RCFS Ch. 259

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Everyone laughed together.

Impossible, right? How could it be?

Huangjue’s people specially formed a team to watch Yehuang’s performance. Where did she, Ye Yunxi, get such a big face?

“Haha, it’s fake, right?”

“Um…, I just made a wild guess…”

The system chuckled. It actually wanted to say, kid, you guessed it right! Hahaha!!

Within the encirclement, Ye Yunxi did have a pleasant conversation with this “leader”!

Ye Yunxi said: “You look very handsome today!”

Di Junxie smiled sideways: “You have become more infatuated with me again, right?”


Bai Yan couldn’t help it. Could this person restrain himself?

“You don’t have to go through so much trouble to take me back, right?”

Looking back, many students were already looking towards this place.

Young Master Di straightened his collar, lowered his eyes, and stared at her more deeply with his slender eyes.

“Apart from Longtuan Shengxue, can you make other teas?”

“Of course, as long as it’s tea, I can make it.”

“Okay, we need a new face here to cooperate with me to complete a task. Are you interested?”


Ye Yunxi raised an eyebrow. Although Huangjue was an aristocratic school, it had many snobs, but it also had connections with the military, and thus handled many secretly dangerous tasks.

Therefore, ten out of ten of the Huangjue’s tasks were extremely dangerous. Even if they were called fatal, it was not a big problem. If one of them failed, one would be punished and his life would be worse than death.

Because in this world, bad people were always more evil than you could think!

“Yes, task!”

Di Junxie curled his lips, his stern face full of handsomeness.

“What good can I do?”

Ye Yunxi narrowed her eyes. She would not do something that was not good for her and was dangerous.

“Hey, can I kiss you?”

Ye Yunxi turned around and left. They had been chatting to death all day, but this was nonsense!

The smile lines at the corners of Emperor Xie’s mouth became even worse. He quickly pulled the person back, propped his arms on her waist, and imprisoned the person in his arms.

The man lowered his head, and the shadow of his big-brimmed hat obscured his extremely cold eyes, revealing only his graceful chin and the smile lines raised by his thin lips.

Further down, his tight neck sank into the tightly stitched collar of his uniform, and his military uniform was meticulous until even the badge on his shoulder seemed cold and unreasonable.

It had to be said that Di Junxie, who had changed his outfit, had an aggressive aura that was cold and decisive, making people subconsciously want to surrender!

“How about I give you extra points for the exam?”

“I can pass the exam without extra points!”

Ye Yunxi was full of confidence. She didn’t need this benefit!

“So, what about AS?”


Ye Yunxi’s black eyes flashed.

AS, the most secretive organization in the Yan Kingdom, specialized in performing the most secretive and difficult tasks. It was also the top existence and the organization that all strong men longed for!

In her previous life, she had worked hard for so long but failed to win the favour of AS. Now…

“Whether you can go or not, I can’t say, it will depend on your performance!”

Di Junxie lowered his eyes and looked down. This little woman really knew about AS. She knew, but no one in this world could see the true appearance of AS. It was as if it had never existed before! It was an existence that transcended all!

Ding! Trigger hidden mission: cooperate with the task fully! Reward Awesomeness XP: +10000! Physical strength +100! The host is big! You have a hundred physical strength!

A hundred physical strength?

Ye Yunxi raised her eyebrows. There were indeed many benefits, but it was also dangerous enough!

But, she liked danger.

A life full of challenges was always more interesting than a life that was dull to death!

Ye Yunxi smiled, simply stretched out her hand to hook the man’s neck, tilted her head, and smiled: “So, what do you need me to do?”

Under the night light, the girl’s smile was ambiguous and enchanting, so seductive!

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