TBVSR Ch. 15.1: Unpredictable P. 1

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Jiang Yu was shocked when she saw the words “Bu Tanyan”.

Could it be Bu Tanyan, the queen of ballet she had liked for so long!

Were all the gossip rumours about her idol true?

Did her idol really have a daughter?


Jiang Yu’s hands trembled as she typed, and confirmed with Xie Yuan: “That… Bu Tanyan you’re talking about isn’t Bu Tanyan, the ballerina queen who passed away many years ago, right?”

Xie Yuan’s attitude was cold: “You guys from the Rebirth Company, like to inquire about the client’s private affairs?”


Well, the client’s temper didn’t seem to be very good.

Xie Yuan: “Do according to what I said, I will pay you a lot, don’t ask more.”

Jiang Yu agreed.

Regarding Bu Tanyan’s death, there was a lot of speculation. If she really had children, a husband or a boyfriend, then… it was really a big event that would shock the dance world!

Jiang Yu knew the importance and would never talk nonsense about what should not be said, as long as she obediently completed the task, she would get paid.

At night, she lay in bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

Suddenly, as if thinking of something, she jumped up, rushed out of bed and opened the window.

Opposite the window was the tallest office building in Beicheng and a landmark of the entire financial center.

No wonder she felt the name Xie Yuan was so familiar.

The owner of that landmark high-rise building, the head of Yue Fang Technology Co., Ltd., and one of the top upstart tycoons in the North City, wasn’t he called [Xie Yuan]!

Early the next morning, Jiang Yu went to the landmark office building in the financial center, Yue Fang Technology Company.

However, a character like Xie Yuan was by no means someone anyone could meet.

Because there was no appointment, Jiang Yu was rejected by the front desk many times.

“I really have something very important to see Mr. Xie about. Please help convey it, okay? It’s really important.”

“No, it’s not in line with the rules.” The lady at the front desk looked at the anxious Jiang Yu, and wondered if it was true, and there is something very important, so she said, “You can leave a message, and I will help you pass it on to President Xie.”

After that, she handed over a pen and paper.

But how could Jiang Yu put such an important thing on paper, not to mention that it was related to the reputation of her idol Bu Tanyan.

Jiang Yu didn’t write anything, turned around and left.

The task entrusted by Xie Yuan seemed to be easy, just send a message.

But after hitting the wall a few times, Jiang Yu realized that the 150,000 reward was not so easy to earn.

First of all, seeing Xie Yuan was as difficult as reaching the sky, let alone making him believe that he has a daughter.

Jiang Yu couldn’t stay under the office building of Yue Fang Technology Company all day, because she still had to attend classes and practice dancing.

In an activity class two days later, Jiang Yu listened to her desk mate Chen Wei and found that the school had invited the president of Yue Fang Technology Company to visit the school’s upcoming science and technology exhibition next Monday.

While doing her homework, Jiang Yu said casually, “It can’t be Xie Yuan.”

“It’s Xie Yuan!”

She stopped writing and looked at Chen Wei: “It’s really him?!”

“Well, the school invited him over. They hope he can invest in the Science and Technology Museum to help build electronic equipment for human-computer interaction.”

Sure enough, during the class, the head teacher told the whole class about this.

“We need to select a classmate to take Xie Yuan from Yue Fang Technology Company to visit the Science and Technology Museum and explain to him the major exhibition areas and technology concepts of the Science and Technology Museum throughout the process. Are there any students who want to volunteer to sign up?” The classmates looked at each other and hesitated. No one dared to raise their hand to sign up.

“I heard that Xie Yuan, the president of Yue Fang Company, is very serious and moody.”

“It is said that he was imprisoned when he was young, which is very scary.”

“If I offend him by saying the wrong thing and delay the school’s projects, I can’t afford to shoulder such responsibility.”

No classmates raised their hands, except for Tao Anxin in the front row.

She raised her hand high, expressing her willingness to undertake the task.

The classmates cast admiring glances at Tao Anxin.

Tao Anxin had always liked to participate in these high-profile activities, and she was sure she was the only one who had the ability to do it well.

“Okay, I’ll leave this task to Tao…”

Before he finished speaking, the head teacher saw Jiang Yu in the back row raise her hand and asked in surprise, “Jiang Yu, do you want to sign up too?”

The classmates in the class turned back and saw Jiang Yu who had raised her hand high, “Teacher, I want to sign up too.”

After the previous encounters, Jiang Yu knew that this was the only time she could see Xie Yuan and talk to him. The opportunity to speak must be seized.

The head teacher said: “Since Jiang Yu and Tao Anxin have signed up, let’s play fair and give you two days to memorize the introductions of the major exhibition areas of the Science and Technology Museum. You will give a speech on Friday afternoon, and the students will vote to decide the final candidate.”

Seeing that Jiang Yu was going to compete with Tao Anxin, the students in the classroom suddenly became lively.

This was going to be fun. Who didn’t know that Jiang Yu and Tao Anxin looked alike? Because of Huo Cheng, Jiang Yu became Tao Anxin’s substitute, and was often called “Little Tao Anxin”.

Now, the substitute actually wanted to grab a chance for the main master. It was a good show, “Why is Jiang Yu joining in the fun? Isn’t she never fond of these activities.”

“She wants to take the opportunity to give Tao Anxin a slap in the face.”

“Mostly, she wants to show off in front of Huo Cheng. Let’s have some fun.”

“How could she possibly compete with Tao Anxin! It’s just that she is a substitute and was chosen because of her likeness with Tao Anxin.”

Listening to the whispers of the classmates, Tao Anxin glanced at Jiang Yu with a confident look in her eyes.

Jiang Yu had such a low self-esteem and was a timid poor fellow, whether it was in terms of study or public speaking, she was no match for herself.

Just wait and see.

Even if she looked like her, she would never be the second Tao Anxin!

In the evening, after Jiang Yu finished dancing, she took the manuscript, and sat on the long stairs below the training institution, reciting the manuscript.

The manuscript was densely packed and was three pages long, it involved remembering a lot of professional knowledge about technology. It was really difficult for her to memorize the whole article.

Under the moonlight, a thin boy walked towards her along the long stairs.

He was wearing a black sweatshirt and had long legs. Under the bright moonlight, his figure was desolate, and his skin looked even whiter.

To a certain extent, Qiu Li’s body and appearance were really not bad, and all aspects had grown to Jiang Yu’s aesthetic level.

Too bad he was a “fake boyfriend”.

If they were a normal couple, their love would be as normal as among all young couples in adolescence.

Jiang Yu probably…would like him very much.

“What are you doing here?”

“Came to pick you up.” Qiu Li sat beside her with a blank face, as if a little dissatisfied, and complained: “It’s so late every day.”

Jiang Yu pouted, no longer feeling affectionate.

He came to pick her up, just for a late night snack, and was not really worried about her safety.

Jiang Yu received the introduction, got up and asked, “What would my boyfriend want to eat today.”

“I won’t eat today.”

“It’s rare.”

Jiang Yu sat next to him again: “My boyfriend came to me, not for the sake of food.”

Qiu Li asked back, “Could it be that we’re together just to eat?”

“Otherwise, what else?”

Qiu Li’s mouth twitched: “Everything… I have to try it again.”

All these feelings he had never felt before. Those longings that didn’t let him sleep in the long night that he couldn’t understand… They would all be fulfilled by this girl.

Hearing what he said, Jiang Yu felt a little bad, and immediately said: “I’ll put the words first, there are some things… I won’t agree.”

Qiu Li turned his head to look at her, his beautiful peach eyes slightly provoked: “What’s the matter?”

“You know, why ask…”

He seemed a little amused, and slowly approached her. Seeing that their lips were about to touch, Jiang Yu instinctively moved her head back, but she was caught by him again. He held her with his palm against the back of her head.

“Don’t… you like me?”

His voice contained a dangerous temptation: “Like, don’t you want me?”

Jiang Yu’s heart jumped “bang…bang…bang”, and her cheeks flushed thinly.

“Yes… I like you, but it’s not to that extent.”

“I’m not forcing it.”

Qiu Li smiled lightly, let go of her, narrowed his eyes, and bent over to tie her shoelaces: “I can wait for sister to grow up.”

Jiang Yu’s heart almost jumped out.

What an exciting topic!

She turned her head to look at him and asked, “Qiu Li, you won’t really have fallen in love with me, right?”

Qiu Li’s long and narrow eyes glanced at her: “Don’t you love me?”

Jiang Yu: …

“Love, I’m too cute to die for you.”

Qiu Li said as a matter of course: “That’s fine, since we love each other like this, some things will come naturally.”

“Then just wait!”

“I’ll wait.”

Jiang Yu curled her lips and took out the manuscript, then she continued to recite the introduction manuscript.

Qiu Li looked at her serious appearance, it was the first time he had seen her work so hard on anything other than ballet.

“You want this opportunity so much?”

“Of course, he is Xie Yuan.”

“What’s wrong with Xie Yuan?”

Qiu Li was slightly dissatisfied: “You really want to know him?”

“Yes, so you don’t be jealous, right?”


Although Qiu Li put on a dismissive expression, he was clearly unhappy.

Seeing him so awkward, Jiang Yu found him a little cute, and couldn’t help reaching out and rubbing his head, explaining, “I just don’t want Tao Anxin to win, I don’t want to live in her shadow all the time.”


Qiu Li turned his head to avoid her hand: “I can’t understand your girls’ boring competition.”

“Then you can treat me as boring.”

Qiu Li watched her recite it over and over again, but she still stammered. He took over the manuscript and read it again, and said, “That’s it, how long did it take you to memorize it?”

“You can memorize it for me.” The museum was the first Science and Technology Museum of Yuxi Middle School. The first phase of the project was about to be completed. It was an experimental infrastructure for the school as they tried to implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and technology and aiming to improve the scientific quality of the students in the whole school…”

The first paragraph of the introduction, he memorized it without missing a word! Jiang Yu stared at him dumbfounded, and her whole person did not feel well. Jealous, so jealous. What was wrong with his brain, that he had to commit a crime.

There was no harm without comparison, Jiang Yu said in frustration, “Chen Wei told me just now that Tao Anxin has even prepared the English version.” As she said that, she took out a manuscript translated into English from her bag, with a lot of graffiti on it, which were the marks of correction: “You have the ability to memorize this version?”

Qiu Li looked at the English version of the introduction, pondered for a moment, and said, “I suggest you not blindly follow the trend, but memorize the parts that you should understand.” After finishing, he took out a note from his bag and handed it to Jiang Yu: “This is the introduction of all the exhibits in the Science and Technology Museum. I copied it down for you. Rather than memorizing some fancy English, it is better to memorize this to prevent the other party from memorizing it and asking tricky questions.”

Jiang Yu took his notes and glanced at them. The notes were very detailed, and the specific shapes and functions of exhibits like the Life Spiral and the Molecular Motion Wall were all written down. It was indeed the notes of a high-IQ scholar!

Although she didn’t know whether it would be useful or not, Jiang Yu said to him gratefully, “Thank you.”

Qiu Li was not satisfied: “This kind of thanks, saying it means not saying it, I want a substantial reward.”

“What? Substantial reward?”

“Like this…” The boy raised the corners of his lips and slowly approached her, almost touching her lips.

Jiang Yu was startled, and her head quickly turned back: “Then let me dance a ballet for you!”

After speaking, she took off her shoes as if she was fleeing, and hurried down the stairs.

Qiu Li felt empty, and he raised his jaw in an unsatisfied manner: “You like dancing so much?”

“That’s not it.”

After speaking, Jiang Yu stood on tiptoe, hummed a song, and performed the dance of “Four Little Swans”.

Qiu Li looked at her toes which were as white as the moon, like a little swan frolicking on the shore of a lake, smart and lively.

After she made him feel the taste of food, at this moment, for the first time in his life, Qiu Li felt her beauty.

Jiang Yu under the moonlight was not as beautiful as the world?


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