KHSW Ch. 259

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After Ling Xi walked into the kitchen, she immediately sent a short message to Xu Yizhi on her mobile phone, “Sister Pei is going to check the internal affairs, please hide.” After sending the text message, she immediately put the phone back in her pocket.

“Sister Pei, please drink tea.”

Sitting on the leather sofa, Pei Shan took the teacup from Ling Xi’s hand. With just one glance, she knew that even the teacup was expensive.

No matter how rich she was, it would be too extravagant if she lived here alone.

Thinking in this way, she took a sip of tea and was slightly startled, “Is this the thousand-year-old mother tree Dahong Pao?”

“I don’t know what kind of tea it is!” This kind of tea was always drunk at home, so she brewed it.

Pei Shan had participated in many auctions before, and was fortunate enough to see this kind of tea at one auction. In ancient times, it was paid as a tribute to the emperor. At that time, it was sold at a sky-high price of 1 million for 10 grams. She did not expect……

Thinking of this, Pei Shan’s hands trembled, her eyes looked at the tea in the cup in disbelief, what happened to Ling Xi?

Seeing that Sister Pei’s expression was a little strange, Ling Xi bit her lip slightly, “Sister Pei, what’s wrong?”

“Don’t talk.” Pei Shan got serious, it startled Ling Xi, and she immediately fell silent.

She saw Pei Shan slowly closing her eyes, smelling the aroma of the tea overflowing from the cup, it was indeed extremely unique, but the tea maker’s technique was too clumsy, the original tea aroma was not brewed, and the water temperature was also inappropriate… Ling Xi was not a person who cherished tea at first glance.

Making tea, appreciating tea, smelling tea, and drinking tea, each process has its own “Tao”. Pei Shan put aside distracting thoughts and quietly tasted the tea “spoiled” by Ling Xi.

Seeing that Pei Shan seemed to like the tea very much, Ling Xi was thinking about pouring her another cup later.

After Pei Shan put down the teacup, she looked satisfied. The only thing she was dissatisfied with was the tea maker.

“Ling Xi, do you know that this is not an ordinary tea? It is no longer sold in the market. A few years ago, its price was already sky-high.”

Ling Xi was shocked in her heart, but she didn’t dare to show it on her face. She knew that the “sky-high price” that Sister Pei mentioned would definitely not be an ordinary price.

“Look at the vases over there, they are all from the Qianlong period, and the calligraphy and paintings are written by Wang Xizhi himself. What do you think… how much is the value of this villa?”

Ling Xi’s heart was so shocked that she couldn’t be more shocked. She used to think that those things were beautiful, but she didn’t expect that they were all antiques, “That… Sister Pei, you read it wrong, they are all imitations, they are all fakes.”

Knowing that Ling Xi intended to hide it, Pei Shan no longer exposed it.

Ling Xi immediately thought of diverting her attention, “Sister Pei, there is something I forgot to tell you this morning, that is, when I attended the banquet last night, Bing Yanyan asked me if I would like to participate in the “Blue Sky Dream” Variety show with her, and I agreed.”

“How can you make a decision without asking me? Do you know that the nature of this show is no longer a reality ‘show’, it may have various accidents, which might even be life-threatening, if I think it’s suitable for you to participate in this program, would I not arrange it for you?” Ling Xi could tell that Pei Shan was really angry this time.

“Sister Pei, just trust me once, okay? I promise, there will be no danger. Even if there is danger, I can save the day. I will be responsible for my own safety and will never drag you and the company down.”

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