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They kissed for more than ten seconds, then Li Shu moved away a little and looked at Shen Yiyou quietly.

The dim floor light shone on Li Shu’s right profile, highlighting his eyebrows, the bridge of his nose, and the lips that had just kissed Shen Yiyou. Li Shu wasn’t wearing glasses, so his eyes were slightly out of focus, and he looked very gentle.

When he didn’t open his mouth, Li Shu did seem to love him so much, Shen Yiyou thought as he watched him approaching him again, then he thought himself, it’s such a normal thing that he would like Li Shu, since Li Shu was the one human being who could easily cause Shen Yiyou’s heart to beat fast.

The next second, Li Shu kissed Shen Yiyou’s lips again.

In a room with 20 degrees Celsius temperature, Li Shu’s skin temperature and hot breath caused Shen Yiyou to lose his self-esteem, reason and his ability to respond normally for a long period of time.

Li Shu carried Shen Yiyou to the bed, and Shen Yiyou sank into the bedding due to his hands and feet having gone weak, then he looked up to see Li Shu pressing him down, so he closed his eyes subconsciously.

But Li Shu didn’t do anything to Shen Yiyou, he just hugged Shen Yiyou, buried his face in Shen Yiyou’s shoulder and neck, and kissed Shen Yiyou’s earlobe, then he said vaguely, “I missed you.”

He was hugging Shen Yiyou too tightly, as if he was afraid that if he loosened his hold a little, Shen Yiyou would run away.

“Don’t be angry,” Li Shu said slowly, pressing against Shen Yiyou’s ear, “If I don’t contact you, I can’t sleep well every day.”

Li Shu forgot what he once said to Shen Yiyou, “I won’t come after you”, and “don’t regret it”, and began to accuse Shen Yiyou incessantly, complaining constantly, complaining that when Shen Yiyou was away, his good life turned bad.

He talked about Shen Yiyou’s birthday again, saying, “I ate your birthday cake alone”, and said, “I went to the entertainment club at three in the morning to get your mobile phone that evening when you were angry and left.”

Then he said that the board of directors of the environmental protection company forced him to wear a suit during the rehearsal. “But if you didn’t get angry with me, you could have watched it.” Li Shu said, “Didn’t you say you want to watch it?”

Shen Yiyou didn’t say anything and didn’t respond to Li Shu, but Li Shu didn’t seem to mind.

Li Shu talked for a long time, and finally seemed to want to stop. He asked Shen Yiyou: “Go back with me tomorrow, I will find a professional agency to come to the house to find the amulet. But you have to stay for a day or two more, okay?”

He kissed Shen Yiyou’s face and asked again, “Is it alright?”

Shen Yiyou’s eyes became very sore and painful, and bitter tears were desperately trying to squeeze out of the corners of his eyes. He didn’t want Li Shu to see him crying, so he could only bow his head and bury his face in Li Shu’s chest.

Shen Yiyou felt that he was completely soaked by Li Shu’s breath, and the determination he worked hard to build a month ago had disappeared, and there was no way to say the very decisive words he had said back then.

But Li Shu probably got Shen Yiyou’s meaning wrong, so thinking that Shen Yiyou was throwing his arms around him, he relaxed a little as if feeling very satisfied, then he raised a hand, touched Shen Yiyou’s face, and asked carefully, “Can you accompany me in September? Will you come to the roadshow?”

“I plan to organize the roadshow in late September, so my schedule is very tight,” he said. “If you feel tired all the way, you can do it for one or two events.” Li Shu told Shen Yiyou the countries he was going to show in. His hands were hot, as he stroked Shen Yiyou’s cheeks and chin with his knuckles.

The content of Li Shu’s speech was very dry and made him feel drowsy.

Gradually, Shen Yiyou seemed to wake up a bit, the pain in his eyes subsided, and he no longer wanted to cry, but he still didn’t know how to communicate with Li Shu. So, he opened his eyes and glanced at Li Shu. Li Shu kissed the corner of his eye again and said, “You can sleep in the hotel during the day or go out for a walk.”

Li Shu started planning Shen Yiyou’s visits in September, until Shen Yiyou interrupted him: “I can’t go.”

Li Shu was stunned, then he lowered his voice, and said a little pitifully, “Okay.”

“Then I’ll come to you during the road show,” he added, “Is it alright?”

“…” Shen Yiyou didn’t understand why Li Shu could speak so confidently, so he could only say, “I’m very busy in August and September.”

“I won’t take your time for more than a night or two,” Li Shu said naturally.

It was too difficult to communicate with Li Shu, which made Shen Yiyou want to push Li Shu away. The two were sitting and talking, but as soon as he raised his hand, Li Shu grabbed his wrist.

“It seems you have lost weight.” Li Shu said to himself.

Shen Yiyou couldn’t break free, and a photo of Li Shu and the supermodel coming out of the apartment appeared in front of him. He was a little hesitant, but, before Li Shu blocked his lips again, he still asked, “But you and Lilith…”

Li Shu didn’t listen to Shen Yiyou at all, he kissed Shen Yiyou’s lips firmly, and then moved away a little, before letting Shen Yiyou continue: “…Aren’t you together?”

“Lilith?” Li Shu focused on Shen Yiyou’s hand, as he inserted the five fingers of his left hand between the fingers of Shen Yiyou’s right hand, and asked casually, “What Lilith?”

His hand was a circle larger than Shen Yiyou’s, with darker and slightly rougher skin. He lightly rubbed the back of Shen Yiyou’s hand with his fingertips, and said in a low voice, “It’s very slippery.”

Li Shu leaned over, like licking candy or asking for love, and kissed Shen Yiyou wetly. He pressed on Shen Yiyou, his right hand slowly pressing against Shen Yiyou’s crotch and lower abdomen, and then probed up, the meaning of wanting sex becoming much more obvious.

Suddenly, Li Shu stopped, as if remembering something, and said “Oh”.

Then he left Shen Yiyou’s lips, kissed him inch by inch, and said indifferently, “Leslie, Li Shishan’s classmate.”

“How could I be with her?” Li Shu looked up at Shen Yiyou and asked back.

They were very close, so close that Shen Yiyou could smell Li Shu in his mouth, Li Shu grabbed Shen Yiyou’s hand, pulled Shen Yiyou up, asked Shen Yiyou to sit on his lap, then he started unbuttoning Shen Yiyou’s shirt one by one.

When the third button was unbuttoned, Shen Yiyou held Li Shu’s hand. Li Shu raised his eyes, glanced at Shen Yiyou and suddenly smiled, then he called Shen Yiyou’s name, and asked, “Who told you?”

“Did you ask Irene Felton what I do every day?” Li Shu made a completely wrong guess.

Shen Yiyou didn’t say anything, Li Shu took it as his acquiescence, and said to Shen Yiyou a little proudly, “Since you like me so much, don’t do those impulsive things in the future.”

He still didn’t mention the word “break up” at all and approached Shen Yiyou again.

Shen Yiyou could see Li Shu trying to focus with his highly myopic eyes in order to look at him, and saying, “I just want to be with you.”

Li Shu looked like he was the only bed in the world that was willing to provide sleep services for Shen Yiyou.

The bed was very warm and big, and there was no wind and sun to worry about, but Shen Yiyou would wake up from nightmares every day when he slept in the bed.

However, he had no other bed to choose from, and he didn’t want any other choice, so he had to choose between nightmares and wandering.

Li Shu took off Shen Yiyou’s shirt, and said, “You haven’t answered me yet, so why don’t you come back with me tomorrow.”

“I don’t want to go.” Shen Yiyou insisted.

Li Shu seemed to have been rejected by Shen Yiyou too many times, so he seemed to be a little unhappy. He kissed Shen Yiyou’s neck, ribs, and navel, and said, “I let Irene put that house up, and there are many interested people. Didn’t you say that the cloth bag is very important? If you don’t come back and look for it, it will be too late.”

“Can you sell it later?” Shen Yiyou asked him.

Li Shu said, “No way.”

Li Shu could be very skilled in negotiation, and he didn’t have too many views about right and wrong, which was the main reason for his success.

He had the instinct and intuition, and he clearly knew what to say to Shen Yiyou, which could make Shen Yiyou hesitate.

For example, to bring up something that had been lost, and then suggesting to Shen Yiyou: If you come, you will find it. If you don’t come, it is an emotional and unwise choice. It is regarded as giving up and the consequences are at your own risk.

“I’m tired of this topic,” Li Shu said. “Let’s change it.”

Shen Yiyou stretched out his hand and pushed against Li Shu’s shoulder. Li Shu raised his body and looked down at Shen Yiyou, then he started stroking Shen Yiyou’s collarbone and chest, and took off his shirt.

Li Shu’s shoulders were wide, and his abdominal muscles were very distinct. He put his hand under Shen Yiyou’s belly button and slowly pressed down, saying to him, “I don’t want to wear a condom today.”

Shen Yiyou still couldn’t help crying out, so he grabbed Li Shu’s wrist and said, “Don’t do this”.

Li Shu was very strong, but after Shen Yiyou caught him, he stopped moving.

“Can you not do this?” Shen Yiyou said chokingly.

Tears kept falling from Shen Yiyou’s eyes, such that his eyes were blurred, and he felt that his whole face was covered with tears.

He felt Li Shu wiping his tears seriously. “Don’t cry.” Li Shu unskillfully wiped Shen Yiyou’s face with his thumb, and his voice having become flustered.

He lowered his head and kissed Shen Yiyou’s face, then he said, “Don’t cry.”

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