PPM Ch. 81: Feels like a Breakdown!!!!

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At this moment, Yin Tangyi seemed to have recovered from his surprise, and said with a tone filled with gratitude: “Li Shengxia, thank you for standing up for me. Does this mean that I still have a place in your heart?”

“You don’t have to think too much, even if you’re a passer-by, I can’t pretend I didn’t see it.” Li Shengxia pretended to be calm and said to him, “Just treat it as me repaying your kindness tonight.”

She kept talking about his kindness tonight, what kind of kindness was it?

Was it because he declared war on the Prince for her?

Li Shengxia called an ambulance for Yin Tangyi. Then she quietly accompanied him in waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Time passed minute by minute, and she felt that every second was difficult to bear.

Finally, the ambulance was here!

Yin Tangyi was carried away on a stretcher, and Li Shengxia stood by and watched. But suddenly, he grabbed her wrist, which she instinctively threw away.

He had no choice but to grab the corner of her clothes again and say two words: “Accompany me…”

Li Shengxia calmly took his hand away from the corner of her clothes, “Take care of yourself!”

Yin Tangyi heard that sentence, and there was an inexplicable pain in his eyes.

Soon, he was carried into the ambulance, but she refused to even escort him to the ambulance. She just stood there watching the door close, and with the start of the engine, the ambulance drove away.

Li Shengxia stood there and watched the ambulance go away. She could feel the disappointment in Yin Tangyi’s eyes, but that was all she could do for him.

Because deep down inside, she knew that treating someone she didn’t like well would only hurt that person more seriously, so she faced Yin Tangyi with the most indifferent attitude.

Because of this, as long as he understood her intentions one day, he would be able to look for his happiness without any lingering feelings.

In this way, Yin Tangyi would not be like her. Every time she wanted to let go, she couldn’t help but think of Mo Nianchen’s goodness, and then she was not able to break free from the happiness and sadness he gave her.

Today, in order to save Yin Tangyi, she said that to Mo Nianchen, and she must be finished. She could even foresee how miserable she would be in the future.

However, even if she repaid his kindness of helping her turn over the fashion design exhibition tonight, she just could not let go.

Obviously she did the right thing, why did she feel like she was about to collapse?

Thinking of Mo Nianchen’s pale face just now, of his helpless expression when he looked at her, of the pain and sadness that flashed in his eyes before he walked away, and of his lonely back…

Thinking of these, she felt as if she had fallen into a terrible dream. In the dream, Mo Nianchen was obviously not good to her, but she felt that she was the most heinous person.

He was the one who made trouble unreasonably, the one who was unreasonable was him, the one who fought against innocent people, and the one who didn’t listen to her explanation was also him, but why did she feel that the heinous person was her instead of him?

Was she crazy?

She took out her mobile phone and wanted to call his mobile phone number, but she couldn’t press the string of numbers even after a long time.

Because it was too familiar, just pressing one number at a time would bring back too many unbearable past events.

She didn’t want to look back.

Every number seemed to be connected with paragraphs, scenes of sad things, reminding her of the stupid things she once did for him.

She retreated to the contact list, looking for contacts one by one, and saw the word ‘husband’ lying on the contact list.

She felt that her heart stopped as if delayed by these two words.

She really didn’t understand, he just regarded her as a toy, why did he remark himself as ‘husband’.

In her opinion, this word was so beautiful. It was a shoulder that she could rely on, a lover who could share happiness and joy with her, and a relative who could accompany her to bear the sufferings in life. It was a very sacred and beautiful term that made her long for it. She was waiting for someone to be worthy of these two words…

How could that person be Mo Nianchen, how could it be Mo Nianchen?

He had already destroyed so many things for her, did he even want to destroy her vision for the future?

She reached out to delete the name, but in the end she couldn’t. She wanted to change the name of the note. After thinking about it for a long time, she didn’t know what to change it to, and finally gave up powerlessly.

She had never been able to dial this number, but she still couldn’t delete him.

Knowing that it was a number that would never be called again, knowing that it was a string of numbers that was so familiar to her that it hurt her heart, why would she prefer it to lie there with those two words she longed for, could she not be so cruel to herself?

She thought she was crazy, really crazy.

What Li Shengxia didn’t know was that the scene that happened just now happened to be seen by Tan Qing and Ling Ya.

Obviously neither of them thought that Li Shengxia had a relationship with the Prince.

And these two people, after seeing this scene, also had their own thoughts.

Li Shengxia angered the Prince, but the Prince did not deal with Li Shengxia and Yin Tangyi! From this point of view, this Li Shengxia was very important to the Prince.

A man, after being irritated, did not hurt the woman who angered him, it must be because he loved that woman so deeply that he would rather bear all the pain himself than pass the pain on to her, right?

Li Shengxia could actually make Gina and Jian Dan fail miserably.

A humble newcomer.

A smash hit star.

A world-class designer.

What an interesting battle.

Besides, Mo Nianchen walked away quickly, but he never waited for Li Shengxia to catch up. As long as she caught up and hugged him and told him that she was on his side and that she didn’t hate him, then he could forgive everything that happened.

Even, without saying anything, he would forgive her.

No… even if she caught up.

Even just standing there and calling out his name would have been fine.

It would let him know that she cared about him, that he was not the clown she hated, that he was not the devil in her mind that destroyed all her dreams, and that she cared about him.

Couldn’t she just call him by his name?

Why was she always against him for others? How could she just watch him go away like this without questioning him?

Was her heart made of stone? Didn’t she have a little, even a little feeling for him?

What was he to her? The bastard who ruined her everything, the devil she hated?

Yin Tangyi, Yin Tangyi!

The words Yin Tangyi said just now kept echoing in his mind. He felt like he was going crazy, but what he cared about the most was actually her… He cared about what she thought and what she said.

But what the hell did she say?

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