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Before reaching the palace all the way, Qiao Xi put away these messy thoughts first.

Jing Yan’s expression became a lot more serious.

The fox clan was a holy place in the medical world, and almost all the top medical technologies were born here.

The patients with the largest proportion in the fox territory were patients with morphological syndrome.

Morphological syndrome was a genetic disease, which could be caused by congenital or acquired gene mutation. The symptoms were the inability to transform, and it was also accompanied by various other systemic diseases, ranging from respiratory tract infections and diarrhea to severe organ failure or even death.

Qiao Xi’s fourth brother, Qiao Yue, was born with morphological syndrome. He had been weak since childhood, and it was very easy for him to get sick. In the past, he spent almost half of his time lying in the hospital bed.

Five years ago, his condition had developed to the point where there was no medicine to suppress it, so he had no choice but to come to the fox clan and officially begin his expected five to six years of sleeping in the treatment cabin.

Qiao Xi wanted to go to the fox clan several times to see his fourth brother, but his fourth brother refused to let him come, saying that the journey was long and unsafe, and there were other reasons.

And he couldn’t even get out of the treatment cabin. So, even if Qiao Xi came over, he could only talk to him stupidly, and there was no need to bother.

Although Qiao Xi was a little lost, he could not refuse to listen to his fourth brother’s repeated instructions, so he gave up.

However, this time, because Jing Yan and the others were with him, his fourth brother finally agreed to him coming to the fox clan.

They hadn’t seen each other for five years, and Qiao Xi was both nervous and excited.

Xing Luo led them into a palace.

Qiao Xi had originally heard that there was a special medical palace in the Fox Palace and thought that his fourth brother would also be there, but the palace that Xing Luo brought them to was like a living palace, so he couldn’t help but be a little puzzled.

At this moment, a servant walked over quickly and said to Xing Luo: “Your Highness, several guest rooms have been cleaned.”

Xing Luo nodded and smiled at Qiao Xi and the others: “You will all stay in my palace tonight.”

Qiao Xi and Jing Yan looked at each other.

…Hey, the fourth brother’s treatment cabin was actually in Xing Luo’s palace?

They were even more surprised when Xing Luo took them to the back of the palace.

The backyard of Xing Luo’s palace was a very beautiful garden. Even though it was autumn, the trees were still lush and many flowers were blooming there quietly.

There was a small fountain in the depths of the garden. Going beyond the fountain was the core of the garden, where a huge pink flower tree stood tall.

And Qiao Yue’s treatment cabin was under the flower tree, a lot of petals had fallen on the transparent cover of the treatment cabin, and there were two squirrels eating fruit on the side.

Qiao Xi: “…”

This environment seems too romantic?!

Xing Luo stepped forward, put one hand on the treatment cabin cover, and said softly, “A Yue, Xiaoxi has arrived.”

Qiao Xi trotted over: “Brother!”

There was a display screen on the side of the treatment cabin. A line of text appeared: “Qiao Xi!”

Xing Luo picked up Qiao Xi and placed him on a stool next to the treatment cabin, so that Qiao Xi’s height was the same as the display screen.

“Brother, how are you feeling now?” Qiao Xi lay down on the treatment cabin, looking eagerly at his brother who still had his eyes closed.

The text on the display screen appeared quickly: “Very good, I should be out of the treatment cabin in the first half of next year, wait for brother.”

“Okay!” Qiao Xi’s nose was sore, and he turned to Jing Yan and the others and waved, then he said excitedly, “Brother, let me introduce you.”

He introduced the several people to Qiao Yue, and several people also greeted Qiao Yue politely.

Jing Yan was especially respectful, although he had contacted Xing Luo earlier, and it was impossible for Qiao Yue not to know his identity, but he still solemnly said: “Hello, brother, I am Jing Yan, the leader of the wolf clan royal family. I’m 19 years old this year!”

After saying that, he bowed and looked at Qiao Xi in a daze.

Qiao Yue replied uniformly: “Hello, I’m Qiao Xi’s fourth brother, Qiao Yue.”

“Okay, let Xiao Xi and A Yue chat alone, how about we go to sit in the front pavilion for a while?” Xing Luo said politely.

The few people agreed, Jing Yan touched the chicken’s head: “Talk slowly, don’t worry.”

Qiao Xi nodded: “Yeah!”

The voice fell, and the people walked forward, but he could still hear still Ye He while walking. He was asking Xing Luo: “Can rhinitis be cured?”

Qiao Xi: “…”

It became quiet under the flower tree again, Qiao Xi looked back at his brother, rubbed his eyes, and said softly, “Brother, I really want to meet you!”

The text appeared on the screen: “Dear, how are you doing with Jing Yan, tell your brother.”

Although there was a phone call before, many things had been unclear on the phone.

Qiao Xi lay on the side of the treatment cabin and told Qiao Yue about every bit of his life in the forest.

The two of them tacitly didn’t mention what happened when he first arrived at the Wolf Palace. Qiao Xi didn’t want to recall those unpleasant memories, while Qiao Yue knew everything through Jing Yan long ago, and kept everything in mind.

Qiao Xi only said that he was happy, he had his little friends, the three seemingly vicious but unusually well-behaved beasts, the wooden house, the flower field, and everything was carefree.

For Qiao Xi, life in the forest was like heaven compared to his previous life. But he still felt that it would be good to have his fourth brother with him as well. Those days would then be considered “perfect”.

He talked for a long time in small pieces, and his voice was a little choked.

Qiao Yue: “You’re not a child anymore, why are you still crying when I’m not there?”

“I’m not crying…” Qiao Xi snorted, in order to hide his embarrassment, he said casually, “It’s… If you were there for some things, I could ask you!”

Qiao Yue: “I’m awake at any time now, and you can call me if you have any questions. What do you want to ask me?”

Qiao Xi saw the fourth brother continue to ask. So, after thinking about it, he said: “Brother, I heard that if you have goals and thoughts in your heart, your transformation will stabilize faster, is this true?”

Qiao Yue: “There is a similar saying. What, do you have any thoughts in your mind?”

Qiao Xi suddenly twitched, nodded after a while, and said shyly: “Well! It’s just… I don’t know how to use this method to completely and stably transform.”

Qiao Yue: “Generally speaking, it’s enough to make your thoughts stronger to a certain extent. You should tell your brother what you are thinking about first?”

Hearing this, Qiao Xi was about to open his mouth, but then he stayed where he was.

After pondering for three seconds, he quietly looked away and said, “How can I make my thoughts strong…”

Qiao Yue also pondered for three seconds and said, “…Tell brother what you are thinking about first?”

Qiao Xi raised her head: “And how strong does it have to be…”

Qiao Yue: “…Tell brother what you are thinking about!”

Qiao Xi scratched his head: “If it’s not strong enough, how long will it take to stabilize?”

Qiao Yue: “…What the hell are you thinking about!”

Qiao Xi laughed dryly: “I’ve transformed many times now—”

Qiao Yue: “…”

Qiao Yue said angrily: “Qiao, Xi—are you? Falling in love?!”

Qiao Xi: “–oh!”

He immediately covered his mouth.

Qiao Yue: “You were about to beep?! Scared?!”

Qiao Yue: “Fuck, who is it?! Who is who who is who is who is who-“

The note on the screen began to scroll frantically, the frightened Qiao Xi almost covered his mouth and let out a cry.

While Qiao Yue became more and more furious: “Tell me which dog it is?!!!!”

“Brother!” Qiao Xi’s hair exploded.

T/N: The funny part is that he actually fell in love with a dog!!!!

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