TBLF Ch. 71

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The May Fourth Party was over, and the May Day holiday was also over.

The senior high school students had to take the college entrance examination in one month, and they had entered the final stage of intense and serious sprint. After taking the leave of the high school, the first and second year of high school had a test to take back all the students’ heart that had been spent on art performances.

Ji Rang’s ranking in this exam has risen to 127 of the whole year. Wu Rui predicted that he will be able to break into the 100 mark in the final exam at the end of June!

And Yu Zhuo, who was about to become the most powerful boss in the assault study for a period of time, had also achieved good results in this test, and had improved more than 50 places from the previous position.

Yu Cheng was happy and sad with the report card.

He was glad that his son finally woke up and knows that he had to study hard.

The sad thing was that this son may really have been swapped.

Yu Zhuo didn’t know that he was already a fake in his dad’s mind. He did well in the exam this time, and had a lot of confidence at home. He asked his mother for pocket money and tinkered with a bunch of things.

He occupied the toilet early in the morning on the weekend and staying in it for almost half an hour. Qi Ying came out twice to check, and finally couldn’t hold back anymore, and knocked on the door: “When are you coming out?”

Yu Zhuo opened the door and appeared in front of her with a fox mask.

Qi Ying was taken aback: “What are you doing?”

Yu Zhuo’s excited voice came from under the mask: “I’m going to the manga show in a while, sister, do you guess who I am cosplaying as?”

Qi Ying didn’t watch anime very much. She looked him up and down. Except for the mask on his face, Yu Zhuo’s clothes were actually quite ordinary, with a white shirt, black pants, and a bit of blown black hair. He was tall and thin, with a strong youthful breath.

Qi Ying thoughtfully said, “Fox demon?”

Yu Zhuo stamped his feet with anger, and without talking to her, ran back to his room. Qi Ying hurriedly entered the toilet, and when she came out, Yu Zhuo had another thing on his body.

He put a fluffy and chubby cat doll on his shoulder, and excitedly asked: “Do you see it now?”

Qi Ying said: “Cat demon?”

Yu Zhuo: “?”

He ignored her and turned to Wu Yinghua, “Mom, you help me sew this cat on my shoulder collar.”

The son did so well this time, so Wu Yinghua was responsive. Although she still scolded him for not being serious, she still took out the sewing box and helped him sew the cat doll on the shoulder collar of the white shirt.

Yu Zhuo ran to the kitchen to look for Qi Ying after the cat was sewn: “Sister, go to the manga show with me, I will buy candied haws for you to eat!”

Qi Ying was cutting tomatoes: “No, I have something to do at noon. “

Yu Zhuo came over and took a look and found that she seemed to be making a bento, and there was already a heart-shaped omelet in the box, as well as shrimp and broccoli, which looked delicate and delicious.

His elder sister never touched a knife with her fingers[1]. Needless to say, even if she lived in his house now, his mother never let her into the kitchen. Yu Zhuo frowned and felt that the matter was not simple: “Is this for Ji Rang?”

Generally speaking, he thought that she would deny this kind of questioning and condemning tone.

As a result, Qi Ying smiled, very generous: “Yes, he is practicing with the team in the stadium today, and I promised to give him lunch.”

Yu Zhuo ran away.

He ignored Qi Ying, put on a mask, and hung a schoolbag of the same style as the protagonist of the anime, and went out with the cat on his shoulder.

When waiting for the bus, someone recognized him and exclaimed, “Wow, it’s Natsume!”

Look! It’s so obvious that everyone knew it at first glance, but his sister didn’t know it! Ji Rang was the only one in his sister’s eyes! She annoyed him!

Transferring to the bus all the way to the exhibition site, he just walked to the door, and it caused a lot of commotion. After all, the popularity of “Natsume Friends Account” is very high.

Yu Zhuo’s figure was very similar to the protagonist Natsume Takashi. He was tall and thin. He also blew his hair loose. He wore a white shirt with a teacher cat on his shoulders. The mask blocked his real appearance from the infinite reverie of people.

The wind brushed his hair and the corners of his clothes, as if Natsume had come out of a manga.

Many people were taking pictures of him along the way, and many of them rushed to see him. In fact, he had a small face, and he just wanted to stroll around and see. This is the first time he had cosplayed, and it had attracted so much attention, which was quite embarrassing.

Fortunately, there was a mask covering his face, no one saw him no matter how awkward and embarrassed he was, and he slowly adapted.

After walking around, he was a little tired, and was planning to find a place to take a break and drink some drinks, but there was a commotion behind. He heard someone excitedly discussing: “A Natsume Takashi just left, and another Natsume Reiko! Ah! Is today Natsume fan’s gospel day! And it’s all perfect! Absolutely!”

Huh? Natsume Reiko?

The protagonist Natsume Takashi’s grandmother, Natsume Reiko, had always appeared in the anime as memories. She was a violent and indifferent girl who could see monsters and is very soft and kind.

Someone actually cosplayed the same work with him! Yu Zhuo stopped drinking his drink and followed the crowd to join in the fun.

Soon he saw Natsume Reiko taking a picture with someone.

Wearing Reiko’s signature school uniform skirt, long golden hair, holding the baseball bat that Reiko taught monsters with every time, she actually wore the same fox mask on her face!

This cos Reiko girl was also very slender, with narrow shoulders and a thin waist. The long legs under the skirt were straight and slender. The figure was very eye-catching.

The two Natsume stopped in the middle, which was a manga scene restored.

Shutters were crackling all around.

Someone shouted, “Lord Natsume, Reiko, stand and take a picture together! The grandmother and grandson of the century meeting, what did not happen in the anime, you can help realize it!”

On the other end, Reiko, who had taken the picture, discovered that there was a young man cosplaying Natsume Takashi standing in the crowd opposite. He was wearing a mask and she could not see his face, but she imagined that he smiled in surprise and waved to Yu Zhuo.

There were cheers all around, Yu Zhuo was slightly nervous, and walked over with a strained body.

Reiko carried the baseball bat, carelessly, and put her arm on his shoulder. Yu Zhuo was too tall, she stood on tiptoe, smiled and said, “Look at the camera.”

Yu Zhuo felt wrong.

Why was this sound so familiar?

Looking at Reiko’s long blond hair, it looked like a wig?

He stared at the eyes under the mask.

Reiko also noticed that the teenager next to her was watching her. After taking the photo, she turned her head with a smile and said kindly, “Let’s go, grandma will invite you to a drink.”

Yu Zhuo: “?”

Fuck, Ji Qian.

Why didn’t he figure out the cosplay Natsume? Inexplicably, he dropped two generations! Became her grandson?

No, isn’t she the famous female president of the Ji family? The female president came to Manga show to cosplay?


The female president who wore a mask to cosplay did not know that her identity had been seen through. She was bored today. She watched the latest animation at home several times, took out her mobile phone and swiped it, and found that there was a manga show here, and she was just idle, she also happened to have the cosplay with no makeup.

Who knew that by such a coincidence, she met a handsome young grandson?

In anime, Reiko has been dead for many years. Every time Takashi Natsume saw her grandmother, it was from the memory of the monster.

The two have not met, and it was impossible to meet.

Unexpectedly today! It’s here! They actually broke the Dimensional Wall!

Dimensional pulls together, cherish this fate.

Ji Qian said that she would take her handsome grandson to a drink and chat about life, only to find that this grandson was like a dumb and didn’t say a word.

Ji Qian bought two cups of drinks and asked him, “There are only Coke and orange juice, which one do you want?”

Yu Zhuo pointed to Coke.

He put the straw in the mouth of the mask and drank with his head buried. Ji Qian looked at him curiously but didn’t think much about it. She just thought that this cosplayer might be more introverted. After buying a drink, she waved to him. “I’m leaving, bye bye.”

Yu Zhuo subconsciously: “Bye bye.”

Ji Qian stood still.

Yu Zhuo’s body stiffened, and he saw her turning around and was surprised: “Child?”

Yu Zhuo didn’t speak.

Ji Qian laughed: “Don’t hide, I know it’s you.” She reached out and took off the mask.

Yu Zhuo had no choice but to raise his head.

Ji Qian laughed and leaned forward and backward: “Hurry up and call grandma to listen.”

Yu Zhuo: “?”

Damn, he knew it.

Angrily took off the mask.

Ji Qian looked at him up and down a few times: “You look like a proper cosplayer; Mr. Cat is good.”

Yu Zhuo: “…Thank you, you are also good.”

Ji Qian said, “The weather is good today. The grandparent and grandchild should walk around together? “

Yu Zhuo: “Goodbye!”

Ji Qian almost died of laughter, and put on the mask again: “Alright, I won’t tease you, let’s go, let’s walk around. Where is your sister?”

Yu Zhuo followed her with downcast head: “Went to give your brother a bento with love.”

Ji Qian sighed: “My brother is really lucky.”

When the two people walked together, they were the focus wherever they went. Some people who took pictures kept shouting, “Hey, grandparent and grandchild, look here.”

Yu Zhuo was really cursing in his heart.

After walking around all morning, Ji Qian went to the toilet and took off her wig and mask, took out the clothes from the trunk of the car, and put on her clothes. She snapped his fingers to Yu Zhuo, “Let’s go, grandma will take you to have lunch.”

He was fed up with the grandmother. Yu Zhuo, the little classmate, became angry like a pufferfish, and said: “I won’t eat it!”

Ji Qian: “Huh?”

Yu Zhuo: “I…I don’t eat! I want to go home!”

Ji Qian felt that the kid was pouting.

He looked pretty cute, and she laughed: “Okay, that sister will take you home.”

She finally stopped calling herself a grandmother, and Yu Zhuo sullenly climbed onto her red coupe.

Ji Qian had now identified Qi Ying as her younger sister-in-law, and that sister-in-law’s younger brother is naturally family. So, she gave Yu Zhuo a kind elder look: “When is your final exam? How are the grades? Is the pressure of study too big?”

Yu Zhuo: “…”

Halfway through the question, the phone rang, Ji Qian was driving, and the Bluetooth connection was directly connected to the car audio. After the connection was made, a horrible male voice suddenly sounded in the car: “Baby? Where are you?”

“Driving? Somebody is joining me for lunch, so I called a private home kitchen to reserve seats.”

Ji Qian said: “Give it away I’m not coming.”

The other end of the call: “No, you have to accompany me, I can’t eat it alone.”

Yu Zhuo: “…”

Ji Qian: “…Speak well, there are children in the car.”

“Will you come? I won’t eat if you’re not there.”

Ji Qian said viciously, “You’ll have to starve to death!”

“I’ll be back in New York in a few days. Do you have the heart to let me spend the last vacation alone?”

Ji Qian said: “Yes, you do it first, and I will come after I send someone off.”

The other end was very happy.

Yu Zhuo: “…”

He wanted to be quiet.

The last time she sent Qi Ying home, there was a record of the location in the navigation. Ji Qian drove unimpeded. Yu Zhuo looked at the speeding street view outside the window. When he was about to get home, he suddenly turned around and asked her, “Is that your boyfriend just now?”

Ji Qian raised her eyebrows: “Children don’t always think about the privacy of adults.”

Yu Zhuo was dull again and said nothing.

When they arrived at Haitang Road, he got off the car with his mask and the teacher cat doll that fell off his shoulder halfway, Ji Qian waved to him with his arm on the car window, “Child, go slowly, study hard, and tell your sister hello.”

Yu Zhuo returned home unhappy.

Before Qi Ying came back, he lay down on the bed as if collapsed, lying down for a while, not knowing what he was thinking of, then got up and went to the living room to get a measuring tape to measure his height.

One meter and eighty-one, after a semester, he grew another centimeter.

After measuring the height, he weighed himself: 65 kilograms.

Yu Zhuo smashed back to the bed to lie down and covered his head with a pillow. For a long time, his voice was muffled, and he said, “I am not young anymore.”

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[1] Never entered the kitchen.

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