TBLF Ch. 70

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After the play began, the sight of Qi Ying gradually disappeared. The plot of this newly edited “Blessed Lovers” was really funny, and the lines were all unexpectedly hilarious.

When Zhu Yingtai said with a sad face, “I can’t be with you, it has nothing to do with gender or family background, just because you are not a member of the Communist Youth League”, the audience burst into laughter, and even the teachers and leaders in the front row couldn’t help but laugh.

At last, the two turned into butterflies. The classmates who played the butterflies carried two big purple wings, like two moths popping out from behind the rockery, waving their wings and singing the group song. All the students who participated in the performance were in the group song and the curtain call.

Qi Ying walked over with the guqin, standing on the very side, with a curled mouth, a few strands of hair hanging on her snow-white neck, her eyes bright, as she bowed together with her classmates.

The applause continued from below.

The stage play ended perfectly, and Yue Li was so excited that her palms were red from pinching herself. She gave a hug to everyone who came in. When it was Zhao Dunan’s turn, they both looked tired and snorted at each other.

As soon as Qi Ying came in, Yue Li quickly took her guqin and put it back in the box, took out her phone, and said excitedly: “Don’t change clothes first, I’ll take a few pictures of you!”

Qi Ying stood there obediently, smiling at the camera.

Good-looking people are good-looking no matter how they are photographed, and there is no need for any special postures.

While she was being photographed, a classmate next to her holding a mobile phone was shocked and said: “Fuck, Yingying this dress is an EVA spring high-end dress! I said how familiar it looked, I just saw it in the magazine two days ago!”

Most of the students didn’t understand the so-called luxury high-end meaning. The student’s dream was to be a fashion designer, so she paid more attention to the fashion circle. In one sentence, she explained: “The price of this dress is seven hundred and twenty thousand! Yingying, this is equal to wearing a suite in my hometown!”

Everyone exclaimed backstage.

Chen Mengjie stammered, “Li… Lili, where did you find this skirt?”

Yue Li didn’t even know that this skirt was so expensive. She just went out and called the boss to explain the situation and asked the boss to find a way to get a skirt. Who knew that the boss spent equal to seventy pieces when he bought this skirt?

Mother, she had never seen that much money in her life.

Now the students didn’t even remove their makeup, and all ran to Qi Ying to watch the skirt.

Yue Li beat their hands: “Don’t touch! Don’t touch! Just look!”

Zhao Dunan sneered: “Come on, it’s still spring season. I don’t know where you found imitations. She is wearing fakes on her body and still acting so proud.”

Yue Li was scrupulous about the performance before and didn’t want to make a big fuss, so she was prevented from showing off her temper. Now that the performance is over, she doesn’t have so many worries. She rushed over and pointed her nose and cursed: “Don’t talk here and say t’s a fake! It’s not true that it doesn’t matter to you, anyway, you’re not qualified to wear it!”

Zhao Dunan was not to be outdone: “Who wants to wear fakes!”

Yue Li took out the white skirt wet with ink and threw it in her arms: “This skirt is rented. If you make it like this, you pay! Don’t quibble! There is a surveillance camera outside the corridor. Did you do it? Let’s check the surveillance in a while!”

Zhao Dunan didn’t know if she was angry or scared. While they were arguing, a smiling voice came from the door: “This is the backstage? Why does there seem to be arguing?”

The students looked back and saw a beautifully dressed short-haired girl walking in with a bouquet of hyacinths in her arms. Her aura was very strong, walking in high heels, attracting the attention of the entire backstage.

When she saw Qi Ying, she smiled even more and walked to her with the flowers: “Ying Ying, the performance just now was great, and the flowers are for you.”

Qi Ying was a little surprised, and asked with raised eyebrows: “Sister Ji Qian, why are you here?”

Ji Qian looked at her skirt up and down and nodded in satisfaction: “Brought you the skirt here. It’s beautiful, it was worth running through three red lights.”

Qi Ying was a little embarrassed, and whispered: “Thank you sister, wait for me, I’ll change it.”

Ji Qian said: “Don’t, keep on wearing it, looks good on you.”

Qi Ying shook her head: “It’s too expensive.”

Ji Qian: “What is the big deal. The skirt is made to be worn by people. Hey, don’t move, come here, I will take a picture and send it to EVA. If she saw that her work was so beautifully viewed by others, she would be very happy.”

While taking a photo with her mobile phone, the door behind was kicked, Ji Rang leaned impatiently at the door, and shouted at her: “Are you going to come out?”

Ji Qian poked her tongue out and put away the phone. She touched Qi Ying’s head and said: “Sister will come to see you next time. The skirt is given to you, as a small gift to congratulate you on your successful performance.”

After saying that, Ji Qian turned around and left, passing Ji Rang’s side. He gave him a glaring look at the time.

Qi Ying said, “Eh”, and wanted to chase her. When she ran to the door, Ji Rang poke her forehead with a finger to force her to stop.

They were so close, and smelling the sweet fragrance on her body, while wearing this bright color, the view dazzled his eyes.

He turned his gaze away and whispered: “Forget it, take it, I’ll just transfer the money to her in a while.”

Qi Ying: Huh?

Why does it seem that something is wrong?

He smiled: “When it’s over, call me.”

Qi Ying nodded confusedly.

When walking back holding the hyacinths, Yue Li asked her excitedly: “Yingying, is that girl Ji Rang’s sister?”

Qi Ying nodded.

Yue Li remembered: “I’ve seen her! It was her who quarreled with Ji Rang on the street last time!”

At the time, she thought they were a couple, but they turned out to be siblings. Yue Li was embarrassed. Someone asked from behind: “Is she the female president of Senhai Hotel who always appears in celebrity magazines?”

There were several rich second generations in Class 2, and the group of people like Xue Manqing were also close, how can they not know Ji Qian.

Qi Ying didn’t like the feeling of being watched, so she hugged the flowers and went to change her clothes.

Yue Li glanced at Zhao Dunan triumphantly from outside, and asked her appreciatively: “Fake? You talked about it.”

Zhao Dunan: “…”

After the Class 2 performance, there were more than a dozen classes’ performance left. After all, in addition to the third year of high school, all classes in the first and second year of high school also participated in this event.

When Ji Qian went out, students came and went waiting for their performances.

It was so energetic. After walking around among this group of students, she felt a few years younger.

When going down the steps, a class was standing on the steps to rehearse. The girls wore white dresses, and the boys wore suits, singing “My Motherland and Me”.

Yu Zhuo, who was standing in the last row because he was too tall, moved his mouth lazily, did not sing at all, and hummed like a mosquito, watching from left to right and watching the small movements constantly.

Then he saw Ji Qian.

Shocked, his throat got stuck, and it just happened to sing “It can’t be divided for a moment”, and the word “cut” popped out of his throat in a crowing sound.

The student next to him couldn’t help laughing, and the rehearsal suddenly became chaotic. The commanding teacher scolded him angrily: “Yu Zhuo! It’s you again! Can you concentrate more!”

Ji Qian saw him now.

She smiled and greeted him: “Hey child, you are rehearsing? Your show is pretty good.”

Yu Zhuo had just got embarrassed, his face flushed, and he didn’t dare to look at her eyes: “Well… why are you here?”

Ji Qian said, “I came to see your sister performing. I saw her performance earlier, so I don’t have to worry about leaving.”

Yu Zhuo: “?”

When did you get to know my sister so well?

Ji Qian patted his shoulder: “Come on, the suit looks good.”

Yu Zhuo shook his shoulder awkwardly.

Ji Qian smiled, waved to him, and walked down the steps.

The performances continued until the sun went down, the stage play performed by Class 2 lived up to expectations and took the second place, and the environmental catwalk of Class 9 also unexpectedly took third place. It seemed that it was wise to follow the national policy closely.

Taking advantage of the performance of other classes in the afternoon, Yue Li did what she said, and she ran to saw the surveillance footage. There happened to be a monitor at the corner of the corridor where they were resting, and it captured the scene of Zhao Dunan pouring ink into the bag.

Yue Li copied this piece of monitoring and went to the head teacher Liu Qinghua aggressively. This was no room for Zhao Dunan to deny it.

Liu Qinghua didn’t expect that the polite and lively literature and art committee member would actually do such a thing. She gave her a severe criticism and asked her to compensate all the losses of that skirt.

When Zhao Dunan came out of the office crying, those classmates who came to watch her looked at her with contempt.

She was ashamed and angry, thinking that Long Hai next to her would defend her by saying a few words, but even Long Hai looked at her with a complicated expression and said, “You shouldn’t have done that.”

Zhao Dunan cried even harder. Yue Li was arrogant at first, and wanted to ridicule her with a few words, but seeing her crying that pitifully, she felt that she shouldn’t fall into the trap of being inhuman and ordered the onlookers: “Leave and go back to the classroom.”

When leaving school, she secretly said as she walked holding Qi Ying: “In fact, she is not bad, but she is too strong in comparison and jealousy. Alas, it is the problem of parental education.”

Just as Qi Ying was about to respond to the topic, she turned her head and her eyes glowed. She squeezed her hand and said excitedly: “Yingying! I never knew what I should do in the future, but after this party, I finally found my goal in life!”

Qi Ying asked, “What goal?”

Yue Li: “I want to be a director!”

Qi Ying smiled with her eyes: “Then you have to work hard, the media school’s direction department has a very high admission score.”

Yue Li nodded and said: “I will invite you to play my heroine then! They are all-star girls, and you will be the pear girl in the future!”

A gloomy voice sounded beside them: “What pear girl?”

Looking back, Ji Rang stared at her gloomily, as if he was about to tear her up. Yue Li screamed, she was so scared that she hid behind Qi Ying, her desire to survive being very strong: “Big, big guy! I’m just talking about it! Hey, by my virtue, how can I be qualified to be a director!”

Qi Ying laughed badly and pushed Ji Rang: “You do not scare her too.”

Ji Rang leaped back with a cry, looked at Qi Ying, his eye color a bit dark, and asked: “What do you want to do in the future?”

He was really afraid that “being a star” would pop out of her mouth.

Qi Ying smiled with her eyes bent, her voice soft: “I want to be a doctor.”

Ji Rang was taken aback, and subconsciously asked, “Why?”

With soft light in her eyes, she said seriously: “Doctors can save many people.”

He once killed many people in order to defend his family and the country. Those accumulative killings were carried on his body in this life and became his sin.

If being a doctor to save a person can offset his murder, even a little bit, she is willing to try hard.

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