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At this time, the music suddenly sounded, the drumbeats changed from sparse to dense, the instant sound was intense, and as soon as the light went out, the spotlight emitted a circle of white light on the red long yarn.

The live broadcaster shooed everyone, ready to watch the fun.

A crisp flute sound came from the sky, and the model who appeared was wearing a tube top made of white gauze, a pinched-waist short skirt, and as she opened the red gauze long curtain, she walked straight to the crowd. The lightness of silk yarn and the ink lotus printed on it complemented each other, the skirt seemed to be flying, it looked graceful, and extremely beautiful.

Live audience: “?”

The model who came after her had the same white gauze fabric hung diagonally from one shoulder which had turned into a lotus leaf that was hit by the rain with a swing of the model. The trousers had a light ink cyan gradient treatment which went up from the legs and feet, that was combined with a flying cloak on the upper body, making the whole look more flexible.

Live audience: “??”

The finale of this series was the third set of clothes. The top was made of traditional hemp, which was in contrast to the conservative skirt. A traditional buckle was applied on it, the hem of the long skirt was extremely beautiful, and a few pink lotus flowers were quietly protruding from it, which made the whole skirt show a soft and poetic feel.

Live audience: “Eat shit.”

The live broadcaster: Hu Hu. How did the good non-mainstream beauty become so beautiful? Knock your mom, who gave the wrong message?

Han Yi was well-informed, and he had to admit that Le Wei was quite a young man. Originally, he did not agree with Jiang Zheng’s participation, because he was afraid that the clothes he had designed would be too low- quality, and even a prosperous beauty like Jiang Zheng would not be able to support it, and she might even be ridiculed. Now it seemed he was overthinking it.

Then the scene was replaced, and a Samantabhadra Bodhisattva riding a white elephant was projected on the screen. The sound of the Buddha sounded suddenly and seemed to reach the heart.

The red yarn was lifted, and a line of models came out.

The one at the head was dressed in a platinum-gold tulle long dress, with silk embroidery on the chest, a towering crown on top of her head, and a string of flowing silk hanging down from the top to the middle of her forehead.

The live broadcaster looked at the fairy sisters on the stage without blinking, and suddenly he was stunned.

The young lady standing at the end had a long skirt that bound her feet, slender steps, and a dark blue skirt. The perfect straight shoulders carried the long skirt full of fairy spirit, as she held a golden pagoda in both hands, while the red heart on the top of the pagoda reflected the light on her forehead, and the streamers were dragged into the scene as she walked, just like a goddess walking out of Dunhuang frescoes[1].

Wait, why was this young lady with affectionate eyebrows so familiar??

Ahhh shit. It can’t be.

The live broadcaster shouted excitedly: “I’ll eat shit, I can eat anything.”

The people in the live broadcast also saw this scene and left messages in the barrage.

#jiangzheng? Zhengzheng? Miss Zheng?

#Substitute it.

#People are prettier than the skirt series.

#Fuck. Someone break the news that Jiang Zheng went to the Beijing Auditorium to participate in the fan completion.

#Mamma Mia. My favorite is my sister Zheng. That’s right.

Suddenly, news spread. The first wave to arrive at the auditorium were the teachers and students from Beijing University who heard the news. Who would have thought that after the first two badly scolded fashion shows, they would have such a big blowout today?

The second wave came from Jiang Zheng’s fans near Beijing University. You must know that not everyone had the money and the opportunity to go abroad to watch Jiang Zheng’s catwalk. With such a great opportunity now, who would want to give up?

The third wave of people could no longer squeeze into the auditorium.

This incident even alarmed the president of Beijing University. He immediately arranged for security to go to maintain order.

Ji Muye raised his eyebrows and looked out the window, while Jing Meini looked down at the news on the phone, and the more she looked, the more she felt that fate was wonderful. Who would have thought that when Ji Muye finally had time to accept the appointment as a visiting professor at Beijing University, they would meet Jiang Zheng’s large-scale fan event?

“Muye. I’m sorry.” The principal said apologetically.

Ji Muye got up with a smile, “You are busy, so I’ll leave first. I will make a plan for the follow-up lectures. Please give me more advice when the time comes.”

The principal couldn’t help but sigh. There were many celebrities who graduated from Beijing University, but there were very few people like Ji Muye who were willing to return the favor to their alma mater.

After coming out of the principal’s office, it was reasonable that he should walk quietly to the underground parking lot, but Ji Muye said that the campus of Beijing University was the most beautiful at the moment, and the opportunity was rare, so he wanted to take a walk.

Jing Meini didn’t expose him and accompanied him to walk around the campus under the sun. From the east gate to the west gate, from the dormitory building to the playground, and finally to the entrance of the auditorium.

Jing Meini was almost overwhelmed. If you wanted to come here, can’t you just say it? I’ve never seen such a walker.

The auditorium was crowded with people, and many people who couldn’t get in were annoyed and regretted that they shouldn’t have dismissed it when people were inviting them at the door an hour ago. They couldn’t climb the high gates now.

Jing Meini was about to persuade Ji Muye to leave, but then she saw the guy lift his foot and turn onto another path. There was a small house behind the woods, with steps going inside. There were many small rooms here, which was the office space of major social organizations in Beijing University. A door at the end of the corridor led to the backstage of the auditorium.

Jing Meini was amazed.

Ji Muye walked forward calmly, turned a corner and entered the backstage of the auditorium. He was wearing a hat and mask, so no one noticed him. Jing Meini originally wanted to sneak in, but when she saw Han Yi in front, she had to hide behind the hanger next to her, and she could only watch Ji Muye slip away. Ah! Sitting in meditation helped a fart.

Le Wei’s Hua Yun series of costumes had exhibited three series: Ink Lotus, Dunhuang Goddess, and Ancient Architecture Style. Every outfit in each collection was beautifully designed such that they could be bought on the spot. Originally, some people crowded to watch the show because of Jiang Zheng’s name, but when they came, they found themselves caught in the oriental beauty the designs.

The live broadcaster couldn’t figure out how much shit he would have to eat. He felt exhausted. Only ah ah ah ah could express his excitement. The first wave of his on-the-spot photos and videos had come out, and everyone moved to watch it. They were followed by fans, and even the number of his fans and likes skyrocketed.

At this moment, the style of music suddenly changed. A suona came out of the sky, and the auditorium was silent, no one dared to speak.

At this time, the red gauze was lifted, and a group of models in red dresses walked over.

They had red make-up on the temples, and the wedding dresses they wore were intoxicating.

The waist was tied with gold silk, the skirt was wrapped around the legs, and the typical traditional stand-up collar design highlighted the model’s round face and looked particularly dignified.

After changing, this bride’s coquettish outfit had a sassy cape, a well-cut hip-covering skirt, and the model’s slender long legs were exposed with each swing, adding to the sexiness.

This series that broke through the traditional red wedding dress made the eyes of the people watching the show brighten.

So exited, then the lights dimmed again.

Suddenly, a slender hand lifted the gap in the red gauze, her eyebrows were lowered, but then she lifted her half-closed eyes, as Jiang Zheng walked out in a long white gauze dress like an amazing fairy.

The white gauze was as thin as a cicada’s wings hooking the flowers and wrapping the leaves, just covering the key parts, but it made people feel that nothing was covered. It was just like the most seductive dream, her bright eyes flowed and entered everyone’s heart.

“Ah, ah, ah, I’m dead!”

“Zhengzheng is so beautiful!”

“What is the beauty of this world!”

“Whoever rides a horse to marry such a bride is lucky enough.”

Jiang Zheng put her hands on her waist and took a step forward.

Ji Muye’s eyes gradually deepened, his heart was beating loudly, and it was like a lifetime was passing him by.

As Jiang Zheng got closer, he seemed to be able to smell the fragrance emanating from the swaying hem of her skirt. Ji Muye took off his mask as if obsessed and stared at her unblinkingly.

Jiang Zheng walked past him without even seeing him.

Ji Muye: “…”

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