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Early the next day, Qin Yize woke up before Luo Ning, and Luo Ning, who was sleeping very dishonestly, had his head resting on his shoulders, and his hands hugged his waist like a koala. Qin Yize sighed lightly, broke Luo Ning’s hold with force, rubbed his sore and numb shoulders, and got out of bed to wash.

Walking into the bathroom, as expected, in the mirror, he saw the traces of his neck having been bitten by Luo Ning. The teeth marks were clear and distinct. Qin Yize frowned and wiped it with a towel.

…Ambiguous hickeys?

Qin Yize’s face froze, and he threw the towel aside and was too lazy to wipe it again.

Fortunately, there were no outsiders here, otherwise people who would see him would think that something had happened between him and Luo Ning.

When Luo Ning woke up, Qin Yize was taking a bath, and there was the sound of rushing water in the bathroom. After a while, the sound of water stopped, and Qin Yize walked out in his pajamas. Yize already had a handsome face, and now that his hair was wet after taking a shower, he looked extra sexy. Luo Ning sat on the bed and admired him for a while, then he found that there was a bright red mark on his neck, so he couldn’t help but wonder, “Yize, what’s wrong with your neck?”

Qin Yize looked up at Luo Ning displeasedly, and picked it up slightly: “What do you think?”

Luo Ning smiled: “Is it a mosquito bite?”

Qin Yize: “…”

It’s you, the big mosquito!

Facing Luo Ning’s innocent smile, Qin Yize was angry and funny. After a moment of silence, he said lightly, “You bit me.”

“I bit?” Luo Ning couldn’t believe it: “How is that possible?”

“What are you doing?” Qin Yize pointed to the teeth marks at the red marks, “See for yourself, and then compare with your teeth.”

“…” Luo Ning took a closer look and found that Qin Yize had distinct teeth mark on his neck. There were only two of them in the room, who else could it be that had bitten him? Realizing that he had made another mistake, Luo Ning immediately changed his attitude, smiled apologetically, and said sincerely: “I’m sorry, it may be that I dreamed of biting a bone last night and accidentally bit you. I promise that it will not happen again.”

Qin Yize obviously didn’t believe Luo Ning’s guarantee, and suggested: “Would you like me to buy you a pillow?”

Luo Ning smiled and waved his hand: “No. I slept alone in the palace, and this has never happened before. Maybe the temperature in the room is too low. After I fall asleep, I will automatically find the heat source and lean on you. Just turn up the temperature of the air conditioner when you go to bed tonight.”

Qin Yize looked at him as he explained seriously. He had no choice but to nod his head and not bother about it anymore.

Hopefully, as he said, if he turned up the temperature a little while sleeping, he won’t stick to him.


During the day, Luo Ning was busy rushing the script, while Qin Yize was busy reciting the script. The two of them did their own thing, occasionally discussing the plot and exchanging experiences, and they got along very harmoniously, which was also the ideal married life for Qin Yize.

But once it was night, Qin Yize couldn’t help but have a headache.

Luo Ning’s biggest problem was that he slept dishonestly.

Saying that the room temperature was too low, Qin Yize deliberately turned up the temperature before going to bed, thinking: He should be honest now, right?

Sure enough, Luo Ning no longer rubbed against his arms, nor held him, nor bit his neck, and slept quietly in his place. Qin Yize breathed a sigh of relief, relaxed, closed his eyes and slept well.

However, the good times didn’t last long. In the middle of the night, Qin Yize was sleeping soundly when suddenly he felt a soft body coming towards him. When Qin Yize woke up, he opened his eyes, only to see Luo Ning blushing, muttering “so hot” and starting to undress.

In the blink of an eye, Luo Ning had taken off his pajamas.

Qin Yize: “……”

Did this guy have any self-awareness of being an Omega?

Qin Yize doesn’t think this situation was better than the previous two days. On the contrary, the situation was even worse now.

Logically speaking, Luo Ning’s pheromone inhibitor should not affect Qin Yize, but the problem was that there was only one quilt in this bed, and the two of them slept under the same quilt. He was being dishonest, touching Qin Yize’s body intentionally or unintentionally…it was just terrifying!

Qin Yize’s face was extremely ugly, and he had no choice but to go to the kitchen in the middle of the night to drink ice-cold drinks to reduce the fire in his heart and calm himself down.

He didn’t know how other AO husbands got along after marriage?

Thinking of this, he immediately turned on his optical brain and logged in to an Alpha forum.

– Alpha private forum, Omega and Beta are off limits.

This forum was very famous. It was an exclusive forum for Alphas. Registration required real-name authentication. Qin Yize had registered an account before, as it was interesting to go up and see the various complaints of the Alphas when he was bored.

Late at night, not many people were online. Qin Yize put on a vest and posted a message asking: “I married an Omega, but we have no relationship, and we were forced to get married by our parents. He sleeps very dishonestly and burrows into my arms every day, what should I do? Are all of your Omegas so clingy?”

A group of onlookers downstairs immediately became irritable –

“Landlord, did you come to show off your love? Don’t you know that there are many Alphas in the empire who are single?”

“If my wife comes in my arms like that, I will wake up laughing even in my dreams!”

“Upstairs +1, my Omega is very cold, and doesn’t let me touch him at ordinary times. I’m about to die of worry, landlord, you are having a blessing, but you don’t know the blessing!”

“It’s so cute. The Omega, of course, throw him down and eat him, and sleep with him every day! What are you still hesitating about?”

“He rubbed into your arms just to mark you as his, stupid landlord, single by strength.”

“This idiot, the landlord, he is so active, you still don’t knock him down and eat it, your brain is flooded. Right?”

Qin Yize: “……”

In a blink of an eye, this post became the most popular of the day, and Qin Yize who posted it was scolded collectively by netizens.

Qin Yize thought to himself, I am a rational and upright Alpha, how can I label others casually? Now that you have signed a prenuptial agreement, you should abide by it. The problem now is that he strictly followed the protocol, and it was Luo Ning who kept fouling.

Qin Yize frowned, was just about to close the forum, but suddenly a prompt “there are new messages on the site, please check” appeared on his screen.

The sender’s avatar was the badge of the Legion of Glory. Qin Yize’s back suddenly felt cold, and he opened his eyes to take a look –

I’m not a general: “Honeymoon is hard, right? Our Luo Ning has been dishonest since he was a child. If you don’t sleep, did you get bullied by him?”

Qin Yize, “…”

Uncle actually read the Alpha forum too?

No wonder he would say meaningfully on the wedding day, “I hope you will stick to the bottom line”, it seemed that he had long known Luo Ning’s problem of being dishonest while sleeping.

Uncle Ling An’s schadenfreude tone made Qin Yize very unhappy, and he replied calmly: “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

After speaking, he immediately went offline and pretended that nothing had happened.

After returning to the bedroom, Luo Ning was already asleep, but his posture was not very elegant.

Qin Yize rubbed his eyebrows with a headache, took a coat and went to sleep on the sofa.


The next day, Luo Ning woke up and found that Qin Yize was not around, and there was no one in the bathroom. Looking downstairs, Qin Yize was actually sleeping on the sofa in the living room on the first floor. He was over 1.85 meters tall, and the sofa in the living room was relatively narrow. The tall man was curled up on the sofa, obviously his sleep must have been very uncomfortable.

Luo Ning felt a little guilty and walked over to cover him with a coat.

This action awakened Qin Yize, and the two looked at each other, feeling a little embarrassed for a while.

After a while, Luo Ning apologized: “I’m sorry, did I disturb you again? My uncle told me before that my sleeping habits are very bad, I still didn’t believe it… It seems to be true. You these two days, didn’t you sleep well?”

Luo Ning apologized very sincerely every time, his smiling eyes very clear and innocent. Qin Yize was also embarrassed to be angry about such a trivial matter, so he could only pretend to be calm: “It’s okay, I’ll sleep on the sofa in the future, and we will sleep separately.”

Luo Ning said, “I’ll sleep on the sofa. You are so tall, this sofa doesn’t work at all. I can squeeze in. I’m shorter than you, and the sofa is just right for me.”

Qin Yize frowned and said, “How can this work?”

Luo Ning was decisive: “Didn’t we sign a prenuptial agreement? I’m also very guilty, it was my fault, how can I let you sleep on the sofa? Starting tonight, you sleep on the bed and I’ll sleep on the sofa, so it’s decided.”

Seeing his firm expression, Qin Yize had no choice but to agree smoothly.

That night, Luo Ning consciously hugged the pillow and went to the living room.

He was smaller than Qin Yize, and the couch in the living room could barely accommodate him. There was no extra quilt at home, so Luo Ning found a thick coat to cover himself, while Qin Yize watched him fall asleep on the sofa in the living room, and felt very awkward, always feeling that it was not suitable.

Luo Ning smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, this sofa is very soft, and it is very comfortable to sleep in. You must have not slept well in the past two days. Go upstairs to rest.”

Qin Yize was driven upstairs by Luo Ning and lay down on the big bed but couldn’t sleep. After tossing and turning for half an hour, Qin Yize could not rest assured after all, so he simply went to the first floor to see Luo Ning.

In the living room, Luo Ning, who slept dishonestly, had actually rolled to the ground and fallen asleep directly on the ground. The floor tiles were cold and he was obviously cold, so he had wrapped himself in a big coat with only his head exposed, looking pitiful.

Qin Yize’s heart suddenly trembled, and a hint of distress suddenly appeared in the depths of his heart.

Luo Ning was the second prince. He was raised by His Majesty in the palm of his hand. He must have never suffered any grievances, but now he couldn’t even sleep peacefully, curled up on the ground without even a decent quilt. If he caught a cold, how should he explain it to His Majesty after they went back?

Such a trivial matter was not a mistake of principle, there was no need to be so serious with him. It was only fifteen days, and Luo Ning won’t bite him every day. As long as he controlled Luo Ning with his arms and let Luo Ning sleep in his arms honestly, it didn’t seem to be particularly difficult?

Thinking of this, Qin Yize immediately walked to Luo Ning in two or three steps, stretched out his arms and picked him up from the ground.

Luo Ning was very light, and Qin Yize was very relaxed when he held him up. Moreover, Luo Ning seemed to be subconsciously looking for a heat source after falling asleep. When Qin Yize hugged him like this, he immediately put his arms around Qin Yize’s neck, and his head also leaned into Qin Yize’s arms, then he rubbed against the neck of Qin Yize lightly, looking very dependent and satisfied.

Qin Yize’s heart softened instantly, and his movements became much gentler unconsciously.

After carrying him to the bedroom, Qin Yize put Luo Ning on the bed, went to bed himself, and then covered him with a quilt.

Luo Ning immediately got into Qin Yize’s arms and a satisfied smile appeared on his lips.

Qin Yize looked at him like this, sighed helplessly, took him gently into his arms, and whispered, “Go to sleep.”

Fortunately, they only needed to stay here for fifteen days, and not sleep together every day in the future.

Qin Yize comforted himself like this and closed his eyes with confidence.

Anyway, Luo Ning just used him as a pillow, and there was no more intimate contact, so it could be ignored for the time being.

Qin Yize didn’t notice at all that he had initially rejected Luo Ning from approaching, and now, he had convinced himself to accept the bad habit of “Luo Ning sleeping very stickily”, and it only took three short days.

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