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Although it seemed useless, Li Shu helped Shen Yiyou to button up again.

Shen Yiyou lowered his face, at this moment, his eyelashes were wet with tears, his lips were pursed, and the tip of her nose and the area around his eyes were also flushed.

He didn’t stop Li Shu’s movements, so Li Shu got up and took out a tissue, then he sat back in silence, and helped Shen Yiyou dry his face full of tears.

While wiping, Li Shu’s knuckles inevitably touched Shen Yiyou’s cheek. He used to touch Shen Yiyou like this before, but now he couldn’t do anything else.

Shen Yiyou frowned slightly, Li Shu didn’t like his frowning, so he gently rubbed it for him.

Shen Yiyou didn’t look at Li Shu, and raised his hand, as if he meant to push Li Shu away, but for some reason, when he was about to touch his hand, he let go and clasped Li Shu’s hand with his slender fingers, which felt very warm to him. He touched Li Shu’s palm lightly with his fingertips, quietly pulled Li Shu’s hand down, and then released it.

The room was silent, so Li Shu put on his glasses again, and looked at Shen Yiyou, feeling a little anxious.

Even on the day Shen Yiyou said that he wanted to break up in a fit of anger, it didn’t seem as bad as today.

After all, Shen Yiyou didn’t cry at that time, and looked reasonable, so Li Shu was angry and said a few angry words to Shen Yiyou on the spot, telling Shen Yiyou to leave if he wanted to, and to not regret it when he left.

In fact, the one who soon regretted it was Li Shu, even though he was not willing to admit it until now.

Li Shu was angry, he didn’t like Shen Yiyou breaking away from his embrace, he didn’t like watching Shen Yiyou treat him coldly, he didn’t like Shen Yiyou packing his luggage with his back to him, and taking away everything that was in his house, and the thing he hated the most was hearing Shen Yiyou say, ” I don’t think we’re a good fit.”

There was nothing unfit between him and Shen Yiyou. He hoped that Shen Yiyou would wake up, look at the facts, and not be angry with him, as he didn’t want to let Shen Yiyou go even for a single step or a second.

From hanging up the call from Shen Yiyou’s female friend, till the more than 800 hours in between before their meeting in the capital, in his every sober moment, Li Shu was covertly searching for evidence that Shen Yiyou was actually just throwing a tantrum, in order to deem this breakup to be invalid.

He believed that a serious relationship must have a clear beginning and a clear end.

Li Shu kept searching for key phrases in the Silicon Valley Love Bible, intending to find a professional definition for how couples broke up, and show it to Shen Yiyou, so that Shen Yiyou could be a responsible person.

On the way to find Shen Yiyou, Li Shu’s first flight was from Los Angeles to S City.

During that time, he meticulously studied five chapters in the book, and carefully read the basic theories of social psychology including attraction, communication and the skills involved in getting along with other people, in fact he even marked a series of passages.

After landing in S City, he immediately found that Shen Yiyou had traveled to the capital.

Li Shu analyzed Shen Yiyou’s movement trajectory, used some necessary means, and finally asked Irene to book the hotel where Shen Yiyou had checked in and bought the most recent flight to the capital.

The second leg of the voyage was not more than two hours. Li Shu skipped ahead and read Chapter 8: Love and Chapter 9: Sex. He thought that some of the content was still up for debate and could not be fully agreed with, but he also found out from it that what he thought was okay. The reference part was recorded by him.

While waiting for the elevator downstairs in the hotel, Li Shu received a call from Shen Yiyou. Without saying a word, Shen Yiyou asked him to turn back.

Li Shu did as he said, and the unfortunate thing happened.

He suddenly forgot all the excerpts from the love bible and the communication skills he learned by cramming.

As soon as he saw Shen Yiyou.

If Li Shu, who was short of adjectives, had to describe it, he would say that Shen Yiyou had a small and beautiful face and skin as fair as snow.

Different from Li Shu’s blurry eyes with poor eyesight, Shen Yiyou’s eyes were like expensive jewels in a medieval crown, and his lips were full and soft petals.

The first time Li Shu saw Shen Yiyou on the terrace that evening, Shen Yiyou was standing in the corner, the decorative lanterns shone on and off on him, shrouding him, and at that moment Li Shu became insane, and could no longer see others.

The three years he had been in love with Shen Yiyou were the dreamiest days in Li Shu’s life.

It usually took a long time to get from San Francisco, or other places where Li Shu worked, to S City, where Shen Yiyou was located. Li Shu had never felt the joy of flying before, he felt that it only represented a mobile office, until the day when ten hours of flying began to mean that he could see Shen Yiyou soon.

When Shen Yiyou cried and asked Li Shu to stop this, Li Shu thought maybe Shen Yiyou still didn’t understand, that Li Shu could never do anything to him that he didn’t want him to do.

Whether Shen Yiyou wanted to break up, get back together, kiss and go to bed, or wanted Li Shu to leave immediately, Li Shu couldn’t really refuse him.

Shen Yiyou didn’t need to cry.

Amidst Shen Yiyou’s slightly trembling breathing, Li Shu concentrated on thinking of a way to make Shen Yiyou stop crying, and finally remembered certain key words in the book.

“Show sympathy and concern.”

“Active listening.”

Etc., etc.

However, before Li Shu could express his concern, Shen Yiyou raised his eyes and looked into Li Shu’s eyes. Perhaps because he had cried too hard, he couldn’t get his face in focus immediately, so Shen Yiyou looked at him for a few seconds, then turned away.

Li Shu wanted to touch him and hug him, but he raised his hand and put it down. Because he thought that Shen Yiyou might not like this.

“You…” Shen Yiyou opened his mouth and stopped after saying a word.

There was a thick nasal sound in his voice, his breathing trembled slightly, and his eyes suddenly filled with tears.

Li Shu had no choice but to repeat, “Don’t cry.”

They sat like that for a long time, the silence in the room seemed to be coming to an end every minute, but it still continued to stretch.

Finally, Li Shu broke the silence and said, “I don’t want to break up with you.”

Even if he knew, whether he wanted to break up or not, for Shen Yiyou, it had no reference value.

“I don’t want to break up with you.” Li Shu emphasized again.

He asked Shen Yiyou, “What do you want?”

Shen Yiyou glanced at him again, Li Shu knew that he might be self-indulgent, but he still seemed to be inspired, and said to Shen Yiyou, “I can give you anything.”

“I have everything you can want,” he continued. “What do you want?”

He talked about his degree, his stocks, company, real estate, plane, Li Shu reported all the valuable things he could think of to Shen Yiyou one by one, until Shen Yiyou interrupted him.

“Li Shu,” Shen Yiyou looked at him and said to him, “Okay.”

“Don’t report all this.” Shen Yiyou tugged at Li Shu’s wrist, as if he thought that Li Shu was funny, causing him to purse his lips almost incomprehensibly. But his smile soon disappeared, leaving no trace.

“I don’t need all of these.” Shen Yiyou said.

After a long time, Shen Yi said, “I used to want you to be satisfied with me, or to care about me a little more. But it’s hard, and you can’t learn it, I don’t want to say it every time, and I don’t want to force you every time, so I don’t want to go through all that again–“.

“—I care about you.” Li Shu couldn’t help interrupting him, “No dissatisfaction.”

Shen Yiyou looked at Li Shu and said “um”.

Li Shu stared at Shen Yiyou’s face and felt that Shen Yiyou seemed to have a lot to say, but perhaps Li Shu’s expression was too ugly, and Shen Yiyou was too kind, so he didn’t say any more.

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