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Beijing University Auditorium.

A huge poster hung down from the eaves, in which a girl in ink color clothes with half-closed eyes, with her skirt flying, and the two characters “Hua Yun” in the middle looking strong and powerful could be seen. This was the aesthetics and inheritance of Chinese fashion. This was the poster of the third graduation fashion show of the Department of Fashion at Beijing University.

There were two girls who spared no effort to stand at the door to pull people in to cheer, but not many people were interested. When the show would start in an hour, they were afraid that less than half of the seats in the auditorium would be filled. Just because the first two finale fashion shows were too low-quality, they were posted on the Internet by some good people, causing ridicule, and Beijing University was also criticized for this, so everyone was too lazy to watch these bizarre fashion shows anymore.

The front was deserted, but the backstage was still lively. Designers shuttled through the crowd, models tried on make-up, and everyone was very busy.

A handsome young boy was staring at the models with a sullen face, fearing that something would go wrong.

Suddenly someone tapped him on the shoulder, “Hey, classmate. Is your Weibo name Zhengzheng my wife?”

All Le Wei was thinking about at this moment was the performance that was going to start later, so he didn’t look back. He just replied, “Yeah!”

A chuckle came from behind him, “Happy birthday!”

Le Wei was taken aback, the voice was too… too familiar. Fuck it, fuck it. It can’t be.

He was stiff all over, as he turned around slowly, only to see a person he didn’t dare to hope to see take off her cap, revealing an astonishing face.

Le Wei’s eyes widened, and he covered his mouth, looking at Jiang Zheng who was smiling at him, his eyes instantly turning red with excitement.

“You you you you…”

The people next to him turned their heads when they heard his exclamation, and the background instantly turned into a sea of exclamations.

“Ah, ah, it’s Zhengzheng.”


“How is it possible?!”

“What happened?”

Han Yi smiled beside them. When Jiang Zheng told him she was going to a fashion show an hour ago, his jaw almost dropped. When he got to know that Jiang Zheng was going to participate in this kind of show which was child’s play, his jaw dropped down completely.

You must know that the shows that Jiang Zheng was invited to were all top-notch shows like the International Fashion Week. If the grade was a little lower, it was not able to move her.

Le Wei choked, unable to say a word. He was just on Weibo and had tagged jiangzheng, saying that today was his birthday as well as his first fashion show. So, he requested Zhengzheng to wish him good luck and hope everything went well.

Then Jiang Zheng’s real person appeared directly here.

He had been a fan of Jiang Zheng for two years. According to senior fans, Jiang Zheng was very fond of fans. Although arrogant and quiet, she always silently helped fans realize their wishes. For example, there was a fan who had tagged jiangzheng before, hoping that she would participate in the “Star Games” and help promote their Duzhu drifting from northern Guizhou. Originally, this fan didn’t have any hope, but one day, he suddenly saw Jiang Zheng’s name on the official announcement of “Star Games”, and the event of Duzhu Drift was also added to the competition.

This matter was widely circulated in the group, but because it sounded too fake, many people thought it was a legend.

Unexpectedly, today he turned out to be the koi carp, and was chosen by his dear Zhengzheng!!!

Jiang Zheng looked around and found that the real thing was more beautiful than the photos. Originally, when she was browsing Weibo in her free time, she saw Le Wei’s post tagging her and and the nine design drawings attached in the post caught her attention at once.

Different from those pseudo-Chinese styles that only knew how to stack traditional Chinese elements, these nine sets of clothes had elegant skirts, gradient colors, and details, which subtly integrated traditional Chinese symbols into them. It was unconventional, but he had created his own style by drawing a connection between fashion and tradition.

What surprised Jiang Zheng was that this fan designer was just a senior this year, and he already had such amazing design ideas, which showed that he would have a promising future.

As soon as she realized this, she came here.

“Is there a shortage of models?” Jiang Zheng asked with a smile. When she was not smiling, her brows and eyes were cold, but once she started smiling, her whole body exuded a sultry light.

Le Wei barely issued a sound from his throat, “Yes, yes!” Ah, ah, ah ah, Jiang Zheng wanted to wear his designs?? Mom! He had the feeling that “he was drunk by Jiang Zheng and could only think three thousand weak water[1]“.

Han Yi went up to chat with the confused Le Wei and asked him about the order of appearances and the process of the whole show.

When it came to business, Le Wei gained his wits back.

It took him a year to capture the clothing features of various dynasties, and extensively apply some elements of classical landscape paintings, Buddhist murals and even ancient buildings into the designs, and only then did this series of Chinese clothing were created that everyone could see today.

Jiang Zheng nodded frequently, saying that he chose the fabric well, and that he used the copper pull ring in the belt design quite cleverly.

It could be seen that she understood what she was talking about. Le Wei almost wanted to put his arms around Jiang Zheng’s shoulder and have a deep talk with her. Fortunately, he stopped himself in time.

After looking at the clothes, Jiang Zheng went to the dressing table. Faced with such delicate facial features, the makeup girl’s hand holding the makeup brush trembled, and she didn’t dare to do anything.

Jiang Zheng encouraged her for a long time, but she still didn’t dare. In the end, Jiang Zheng became self-reliant, and did her make-up herself, while she kept on discussing the process with the little girl. The makeup for a model’s catwalk was different from ordinary makeup, and it should be painted according to the person’s facial features and clothing customization.

The little girl did not expect the legendary big devil to be so approachable and amiable, and she turned into her fan on the spot.

Le Wei looked proud. My zhengzheng is so good.

The auditorium had been transformed into a catwalk, which extended from the front stage to the T-stage in the middle corridor. A screen was set up overhead, and the seats were adjusted to face each other. A red long yarn hung down from the top, and there were slits in the middle of the long yarn, like a curtain, and the models would lift the curtain as they appeared.

Le Wei looked over from the backstage, and there were only a few people sitting sparsely under the stage, all of them were familiar faces from the same faculty. He instantly felt a little sorry for Jiang Zheng.

Someone was streaming live in the stands. The designers of the previous two graduation shows had engaged in a peculiar non-mainstream aesthetic with big red and green shapes. Although any attempt was sincere and valuable, to outsiders, this was simply nonsense. The bottom line was that the degree between fashion and daily dressing was not grasped.

The live broadcaster heard that there was still a show today, so he wanted to come over and add some fun for his fans.

“Everyone can see that the audience here is pitifully small. Maybe there are not as many fans as in my live broadcast room.”

“Would you like to guess first? Press 1 who think that their clothes will cover their heads later, Press 2 who think the sleeves would be long enough to hang. Press 3 who think the clothes will have green bar chirps like a caterpillar and Press 4 if you think the model would be ugly…”

A full screen of 1234 appeared on the instant live broadcast screen.

The live broadcaster laughed with satisfaction, “That’s fine. We’ll wait and see. If there’s a normal set of clothes on the show today, I’ll live stream myself eating shit.”

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[1] Weak water 3000, take only one scoop is actually based on a short story from Buddhist scriptures. Buddha asked a person under the Bodhi tree: “You are rich and powerful, and you have a wife who loves you. Why do you still feel unhappy?” The person replied, “Because of this, I don’t know how to choose. “After the Buddha heard this, he told a story to that person.

There was a man who was thirsty and was about to die. The Buddha looked at him pitifully, and felt compassion, so he placed a lake in front of him, but the man did not drink. The Buddha found it very strange and asked why he didn’t drink water? The man’s answer was very interesting. He said that there was too much water in the lake, and his stomach was so small that he couldn’t drink it all at once, so it would be better not to drink only a mouthful of water. After telling the story, the Buddha said to the rich man that it is impossible to encounter many beautiful things in life. You only need to grasp what you can with your heart. Finally, the Buddha said a meaningful sentence: “Three thousand weak waters, just take a scoop of drink”.

Weak water here refers to beautiful things, and “three thousand” refers to the three thousand worlds of Buddhism, which implies a multitude and far-reaching meaning.

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