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“Custard bun? What custard bun!” Ji Lin was eating breakfast while listening to his assistant Xiao Ai telling him about the reaction of netizens after the broadcast of “Unfathomable Challenge” yesterday. When he heard the names of himself and Siyu being on the hot search together, Ji Lin couldn’t help but cock up his mouth, but then heard that fans compared him to a custard bun, or a kind of liquid stuffing, his smile suddenly stiffened.

So, Master Ji Lin silently lowered his head and looked at the custard bun he was eating, and suddenly he couldn’t take it anymore.

These fans had to be blamed, all these metaphors did not fit his image at all! Speaking of which, his fans had always been well-known in the entertainment circle for being well-behaved. Why hadn’t he felt it recently? Don’t say that these people spoil him, when he had become so black!

Xiao Ai glanced at him, thinking that the netizens could not be blamed for calling Brother Ji “custard bun”, he was so awkward in front of Sister Siyu, like a dog leg, the handsome and cold image he had created before would split into fragments whenever he met Sister Siyu. Who would not laugh if you are not making a joke?

However, for the sake of his year-end bonus, Xiao Ai not only dared not tell the truth, but also said while being ignorant of his conscience, “No, Brother Ji, you think too much, everyone is praising you, praising you for being gentle and considerate to Siyu.”

Once Young Master Ji was easily coaxed, and as expected, Ji Lin immediately turned his grief and anger into joy, “They’re still insightful!”

Xiao Ai, “…” Well, this was no help.

Generally speaking, when two celebrities like Ji Lin and Siyu, a man and a woman, were on hot search together, the team must come out for public relations, especially a superstar at Ji Lin’s level would be more cautious, because once they get involved in the scandal, it would become very tricky, but it was obvious that in this hot search, the focus of netizens was completely crooked.

Others took the opportunity to bundle up and fry a wave of CP, but the two of them went to the other extreme, they got fired by the touching of a “sister and brother relationship”.

It could be described as a mudslide in the entertainment industry.

Xiao Ai looked at this magical hot search for a whole night, and finally decided not to interfere with it. Let’s do it, anyway, it seemed that this wave of enthusiasm had a positive impact on Ji Lin, and Ji Lin was now in the transitional period, relying on the previous high-cold personality was not enough. Taking this opportunity, it just made him closer to the people and more grounded, which would also help his development in the future.

Different from Xiao Ai’s indifferent attitude when he saw these, Siyu’s own assistant, Shen Yue, was excited about the rising popularity and search volume for a whole morning.

“Sister Siyu, shall we take the opportunity to say a few words?” Shen Yue’s expression couldn’t hide her excitement. She originally thought that Siyu’s recording of “Unfathomable Challenge” was just a tribute to Ji Lin. Maybe the program team would not give her too much. However, as long as she can brush her face in front of the audience, she would be satisfied, but after the show was broadcasted, her popularity was the highest of all!

Among the hot searches with Siyu’s name, one of them jumped to the first place, and four of them ranked in the top 50. Such results were eye-catching enough for a new star like her! What was more rare was that the company team didn’t do anything from the beginning to the end. The popularity was completely spontaneously raised by the audience!

In other words, Siyu not only brushed her face, she had successfully made the audience remember her as a person!

“It is not appropriate to say too much now. Let the netizens discuss it by themselves. I have more important things.” Siyu took out the digital tablet she always carried with her and began to draw on it.

Shen Yue wondered, what was more important? Was it true that her passion was actually drawing? What was the use of drawing? Wasn’t the most important thing to do now was to stabilize the fans, or to discuss with Ji Lin whether to join forces and cause some more speculation? Speaking of which, the two of them could form a “crucian” CP. The name was nice and easy to remember…

Siyu didn’t know that her little assistant’s brain was starting to fly again. She was concentrating on drawing character sketches after finishing filming yesterday. Later, she actually went to look at the live broadcast barrage. Naturally, she also saw netizens say that she was sesame stuffing and Ji Lin was a custard bun. However, Siyu didn’t laugh and forget, she suddenly thought, was this not ready-made manga material?!

Her previous “Fashion Strategy” had been serialized in the middle and late stages. Originally, Siyu only planned to join hands, so she adopted a relatively simple Q print method, but she did not expect it to be an instant hit, so she was also thinking about the next one recently. What did she want to draw in the comic? But Ji Lin sent it to her door.

Decided! Just draw the story of a pair of sister and brother breaking into the entertainment industry! The elder sister was a black scheming girl with a sesame-filled belly, and the younger brother was a silly white sweet custard bun. The two made their debut as a combination. The elder sister was responsible for playing tunes, and the younger brother was responsible for singing. Later, the two were selected by well-known directors at the same time and became more popular in the entertainment industry.

With the ready-made templates, Siyu’s inspiration was flooding, and she listed the outline of the story, and then began to draw the first chapter non-stop. During the period, because she was too focused, she didn’t even hear the knock on the door. Shen Yue looked at the way she threw herself on the table, shook her head helplessly, and walked to open the door. Outside the door stood the master of the two of them—Ji Lin.

Shen Yue was stunned, and then hurriedly welcomed the person in with a smile. Because Siyu had a lot of popularity thanks to his blessing, Shen Yue’s actions were a little more diligent than before, “Brother Ji, why are you here? “

Ji Lin didn’t reply, but craned his neck to find his sister. Seeing that Siyu was busy at the desk, he slowly approached quietly filled with curiosity. He wanted to take a peek at what his sister was doing, but Siyu blocked him. Ji Lin couldn’t see anything. He only saw what she seemed to be writing while holding a pen, so he couldn’t help but say, “Sister, what are you doing?”

Siyu was shocked when she heard his voice, and immediately reacted. She buckled the computer, turned around and silently hid the digital tablet in her hand, pretending to be nothing. “It’s nothing, just studying the script.”

How did this silly boy walk this silently? Fortunately, Ji Lin didn’t see that she was drawing. Siyu thought silently, it was not that she deliberately concealed this from Ji Lin, but it was so fun to watch Ji Lin startled, and she also liked it. Sharing Ji Lin’s “black history” with those lovely fans was particularly interesting.

If Ji Lin knew that she was the koi, not only would she be deprived of this fun, Siyu was afraid her image could not be preserved…

Siyu thought without blushing, that the older sister must maintain a sense of mystery in front of the younger brother, so the drawing of the manga…, let’s not talk about it yet.

Ji Lin had always been very good in front of her, so he didn’t ask any more, but took Siyu and started talking about where to go after the filming, without knowing what great opportunity he had missed.

The filming of “Qin Guo” was officially completed a month later. Siyu finished filming the last scene of suicide by jumping from a tall building. After changing into her normal clothes, she saw Director Liang smilingly sending out red envelopes to all staff. She also got a thick one. Director Liang also asked her if she planned to participate in other movies, saying that he could introduce her to other crews.

Siyu said tactfully, “Director Liang, I want to rest for a while, and I will go to the hospital for an examination recently.”

“It’s good.” Director Liang liked this diligent and talented newcomer very much. He did not feel dissatisfaction at her rejection but felt that Siyu knew how to combine work with rest and did not have the mentality of quick success. It was really rare. He said cheerfully, “Don’t worry, I will help you pay attention. If there is a suitable opportunity, I would like to talk to you again and once again cooperate with you.”

Siyu quickly thanked him.

In fact, when she first entered the crew of “Qin Guo”, she was only supposed to play a small role which appeared for less than two minutes. How could she have expected so many changes in the middle, Xu Qingwan was kicked out halfway, and she could only be played by the female number three. On the top, it turned out that Siyu lived hard. In the past few months, Siyu had been exhausted. Her body really couldn’t hold up. She decided not do this in the future. It was better to draw at home with peace of mind.

The next step was the post-production of the film. This period was equivalent to a holiday for the actors. When the release period was approaching, they had to go to various road shows. Director Liang also specifically asked Siyu only to choose a few key runs, lest she gos tired.

The crew broke up, everyone went back to their houses, Han Tiantian was very reluctant to say goodbye to Siyu, but she had no choice but to go back to the company to deal with a series of incidents after her retirement, so she could only say goodbye: “Siyu, I will not forget that your kindness has kicked me into the pit. You’re to blame for me being stuck in the trap of Koi’s new “Sesame Custard Filling”. There are only three words, three words, you actually dragged me into the pit like that. You must not forget the revenge of staying up late and getting disfigured, I’ll take it next time!”

Si Yu: “…” Blame her?

Ji Lin on the side: “…” Why was the koi still there?

This “Sesame Custard Stuffing” was a new comic that Siyu made last time based on netizens’ replies. She did not hide who the prototype was. Everyone knew at first glance that they happened to be the sesame bag x the custard bun. The enthusiasm of the combination remained high, and the new comic came with its own enthusiasm, and it almost swept the entire fan circle.

Everyone found out, damn, you could still play like this?

It was too late when Ji Lin found out. At that time, his fans were all brushing [Congratulations to Ji Ge for entering the Manga Achievement]. He was so angry that he wanted to see how Koi discredited him. He turned two pages secretly and unconsciously.


Emma, this Koi for 500 years still has merits, and his sister is so cute! She has a cute face, a cute character, and she can do everything. Seeing that Koi for 500 years used his sister as a model to draw the characters so carefully, he would forgive this person for once.

Young Master Ji surreptitiously added this new comic to his favourites, and also set special attention to ensure that he could receive the update notification as soon as possible. He didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with it.

After the filming, Ji Lin naturally followed Siyu and flew back to Jiangcheng. As soon as they walked out of the airport, the two ran into the Ji family’s subordinate who came to block people.

Ji Lin frowned instantly, a trace of impatience flashed across his eyes, and asked in a cold voice, “What do you want to do, take me home?”

“Master, you have misunderstood. We did not come to you, but were entrusted by madam to invite guests.” Those people looked at Ji Lin respectfully, but kept their eyes on Siyu, and a line of people stopped them. Although the tone of the speech was very polite, he still had a somewhat superior attitude, “Our madam wants to talk to Miss Zhou, I wonder if we can move?”

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