bedroom. There was a hard bed board under him, and the ceiling looked like some kind of metal.

Su Yemu turned his head and saw a man in black military uniform. He had deep facial features, sword-shaped eyebrows and starry eyes. He had an outstanding appearance. He had five stars on his shoulders. He lowered his head and held a pen in his hand, as if he was about to write something, but still couldn’t write.

He looked very similar to He Yunting, but his temperament was calmer and inner-sword-like, as if he had experienced endless vicissitudes of life. If He Yunting was as sharp as an unsheathed sword now, then this person had restrained his sharpness and now showed his majesty in every gesture.

Su Yemu turned over and got up. The movement was so big but he didn’t seem to notice it. Could it be that this person couldn’t see him?

Su Yemu walked behind the man and saw that he had only written the first word: Su Su…, only two words. He didn’t write any more. He looked at the paper and struggled. For some reason, Su Yemu felt that this man was a bit cute, a person who obviously seemed to be very decisive, but he was hesitant when writing a letter. Could it be that he was writing to his lover?

Su Yemu stood behind him, with his hands behind his back, feeling quite interested. He wanted to see what this serious man would write in the end.

But in the end, the man didn’t write anything, he just folded the paper and put it in his chest pocket.

Su Yemu didn’t know why he felt a little sad.

Awakening, Su Yemu opened his eyes again, and it was dawn.


It was the terminal communication. Su Yemu picked up the call and saw He Yunting, who was glaring at him fiercely with red eyes.

“Where have you been?”

“Nowhere, I just woke up.”

“Let me ask you about your dream last night, where did you go?”

Su Yemu sat up cross-legged, propped up his chin, and recalled: “I saw a man.”

He Yunting narrowed his eyes slightly: “Man?”

Su Yemu nodded: “Man, he was writing a letter to Su Su. Unfortunately, he didn’t write anything down and I don’t know what he wanted to write.”

He Yunting almost thought he heard wrongly, ‘Su Su’?

“Didn’t you promise me last night that you would dream with me?”

He Yunting decided to skip this and enter this more important topic.

“I never promised!”

“So you went to see a wild man?”

He Yunting’s face darkened and he looked at Su Yemu reproachfully.

Su Yemu was innocent: “I don’t even know that man.”

He Yunting: “Isn’t that just a wild man?”

“I was dreaming! You didn’t come by yourself, and there’s nothing I can do about it,” Su Yemu said, “I’m hungry, come on, let me have breakfast first. Goodbye!”

Su Yemu quickly turned off the terminal and sighed.

No, why was he feeling guilty? He was not his boyfriend.

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