TMLVOS Ch. 47.1

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Duan Rulan wanted to see her?

Siyu looked at the Ji family’s subordinates who was in front of her. These people clearly said that they were inviting her to be a guest. In fact, they didn’t even think about the situation where she would refuse. The car was already waiting outside.

Siyu had expected that if she continued to be so close to Ji Lin, Duan Rulan would be unable to sit still one day, but she did not expect that she would be so impatient and would take her away in front of her son.

Duan Rulan consciously felt that the only taint in this life was Siyu, her ex-husband’s daughter. Siyu thought she should have slapped her face last time, then this person would no longer be bored enough to call her, but she still underestimated Duan Rulan’s level of boredom.

Since Duan Rulan looked for her upset, Siyu wanted to disgust her even more.

So, Siyu pressed Ji Lin’s wrist, stopping her brother’s impending exit, and said with a smile, “Okay, I haven’t seen Mrs. Ji for a long time. I have a lot of things to talk to her.”

The subordinates showed a clear expression of as expected and opened the way to invite Siyu to get in the car. They didn’t think there was anything wrong with Siyu’s promise to come down immediately. Instead, they felt that the little girl was quite smart. After all, they checked before coming. This Siyu was just a little star, not worth mentioning. It stood to reason that Ji family, which was one of the top snakes in Jiangcheng, would not put this kind of powerless little girl in their eyes. Perhaps it was because this Zhou Siyu hooked up with the young master and was going beyond her own means, that’s why she aroused the madam’s vigilance.

She was still too young, was the Ji family so easy to enter? The subordinate shook his head and glanced at Siyu, a little regretful.

Siyu didn’t care about the expressions of these people, but Ji Lin looked anxious, looking as if he wanted to say something but didn’t dare to say it.

Like her, Ji Lin didn’t expect Duan Rulan to come to her. Obviously, when Duan Rulan forced him to go home last time, he made it very clear, didn’t he?

“It’s okay.” At the moment when Ji Lin was extremely disturbed and almost forced the people to stop, he suddenly felt a cool touch on his palm. He looked back, Siyu wasn’t looking at him, but was looking straight ahead, and saying softly, “I know what Duan Rulan wants to do with me.”

That’s why she shook her head slightly at them when the bodyguards sent by Fifth Master Lu were about to rush up, indicating that they didn’t need to interfere. Although she did so, the news would surely reach Fifth Master Lu in the next second, but Siyu didn’t care.

Due to Siyu’s gentle tone, Ji Lin slowly calmed down. He didn’t forget to notice that Siyu was calling his own mother’s name directly, and there was no emotion in her tone, as if she was facing a complete stranger, but it was this discovery that made him feel a little relieved.

Great, as long as she didn’t have expectations, then she wouldn’t have to be afraid of being disappointed.

The car drove directly into the Ji’s mansion, Siyu was led into the lobby by the servant, and she saw Duan Rulan sitting on the sofa at first glance.

Duan Rulan was nearly fifty years old, but because she had lived in a wealthy home for more than 20 years, all the winds and frosts she experienced in the previous marriage had been smoothed out. It seemed that she has lived like this since her birth. Duan Rulan usually attached great importance to all kinds of maintenance, so that she seemed to be less than 30 years old, and her charm still existed.

When Siyu walked in, she didn’t even look at her. She just looked at Ji Lin in a very loving tone: “A Lin, your father happened to be at home today. You go to the study to talk to him, okay?”

Ji Lin subconsciously refused: “Mom, what do you want to tell sister, just say it now, it won’t be too late to find my father later.”

He was really worried about his own mother.

Hearing the word “sister” popping out of Ji Lin’s mouth, Duan Rulan’s face became slightly stiff, and her long nails pierced into her palm unconsciously.

It was then that Duan Rulan finally glanced at Siyu with a straight glance. In her extremely critical eyes, this daughter was naturally full of defects. Siyu represented her last marriage that she couldn’t bear to look back on. From the birth of this oil bottle[1], everyone seemed to make way for her illness. Duan Rulan still remembered the strong smell of traditional Chinese medicine that permeated the small two-bedroom house all day long as if it was her lingering nightmare.

Fortunately, she later met Ji Wenhan and was finally able to escape from that place. Duan Rulan never felt that Siyu should be her responsibility, and she didn’t know how bad it was of her that she left her young daughter behind. If Siyu had died of illness, Duan Rulan would only have said that she had a bad life.

This time she took the initiative to find Siyu and bring her over, and in Duan Rulan’s eyes, she was already very aggrieved. If she could, she would never want to see this dead girl again in her life.

She blamed the variety show for Siyu and Ji Lin being too popular, and the group of nosy netizens who said something was wrong, and even said there was “sister and brother love” between them. Duan Rulan was trembling with anger when she saw it. Not to mention that some of her friends actually made fun of her due to it.

No, no… What if it was made public, her reputation, her position in the upper class… would be ruined by Zhou Siyu, this lowly oil bottle!

So Duan Rulan decided to act first.

“Mrs. Ji, why so anxious?” Compared to Duan Rulan’s apparent calmness when she was actually anxious, Siyu was really calm. She didn’t have any feelings for Duan Rulan, and the attitude of others didn’t matter to her at all.

Duan Rulan’s mouth twitched slightly, but she could not lose her identity, she could only smile at her disgusting daughter: “Well, I want to discuss something with you today. You are still young and don’t know how much dirty water there is in the entertainment industry. You are a girl alone, and it is inevitable that you will be easily bullied. If someone is behind you to support you, it will be much better.”

Just then Siyu received a new text message on her mobile phone. She picked it up and looked at it. It was sent by Fifth Master Lu, with only a short sentence, “What are you going to do at Ji’s house?”

Siyu casually replied, “I was forced to honor my mother,” and said to Duan Rulan without raising his head: “Madam Ji, please be blunt, young people like me don’t understand your words.”

“What are you saying, everything I said is really true.” Duan Rulan’s palm was almost pinched through and was bleeding. She secretly hated this daughter’s incomprehension, and every sentence was adding crosses against her in her heart, so she simply came out and said, “Zhou Siyu, in the investment projects of our Ji’s family, including several major production films that will be filmed soon, I can help you get the main female lead, but the condition is-in the future, you will not be able to attend any occasions where A Lin would be present.”

Ji Lin had endured for a long time. Because of Siyu’s secret comfort, he could still hold back his words. Now he couldn’t bear it anymore: “Mom, what do you mean?”

Duan Rulan glared at Ji Lin, she really didn’t understand how her own son who was very good everywhere, always turned his elbow out[2] to be so close to Zhou Siyu, this short-lived ghost?

“A Lin, don’t worry about this. Mom won’t hurt you. This is also to prevent you from being dragged down, okay?” Duan Rulan said harshly. Her eyes were actually very similar to Siyu, but it was a pity that they were filled with harsh calculations, which concealed the beauty of those eyes.

Siyu reached out and stopped Ji Lin, who wanted to argue with Duan Rulan, and slowly asked, “Troubled? Mrs. Ji, maybe this is what you really think, right? You thought I was a drag at the beginning, so you left your daughter without any burden.

Duan Rulan opened her mouth, but before she could make a sound, Siyu interrupted her, pressing forward step by step: “What you said just now was an exhortation to me as a mother, or to me as Madam Ji. In addition, why do you think that I can only hang around in the entertainment industry and leave this place if you support me?”

Siyu didn’t use a fierce word throughout the whole process. But for Duan Rulan, every word was stuck in her heart, and she was instantly dizzy with anger, and sneered: “If A Lin was not supporting you, how far do you think you can go? Zhou Siyu, you a sick young child can’t hold on any thighs. You can’t stay in the entertainment circle. Who will want you outside? How long can you last without money and medicine?”

Siyu’s expression remained indifferent: “So you know, too. I need money to buy medicine, so when you swept away all the valuable things before you left home, you probably didn’t intend to keep me alive, did you?”

“Mom!” Ji Lin opened his eyes in amazement, and immediately turned his head and looked at Duan Rulan. He only asked someone to verify his blood relationship with Siyu, but he didn’t carefully inquire about Duan Rulan’s life before marrying into Ji’s family. What kind of life, when he heard the facts revealed by Siyu, he almost couldn’t believe his ears, “Have you really done… these?”

Duan Rulan’s face instantly became extremely ugly.

T/N: I really hate her mother, but Fifth Master Lu is coming to take revenge on behalf of his little rabbit!!!

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[1] Money-eating commodity.

[2] Turn away from family for outsiders.

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