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“Unfathomable Challenge” was really hot in the early stage, and the outdoor advertising was very huge. Even some people who had no interest in variety shows were attracted by this short two-minute trailer.

Of course, because Ji Lin and Wen Yuan were two top-tier traffickers, their fans had also reposted frantically on Weibo for a long time. The show became popular before the show was broadcasted, and even Siyu, who was not so famous, had few points added for her presence.

At the prime time of 8 o’clock on Saturday night, “Unfathomable Challenge” was broadcasted on TV and on the official website of Lvguo Channel. As one of Ji Lin’s big fans, Liu Yu naturally turned on the TV and the computer live broadcast at the same time. In order to interact with a bullet screen while watching.

At the beginning of the show, the staff went to pick up the guests. Liu Yu didn’t have much interest in other people. When it was the last group of Ji Lin to appear on the camera, she refreshed her spirits and launched a series of barrage messages. Liu Yu thought that Ji Lin had come alone, but Ji Lin suddenly stepped aside and took out a petite girl from behind.

Liu Yu took a look, hey, isn’t this Zhou Siyu, the two of them came together?

The audience apparently discovered this, and rows of barrage floated across the screen instantly: [After the comparison, I think Zhou Siyu is like a little chicken next to Brother Ji, the height difference is too cute!

【The staff is also Siyu’s fans. They have to sign as soon as they come up, completely ignoring Brother Ji standing behind them. Look at Ji Ge’s eyes, they are almost spitting fir

【Only, I think Ji Ge is not dissatisfied with the staff, I think he is dissatisfied with the fact that others are squeezing and hugging Siyu. You see, his eyes are staring at the paw of the staff member!]

 [Tut-Tut, upstairs.]

Liu Yu saw the words in the barrage, and seriously looked at it again, really! Ji Lin’s eyes were just like an abandoned little milk dog. It seemed that the previous rumours that he had a good relationship with Siyu, were true.

As Ji Lin’s iron fan, Liu Yu should have been very vigilant about Ji Lin showing a special attitude towards the opposite sex, but she didn’t know if it was because Siyu always displayed a weak and morbid feeling in front of the camera, just like a poor little animal, that Liu Yu’s love and compassion were overflowing, and she suddenly felt that such a weak little girl shouldn’t think bad things about others, it should not be like that at all!

Ever since, Liu Yu who originally intended to talk about Ji Lin, sent into the barrage with a shake of her hand: [I always feel that Ms. Siyu is a lot thinner than when she showed up last time. Is it my illusion? 】

【It’s not an illusion, it’s true】Netizens had the most profound influence of Siyu being the sick beauty. People who were inherently disadvantaged were more likely to win more sympathy and love. Therefore, even the show had always been known for its strict and poisonous tongue, the fans did not express any ill feeling towards Siyu, a pure newcomer. There were only a few bullet messages sarcastically asking why she came to record the show when she was ill, but they were all stunned back, and they didn’t dare to babble anymore.

When the results of the lottery and grouping were announced, Liu Yu widened her eyes on seeing that Siyu, Ji Lin and Wen Yuan were grouped together, but Siyu was the traitor in the group, Ji Lin knew nothing about it and was still triumphant. She couldn’t help but laugh out loud when she was looking at it, and felt that he would be beaten in the face in seconds!

【I can only say 666 for this grouping

【Brother Ji thought this wave was stable, you see, he was still praying to be grouped with Miss Siyu before the draw, and it turned out…

【It turned out to be in a group, that the older sister is a traitor, Cao Ying is sad

【Waiting for Ji Ge to capsize

【Chu Shuangyan wants to be shameless; Ji Ge is not her teammate, but she insists on going up and saying that she wants to be with Brother Ji. Didn’t you see that Brother Ji’s face was green

【Chu Shuangyan’s craziness has not been here for a day or two, but Brother Ji has always regarded her as air, so be relieved

Liu Yu looked at Chu Shuangyan’s straight eyes and wanted to frown. These Ji fans didn’t have a good impression of Chu Shuangyan. It would be better if it was Miss Siyu. She didn’t grab attention or make trouble, and quietly made a beautiful background, but was still able to attract everyone’s attention, such a person would certainly not be a demon and would not cause trouble, unlike Chu Shuangyan’s troublesome spirit, Siyu being in Ji Lin’s group would not hinder him!

However, Liu Yu was quickly slapped by reality, because Siyu used her professional muddy water ability to tell everyone that a traitor is a traitor, and it was impossible not to engage in trouble. It was the only pleasure to cheat people with their talent.

When the show was broadcast at the Q&A segment, almost no one thought that Ji Lin and Wen Yuan would lose. After all, they erre the most popular stars on the show. If they lost too badly, wouldn’t they lose face? The program group was well-measured and would definitely not do this.

They all thought that Siyu wouldn’t have any tricky questions. Unexpectedly, she didn’t take the usual path. As soon as she came up, she asked the two male gods to tell her shortcomings. Ji Lin immediately became dumb. The director gave him face very well. In the close-up shots of the department, Ji Lin looked dumbfounded and even a little dull. This kind of stupid and cute performance was completely different from the usual cool and handsome style, so that fans didn’t bother to denounce Siyu’s messy questions. They were howling because of Ji Lin’s rare demeanour, one after another ran to praise Siyu for doing well.

Especially when Ji Lin was holding on to the pretence, he was hit by a bucket of water falling from the sky in a blink of an eye, and the barrage was still laughing and joking. These fans who usually wished to put idols into the window to protect them, all laughed.

Thanks to Miss Siyu for fulfilling my long-cherished wish and let me finally see the cute side of Brother Ji! Brother Ji is still so handsome even if he gets drenched in water!

【Brother Ji: Oh, but you keep on smiling

【Ji Ge, look at the film emperor Wen Yuan, his emotional intelligence, his reaction rate, sweet words, his flattery even made little sister blush, and then look at you, Alas.]

【When Ms. Siyu asked this question, Brother Ji was stupefied. I think he must be thinking of her shortcomings? There is nothing to say, I don’t know.

【Straight thinking makes people cry

【Siyu asked, the food I hate is absolutely nothing, I still remember Ji Ge said in an interview that he likes everything!

【Haha…, as straightforward as Brother Ji! I like it all, I like it all, one less is not enough

【You are all paying attention to the tragic experience of Brother Ji. Am I the only one who cares about Wen Yuan? The interaction between him and Siyu is so pink, the show team also gave bgm to the girl, and this girl is full of heart

Liu Yu looked at the bullet screen that started talking about Wen Yuan and Siyu and curled her lips. She still felt that Ji Lin and Siyu were most perfect to stand together, but it’s not like in a normal CP sense, it was a bit like…sister and brother? Was it because of age difference?

She casually sent a bullet screen: 【The combination of Bad Sister x Silly Brother is so cute, one digs a hole and one jumps, Miss Siyu really understands Brother Ji well, and all the questions are such so he can’t answer and is choked. Yes, this Brother Ji was not wronged!

Liu Yu forgot after posting but did not expect that the program group of “Unfathomable Challenge” had been staring at the live broadcast. When they saw some interesting barrage message, they would cut it out and make a collection, which would be posted on Weibo and Liu Yu’s unintentional joke was immediately intercepted by the program team and released through the official blog.

Liu Yu would not have imagined what kind of craze would be triggered by her joke.

When Jiangcheng and Lu Xingzhou went to report to Fifth Master Lu as usual, he just walked in and found that Fifth Master Lu was not reading as usual, but was holding a tablet computer, not knowing what he was looking at.

Lu Xingzhou walked over as lightly as he could and glanced at the screen surreptitiously, only to see a variety show playing on it, with colourful barrage flying all over the screen, and Fifth Master Lu was watching very intently without blinking.

Lu Xingzhou: …was he in the wrong door? Didn’t Fifth Master Lu say that he was not interested in this kind of chirping variety show, why did he suddenly look so serious?

Glancing again, Lu Xingzhou suddenly saw Siyu’s thin figure on the screen, and understood clearly, oh, it turned out that it was because of the sick rabbit, no wonder…

Fifth Master Lu looked at it attentively, and he didn’t even move his eyes. Lu Xingzhou had to sit quietly and wait for him to finish watching, but after a while, Lu Xingzhou found that something was wrong, he rubbed his arms and thought with wonder. How did he feel that his body was getting colder and colder?

He was fidgeting, and simply took out his phone and started to check information about this variety show, but as soon as he opened Weibo, the first thing that popped out was a headline: # Zhou Siyu Jilin Sesame Paste and Custard Bun#.

What was this? Seeing the familiar name, Lu Xingzhou became curious and immediately clicked in.

He saw that the audience inside were fiercely discussing the performance of Siyu and Ji Lin on the show, especially because Siyu got the status of a traitor. Not only did she not show mercy to Ji Lin, with whom she had a good relationship, but she even helped others. Ji Lin had never been so embarrassed since his debut, but in front of Siyu, he was retreating steadily, only to be played with. Even Ji Lin’s fans did not express sympathy, but instead said “well done” to Siyu gleefully for letting them see a different aspect of Ji Lin.

And a certain audience’s barrage message about “Bad Sister x Silly Brother” pushed this wave of discussion to the top. Lu Xingzhou flipped it down, and all the comments were expressing his delight.

【A sesame filling, a custard bun, these two are so good, I think Brother Ji is like a comedian in front of the little sister.

【Speaking of which, I want to eat buns!

【Really, the two of them feel too strong. I wanted to eat a cp, but I found that I couldn’t make one, as I couldn’t tarnish this pure sibling relationship

【I want to agree reluctantly! Orthopaedics is locked, and the key actor is hiding!

【Let’s let go of the actor, it’s obviously a three-person movie, but I don’t have a name. The film emperor made soup for the little sister. Don’t you think this is also very romantic?

【I think Brother Ji wanted to show off in front of the young lady, and it was more romantic to burn the kitchen… What do you know, the romance of a man belongs to the sea of swords and guns!

【But to be honest, I think that when Brother Ji and Miss Siyu are standing together, the appearance of the two people is a bit alike, especially the eyes and mouth are almost exactly the same. Is it because the relationship is relatively close, so it looks very similar]

When Lu Xingzhou turned to this one, he almost dropped the phone with a shake of his hand. The audience’s eyes are too sharp, right? They could see it all? But sisters and brothers would naturally be more alike.

There were too many people who were shouting to stand Wen Yuan-Siyu or Ji Lin-Siyu CP… Lu Xingzhou trembled, quietly glanced at Fifth Master Lu’s side, and happened to see him playing on his screen. Suddenly, he realized the scene of Wen Yuan blowing to cool down the decoction for Siyu.

Damn, he just felt the murderousness in the room getting heavier and heavier. The feelings, this grandfather was consciously jealous while watching variety shows!

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