KHSW Ch. 142

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When Ling Xi’s eyes strayed outside the temple, she couldn’t help being attracted. It was a little monk walking in the rain using a big lotus leaf to cover his head. His little grey clothes were soaked through. Was it possible that he… was her own child?

As if she had lost her soul, Ling Xi suddenly ran out and rushed into the rain.

“Ling…wife.” Xu Yizhi didn’t know what was going on, and chased after her.


The little chubby monk had short legs and naturally ran a little slow. When he saw the “woman” chasing after him, he moaned in his heart, I’m so dirty, but there are still women who like me? He couldn’t help but run faster.

Ling Xi kept chasing him into a small courtyard, and Xu Yizhi also caught up.

As soon as Xiao Pang entered the courtyard, he began to shout, “Master, Master, a woman is chasing after me!”

A young monk in a grey robe pushed open the door, “Amitabha, I don’t know what the two benefactors are doing?”

Ling Xi saw the little monk running ahead of her, “Can we go in and talk about it?”

Inside the house.

Ling Xi took off her sunglasses, “I’m sorry to bother you, but this child is four and a half years old this year?”

“Exactly.” Ling Xi’s heart began to look forward.

“What about his parents?”

“I don’t know why the benefactor asked this?”

“I…” Ling Xi thought that there was Xu Yizhi by her side, and it was inconvenient to say something, “I have a friend, but her child was lost. I heard that he was taken away by a monk.”

“Amitabha, Xiao Pang can’t be the child the benefactor is looking for, the benefactor should please go back!”

“Please also clarify.”

“Xiao Pang’s parents…” The monk glanced at Xiao Nuo, “They are long gone, they entrusted him to the poor monk.”

“I’m really sorry to bother you.” Her heart fell to the bottom again.

Xiao Pang couldn’t understand what the master said to them, but he understood one sentence, “Was taken away by the monk”.

“I know that Xiao Nuo was taken to the mountain by his master.”

Hearing the little guy’s words, Ling Xi’s heart no longer held out hope.

When he turned around, Xiao Pang whispered to his master, “Master, why does Xiao Nuo and his master not live in the temple, but on the mountain?”

Hearing this sentence, Ling Xi was stunned in place. She remembered that Yizhi had said that the monk did not live in the temple, but lived in the deep mountains.

Her silent heart gradually recovered, and she turned around excitedly, “Baby, what did you just say?”

When Xiao Pang saw her suddenly turn around, he was startled, and shrank behind the monk again, “Master, I’m afraid.” Today, after hearing Xiao Nuo say that the women under the mountain were all tigers, he became resistant to women.

Seeing Xiao Pang’s performance, the monk smiled with relief, “Okay, Xiao Pang, you can take this female donor to meet your friend tomorrow.”

Under Ling Xi’s repeated persuasion, Xu Yizhi finally agreed to go back to deal with the company’s affairs first.

Her concerns were not only the company’s secretary Yang, but Ling Xi was also worried that if the child she saw tomorrow was really… her child.

She was bound to reveal her emotions. At that time, how should she explain to Yizhi?

Should she just tell him that she slept with another man five years ago, and she still didn’t know who that man was?

If she just said it like that, the relationship she had built up with Yizhi would definitely be torn apart.

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